"It turns out that you are behind the scenes. I say, how can there be so many boring people?" Haikui said unhappily, this still depends on the premise that the girl’s voice on the phone is very nice. Haikui didn’t get mad and said coldly, "Hurry up and help me get it, and I’ll give you the money." Say that finish pa hang up the phone, through online banking, to Qin Mengqi transfer in the past four hundred dollars.

Haikui doesn’t want to argue with them, because this society is like this, and the school is just a microcosm of society. Now Haikui has a little understanding of society, and it turns out that money makes the mare go, and money is supreme!
Hai Kui hung up Qin Mengqi’s phone. Although she was a little depressed, she was not upset. Qin Mengqi’s voice was very nice. Hai Kui closed her eyes and simply thought about what she would look like. Would it be beautiful? However, there is also a saying that a girl with a better voice may look like a dinosaur.
After finishing the post, Haikui called Yang Yulu, asked her to have dinner at noon, and had something to talk about with her. Yang Yulu hesitated.
Haikui asked, "It’s just a meal. It was my fault that day, but I will never be rude to you today."
Yang Yulu thought for a moment, "OK, where shall we meet?"
"Outside the school, don’t eat in the school." Haikui said.
The two agreed to meet in a small restaurant outside the school, and Yang Yulu could bring her roommate.
Chapter 121 I want to fight you for my goddess.
I have an appointment to meet at noon. Haikui is waiting for Yang Yulu under a hidden street lamp at the school gate. Although he is not yet red, students nowadays are bored and like to read some gossip on the Internet when they are free. Although not all students gossip, at least more than 60% of them gossip.
So in order to avoid trouble, Haikui thinks it’s better to keep a low profile.
He didn’t see Yang Yulu and Ma Mengmeng. It was very strange to call Yang Yulu again after a few minutes. Although it has been idle, no one answered Haikui. It is very strange.
Haikui waited for a while. It was unbearable and dialed the telephone of Ma Mengmeng.
Ma Mengmeng didn’t answer the phone for a long time and then directly said, "Haikui, we can’t get out and are stuck in the dormitory."
Haikui was surprised and asked, "What’s the situation?"
Ma Mengmeng said: "A boy just confessed to Yang Yulu downstairs that hundreds of people gathered downstairs in the girls’ dormitory to watch us not get out."
"Oh, my God, it hasn’t even started yet, and people have begun to confess." Haikui blurted out with great surprise.
Just then, Haikui heard someone shouting vaguely on the other end of the phone: "Yang Yulu …" Then there was a burst of shouts and screams.
Haikui frowned and asked, "What is this situation?"
Ma Mengmeng said, "The others are booing."
"Hang up first and I’ll look at it in the past." Haikui hung up the phone and walked towards the girl’s dormitory.
After thinking for a long time, Yang Yulu’s sudden popularity must have something to do with the posts these days, otherwise she is usually so low-key and has never heard of any boy she has contacted recently.
When I came to the girls’ dormitory downstairs, Haikui saw a large group of good students surrounded the girls’ dormitory downstairs, and the people inside were definitely unable to come out.
When I was near, I heard a boy shouting, "Yang Yulu, I love you. Please be my girlfriend and I will protect you." Then people around me shouted, Come out and be together.
I got it by this battle.
Then Haikui also heard the reprimand of the girl’s aunt: You students don’t study hard and hurry up.
I heard other boys booing: "The school doesn’t care why you care so much."
Yang Yulu’s bedroom is on the third floor. Haikui looked up at the bedroom window. There were heads everywhere. I didn’t see Yang Yulu, but I saw Zhao Xiaoxi and Ji Yujing standing at the window and looking at the probe.
"Yang Yulu" a tore heart crack lung roar from the mouth of a boy.
Haikui pushed forward and found that the hero was actually the tall, thin and gentle-looking boy who tried to bump into himself this morning.
Hai Kui muttered in his heart: Yang Yulu, I am guilty. I told the boy your name. I am sorry for you.
Haikui said a few words in his heart, then looked up to the third floor and continued to look at this situation. He can’t help it. He can’t go up and grab the confessed boy and give him a crazy K?
He was looking up at Zhao Xiaoxi on the third floor, and he also saw Haikui waving his hand towards Haikui in a group of people’s heads.
The rest of the people have been paying attention to the movement on the third floor and found that some girls waved and shouted even more, and some looked along Zhao Xiaoxi’s greeting direction and immediately saw Haikui.
Haikui’s photo has been seen by many students who like to visit the school and post it. At this moment, several unfriendly eyes were blown up in the crowd and looked at Haikui.
Some busybodies gather in front of the boys who profess their love.
Holding flowers in his hand, the confessed boy shouted at the upstairs again: "Dear, I will be your guardian." After shouting, the boy turned to look at Haikui with the shouts of others: "Sign up and I will fight you for my goddess."
Haikui felt that he was inexplicably "fighting with me. Why do you fight with me?"
"You desecrated my goddess, and I’m going to beat you today to prove that I can protect my goddess." The boy said justice, but he knew in his heart that he couldn’t beat Haikui. He prayed silently in his heart that Haikui could be defeated by his own beautiful woman.
Haikui sneered, "You’d better hurry back and roll the pipe. You can’t beat me."
The irony of this red fruit makes the boys blush and pass the flowers in their hands to others’ hands and say, "Today, I will punish you on behalf of the moon."
Haikui disdainfully said, "The moon is represented by a beautiful girl warrior."
Chu Jianfeng blushed and shouted, "Yang Yulu is the moon in my heart and she is my moon goddess."
"Oh, so that’s it. Your name is Chu Jianfeng." Haikui thinks that this boy really knows that he can’t beat himself. He is not a worm in this boy’s belly. Naturally, he doesn’t know that the boy wants him to lose to him so that he can be the goddess of Lu.
Chu Jianfeng pretended to be calm and rolled his hands and sleeves and shouted, "Come on, it’s either you or me today."
The students around us are well-advised to leave the venue for two people.
On the third floor, Zhao Xiaoxi really heard the excitement and shouted at Haikui: "Come on, Haikui, I am optimistic about you."
Her shout pushed up the enthusiasm of others a little and they all began to shout.