After that, Yang Yi was very comfortable and had a good stretch, smiling.

"Now the streamer has made such a great contribution to the court. Do you want me to entrust someone to tell the housekeeper what to get for the promotion?"
Blinking eyes is calculating something in your mind.
"Forget the promotion. Give me some gold and silver. I have a good tooth and a good appetite. Give me more or not!" Jane nodded a little and looked serious.
It was Su Yuting who couldn’t help laughing. She gave Jane a look. "Where can you talk like this? Madam is also kind!"
Yang Yi doesn’t pester this matter any more. Jane has turned her head to Su Yuting. They talked about the rouge girl at the mouth of the Town God Temple yesterday somehow.
Jane has a feeling that her face is light and she is hiding from urine.
As soon as I went out, I heard two women giggling like two hens laughing badly.
"Where is the third ring road? Go and get ten hanging firecrackers! "
The Third Ring Road flew out of nowhere, gladly led the life and flew out again.
"Er Ya, don’t hide in the corner and eavesdrop. Let’s fly kites together today!"
Er ya came out of the corner to see if Jane had a strange look, and if the officer had a relapse!
"What’s the kite on a snowy day? Not to say that you want to set off firecrackers with the Third Ring Road? "
Reach out and touch Jane’s forehead. You can’t hide your worry!
It was nonsense. This popularity is crazy!
Yang Yi and Su Yuting looked at each other and couldn’t resist "sloped" and sprayed tea all over the floor.
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Chapter sixty-two Spring to inspect …
In a few days, it will be New Year.
During the winter, everyone seemed to be beaten with chicken blood. All kinds of excitement, all kinds of excitement, all kinds of willingness to spend money, all kinds of going out to visit the New Year’s Day were like frost, and nothing was done.
The effect of "fat winter and thin year" was immediately revealed.
When the Lantern Festival is full of blood, people are noisy again. From the 14th day of the first month, night lights are sealed for three consecutive days, such as daytime. Ouyang Xiu’s Talk about Drunken Weng once wrote, "There is a lamp market outside Donghuamen, Tokyo since the beginning of the first month. There are lamp balls, lanterns, silk lanterns, moon lanterns, poem lanterns, mirror lamps, word lamps, horse riding lamps, phoenix lamps, water lamps, glass lamps and shadow lamps.
"Wu Da leads all the heroes to watch the three ladies." This time, General Wu Jianjiazhuang’s urban management team also brought an accident to ensure the safety of the Lantern Festival!
Su Yuting and Sanhuan have been watching the lantern festival for many times. There are two little faces flushed with excitement, but there are too many people and they are afraid of getting lost. They are clutching Jane’s skirt.
Han Wuyan’s fellow came for an appointment and disappeared when he walked. I don’t know whether he was swept to the tea house by the crowd or went to sleep in the flower house to find rouge girl bring disgrace to oneself.
"A few little girls go to solve riddles on the lanterns with their brothers. There are rewards in guessing!"
"If you miss, you will give me a reward for Xiao Niang. If you miss, you will give me a reward for Xiao Niang! Hey! "
Scenes like this in which young delinquents flirt with good women are also happening in a grand way.
Lantern Festival is also an excellent opportunity for people to go out between people, fish in troubled waters, and flirt with good women. Although it was also caught by the city patrol defense, it could not catch more.
"There are bad people ahead!"
The third ring road is next to Jane, and she has the opportunity to take advantage of him by holding his waist!
Sure enough, the three stagger around a little girl to flirt and see what that little girl looks like is also a bit ugly.
Is it true that the aesthetic standards of the dude brothers have all dropped? There is no result of training and further study in specialized institutions!
Little Niang shyly stumbled and threw herself on a wax gourd.
Jane has a big drink
"Wu Da led a flood of brothers and this dude didn’t give face! Fight me to death! "
When Jane gave the order, seven Han men suddenly flashed out behind her and stretched out their arms to show their tattooed hands, which was a typical triad division.
"Do you still have a king’s law in the broad daylight?"
One of them, like a pencil necked dude, said something like a urine quiver.
Wan ku was really startled by the imposing manner of Wu Da and others. It’s no use trying to find you in this capital, especially this lantern, regardless of status!
This seems to be the opposite, isn’t it? What, this station should also be yourself