"Now you still have room for consideration and choice, but once I’m married, there’s really no turning back."

Leah silk said so seriously while Elsa gently nodded and shook his head.
"I’ve made up my mind. I believe what I see with my eyes and what I feel in my heart. Are you all very gentle people?"
"Gentleness … I didn’t expect to be so praised by a nun one day, so … I admit that you have the qualification to be my family member!"
Some funny shook his head immediately Leah silk than serious blunt Elsa said so spread out the palm of your hand and took out a scarlet demon chess.
Represents the first-order chess of "monks"
Chapter 1 Meet Angels Again
Not surprisingly, Elsa became a household of Leah.
The monk’s strength is to assist the family demons. I have to say that it is very compatible with Elsa’s therapeutic artifacts. Although it seems a bit chaotic, Leah still made her own demon chess without thinking about it.
In Ye Yu’s view, it is a very simple thing to reincarnate the devil. Just play the devil’s chess, but this is not the case. Different camps and different attributes, such as the fact that nun Elsa wants to turn it into a demon, are completely chaotic.
However, it is not the first time that Leah has messed around, and there will be no pressure to mess around again.
Or it was precisely because of fooling around that Ye Yu, a special family member, was born, which made Leah feel confident.
Bright red magic wrapped Leah’s body.
"My name, Leah Gimmonly, has made you Aisha Algert, my servant’s soul. Come back here again to demonize you, and be my’ monk’ and be happy to be reborn!"
For the first time, observing the process of demon metempsychosis as a bystander, I saw the bright red light from chess sinking into Elsa’s body, and soon everything calmed down again.
After confirming that the chess has completely entered Elsa’s body, Leah also stopped her magic operation
"Is this finished?"
"What do you think? The actual demon metempsychosis is such a simple thing. "
Leah silk was a little proud, so she immediately stared at Elsa with a face of expectation.
"How do you feel about trying to make yourself strong and see if there is anything uncomfortable?"
Elsa cocked her head slightly and immediately gave off a soft light green light from her palm, which was a sign that her expression was fuelling.
"Well, it seems that the metempsychosis is a success. Congratulations, Elsa. From now on, you are a demon."
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"Hey … have I become a demon?"
Elsa looked puzzled. The girl looked down at her palm.
"Lord … please forgive the sinful Elsa, but even if Elsa becomes a demon, his faith in you will not change."
Elsa put his hands together and made a prayer gesture.
But immediately,’ Ah!’ One is pain
"My head hurts."
"Of course, the devil will certainly get hurt when he prays to God."
Leah said airily
"Oh, yes, I’m already a demon and I have no face to face God."
Elsa seem to be in a complicated mood, showing a look that people can’t help but love.
Leah silk asked Elsa.
Elsa is gently shook his head.
"No, I want sister Leah to take me in as a nun in the enemy camp."
Elsa gently shook his head and was very moved to say so.
"Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t take you in because of Ye Yu."
But as Elsa thanked her so much, Leah said it was a bit emotional.
The girl turned her head and walked out of the room with her red hair in pride.
"Don’t forget that you are a nun and I am a demon. We were enemies from the beginning. Ye Yu actually told me that you were here, but I advocate not to get in touch with you and get into trouble."
"But now it seems that your artifact is not bad, and you are qualified to be my household. Always work hard. I am a harsh master."
"yes! I will cheer! "
Elsa’s answer is very energetic.
Ye Yu is funny and shakes his head. It seems that there will be one more person in Leah’s single army. Will Elsa be surprised if he knows that the demon worker is actually sending bills?
Elsa’s transfer work is much smoother than Ye Yu’s. After all, Qiji, the girl’s certificate department, means that the transfer is completed in one sentence and a cut.
For the new partner to join the paranormal research department, a small celebration banquet was held again. At the banquet, Elsa was a little surprised that Ye Yu did not appear, but she was fooled by a few words from Leah.
Ye Yu naturally can’t appear because he is busy at the student union now.
Although it may be rude to say it directly, it is more convenient for Elsa to cheat because of his slow reaction. For the time being, it seems that he is not worried about Ye Yu’s dual identity.
But ….. How much longer can you hide it?
In the evening after school, Elsa finally met Ye Yu. After telling a new life today, Elsa smiled and waved goodbye to Ye Yu and went to deliver the bill.
It seems that Elsa doesn’t have any conflict with the fact that the demon worker is delivering the bill. Maybe this is a relief for the girl, right?
Not long ago, Elsa was probably worried about whether a demon was going to do something evil.
Elsa’s residence is boarding at Leah’s house for the time being. After all, if she continues to live in Cangna, it will be possible sooner or later.
Ye Yu’s footsteps suddenly slowed down. I don’t know when the pedestrians around him and the noise are gradually disappearing. It’s quiet to a strange degree.
Ye Yu is no stranger to this situation. At that time, when the boy was killed by a degenerate angel, he felt like he had stepped into another completely strange world.
At present, it is flying all over the sky, and the black feather Ye Yu slowly reached out and caught one.
In front of him, an angel with pure black wings has quietly arrived.
"It’s interesting to see this situation without the slightest surprise. It’s not the kui that human beings are boarding artifacts in their bodies."
Suddenly arrival degenerate angel eyes in Ye Yushen eyed some curious to say so.
"No, you’re not human anymore … are you married?"
The female degenerate angel frowned slightly. She seemed to be hesitating about something.
"No matter … you are too dangerous to pay attention to faint."
The female degenerate angel seems to have made a decision. Generally, a cold light pike appeared in her hand and pointed straight at Fang Yeyu.