It took more than three hours and less than four hours to reach the small town with lights on.

From a distance, there is an inexplicable warmth.
This is where that metropolitan area star.
The environment of Zhenxin Town is as beautiful as that of Chaoxiang Town, and there is a quiet and peaceful small village.
Residential houses are far apart and are located in bits and pieces.
Qiu Yuan followed Dr. Damu into his institute.
As soon as I entered the door, there was a large courtyard research room on the right and left. From the gate, a fence extended to the other corner of the hill and disappeared.
Sure enough, Dr. Damu Institute is almost connected by several hills.
Looking at Qiu Yuan still in the courtyard, Gary Oak greeted him. It’s nice to spend time in the research room as soon as he was asked to.
As Gary Oak entered, Qiuyuan saw Hua sitting in front of an instrument that he couldn’t understand, and kept banging on the keyboard.
That’s weird. Flowers even have keys to Dr. Damu’s house?
"Ah, are you Qiu Yuan? What a handsome boy! "
Flowers noticed that Qiuyuan entered the room and hurriedly got up and said hello to him with a smile.
Dr. Otaki asked her to tidy up the room and said that Qiuyuan would come later.
There is such a stranger now, and the characteristics are quite consistent with Dr. Otaki’s description. Naturally, we can determine the identity.
"Hello, Sister Hua, I’m Qiu Yuan. I’m going to trouble you these days."
Qiuyuan smiled.
Where is the real flower? What aunt!
This is one of the best beauties in the Poké mon world!
I don’t see any signs of being born, and I look like a 17-year-old girl
"Well, well, it’s getting late today, so please take him to rest. Remember to help me wake up this little boy and let him come to the institute early."
"Thank you, Sister Hua."
Qiuyuan bowed politely to the flowers following Dr. Damu’s words.
Is Dr. Big Wood said … It’s going to be Qiuyuan to come to the institute early …
That depends on whether Qiu Yuan can afford it.
It is possible to stay in bed every day.
"It’s okay. It’s okay. Just when Xiao Zhi is traveling, you can sleep in Xiao Zhi’s room."
Hua took care of the work at hand, then smiled gently and went to the door to open it gently. Then she left the institute with Qiuyuan and returned to her home.
Huajia Institute is not far away. It should be said that all the residents of New Town are not far from Dr. Damu Institute.
Dr. Damu Institute is almost located in the center of Zhenxin Town.
The decoration at home is simple but not monotonous, but there is an inexplicable warmth.
But Qiuyuan didn’t see a mysterious man, namely Xiao Zhi’s father and her husband.
Spend a little loneliness at home and be close to another old man.
This way, we won’t talk too much, right
When Qiuyuan went to Xiao Zhi’s room, she found that it had been tidied up. If it was not a table photo, it would be no different from the newly renovated room.
He was wandering around the room when suddenly the door was knocked.
Go over and open the door
A magic wall doll with a simple smiling face handed Qiuyuan some change of clothes.
It’s Xiao Zhi again. A few sets of clothes that haven’t changed for ten thousand years can be worn with a little squeeze.
Hua doesn’t know that Qiuyuan doesn’t have a laundry room. He has prepared a change of clothes. If he doesn’t, he will buy it one day first.
Fortunately, I bought a lot of casual clothes in Qiuyuan, Dalbergia, and naturally I didn’t wear clothes that didn’t fit Xiao Zhi.
Chapter 3 "Ghost" tricks
As it is getting late, there is no frequent activity in Zhenxin Town, and most people have fallen asleep at this time.
Qiu Yuan also had a good sleep in Xiao Zhi’s room.
Of course, Xiao Zhi’s room has no peculiar smell.
It may also be that the doll on the wall of domestic gods and demons has been cleaned properly.
Early the next morning, Qiu Yuan still didn’t stay in bed.
In the autumn leaf breeding house, the mounted lamb has developed a biological clock for so long and has not changed it. It wakes up every day at dawn.
Hua was also surprised that Qiuyuan got up so early. It must have been a silent comparison in his heart that he overslept and was late on the first day of receiving Poké mon.
Few boys of this age can get up so early without staying in bed
"Good morning, Sister Huahua", Qiu Yuan saw a doll with a spoon on the magic wall in the kitchen after washing. "Are you making breakfast?"
"Yes, just wait a moment, but the chef is it."
Flowers smiled and praised the magic wall doll next to them.
Because she is not so particular about cooking at home at ordinary times, let the magic wall doll learn to cook some simple dishes.
But I didn’t expect it to taste like it was going to kill me later.
Poké mon’s learning ability is stronger than that of others.
Xiao Li is similar to Ji Lidan in this respect.
Besides, Qiuyuan himself has a magic wall doll Poké mon egg.
Yesterday, I came back with three Poké mon eggs, and Qiuyuan put them in the incubator. These days, I am temporarily staying at Dr. Damu Institute.
When the magic wall doll hatches, Qiuyuan doesn’t even do housework.
The owner of the breeding house is really relaxed and enjoyable.