"Very well, then go out first. I’ll call you in later. I think I should have gained something by then." Yamu’s mother-in-law pulled out a silver needle from her arms and carefully roasted it on the fire.

The people around you went out consciously when they saw this scene, and the last dog egg closed the door of the room very intimately.
"Will only poison the barbarian wife behind her back, dare to let go of grandpa, and see if grandpa will strip you to the flag! Your grasslands are full of savages who eat and drink blood. Come on, let me see what you can do. " Ouyang Yunlong is not afraid at all. He thinks that his perseverance is enough to stop any torture, but his vicious language has not been exported, and he finds that a silver needle has directly pierced the big hole in his throat, and he has been unable to make a sound.
"An old woman, I hate people who don’t talk about civilization. In addition, I tell you that we prairie people hold grudges the most. You just plot against me. I just want to get even with you. I won’t listen to anything you say now, because I haven’t got enough gas. After an old woman has used her means, I will naturally give you a chance to speak. Before that, you just shut up and enjoy it. By the way, the reason why an old woman is sealed with your dumb voice. Yamu’s mother-in-law’s soliloquy made Ouyang Yunlong feel an unusual taste.
I thought this Xu Niang was just scaring himself, but when the first silver needle was inserted into his body, he didn’t think so, and I didn’t know what she was doing. Ouyang Yunlong felt that his body seemed to be bitten by thousands of ants. If he could get there now, he would scratch all his skin. It was so itchy, but after a while, bean-sized sweat kept rolling off Ouyang Yunlong’s face.
"Don’t worry, bear with it. You know it’s for your own good not to let you move. If you mess around, you will definitely scratch your face. It’s okay. Soon you won’t feel itchy." Yamu’s mother-in-law didn’t know if she was talking to him, but there was no mood fluctuation on her face.
Sure enough, Yamu’s mother-in-law didn’t joke. When the second silver needle plunged into her body, the itch that made people live without asking for death was replaced by severe pain. If you use any feeling to describe Ouyang Yunlong’s situation, it’s like someone broke every bone on his body with a sledgehammer, and then rolled it carefully with a roller. Yamu’s mother-in-law said it was really good. If she was not blocked, she would definitely be born for mercy, and no one would.
It’s a pity that Yamu’s mother-in-law took a look at Ouyang Yunlong and said, "Don’t worry, it’s not yet time. You are just perfunctory to ask for mercy. Don’t worry, I will leave you a sigh of relief when I run out of this stitch. By the way, I’d better not lie to me when I open my mouth, otherwise I will torture you all day with this stitch."
With another silver needle stuck in the body, Ouyang Yunlong fainted in pain. Just when Ouyang Yunlong thought he was free, he forgot one thing. Yamu’s mother-in-law is a doctor and a very good doctor. She knows how to wake up in a coma.
"The immortal set of" seven stitches for mending the sky "is really amazing. I have to try it on him next time I meet you." Yamu’s mother-in-law thought about it while performing surgery. I don’t know why, Xiao Mansheng, who is thousands of miles away in Wanchun Valley, suddenly felt a freezing chill.
MuQingFeng outside is curious about what happened inside, to know that there is no sound inside, and I don’t know what kind of means Yamu’s mother-in-law used to make Ouyang Yunlong yield. Anyway, these people don’t have this ability, but I don’t know why, and this silence gives me more pressure than torture. I don’t even know why, but I just feel that Ouyang Yunlong will confess, and it is the kind that I can’t wait.
After about three cups of tea, the door of the room opened, and Yamu’s mother-in-law came out with a cool look. Looking at Muqingfeng’s expectant eyes, she gently lifted the white hair on her head. "Ask clearly, this old man just came to cause trouble according to the instructions of Nanyue Wangfu. As for what follow-up plans they have, he doesn’t know. Well, I’ve been busy for so long and I’m tired, girl, go shopping with me." Say that finish also ignore people’s eyes, pulling ZhuoNongYue and Lin Jieyu left here.
After Yamu’s mother-in-law left, Bai Jingming asked cautiously, "Qingfeng, you see that Ouyang Yunlong has told some truth about this matter. Why do I feel that he has not explained everything clearly?"
Mu Qingfeng didn’t speak, and soon the dog’s egg came out. His face was a little pale. He only heard him say, "I don’t know what kind of means Yamu’s mother-in-law used. The old man seemed afraid that I would call Yamu’s mother-in-law back again. Besides, his martial arts were completely ruined. I tried his hands and feet, but I didn’t have any strength. I should have been robbed of the big muscles in my body. He should not think about himself in this life.
Hearing the dog’s egg say so, both Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiaoming have no doubt about Yamu’s mother-in-law’s words. It seems that Ouyang Yunlong really doesn’t know their plans.
"No matter what Nanyue Wangfu is going to do, it’s definitely a big plan. Brother, we in Beiyan should be well prepared, but at least our relationship with the grassland is not so tense, but it has given us enough time and energy to prepare."
Just as Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiaoming were making intensive arrangements, the war corner of Xiling Wangfu was looking at the peach blossom leisurely in the court. You know, the first time I met Jiang Yunying was under a peach blossom tree.
"Your report, Yu ‘er seems to be feeling a little sick recently. Why don’t you take time to see him if you have time?" Princess Ling, dressed in gorgeous clothes, appeared behind the war corner of Xinjiang. As far as appearance is concerned, she is absolutely beautiful.
"Didn’t you see a doctor? If you can’t, you can go to a physician. Dean Wang of Taiyuan is a kind of friendship with me. I won’t lose this face. As for the money, you can go to the accountant’s office yourself." The memory of himself was interrupted, and a few lines of displeasure appeared on Zhan Yujiang’s face.
"But report, reputation son he …" Ling princess seems to have anything to say, just haven’t say that finish, was interrupted by war corner xinjiang.
"I said, I’m thinking about state affairs now. Don’t bother me with these trivial things. Anyway, I don’t expect the reputation of war to lead us to the glory of Xiling Wangfu. It makes no difference whether there is a hand. Ok, you go down, I want to go to the military camp. " Before Princess Ling could say anything, Zhan Yujiang and Mu Chongshan left the palace.
Hearing his mother’s answer, Zhan Yu’s whole person is like crazy, and the things in the nest are clean. Princess Ling can only look at her son in tears and vent her anger. "Yu Er, you don’t blame your father, he just …"
"That’s enough! I’m completely fed up. He didn’t take me seriously from beginning to end. I really doubt whether I am his son. Even the guards in the mausoleum are more valued than me! " The reputation of war with red eyes is like a hungry beast.
seize the throne
On the way to the barracks, looking at no one around, Mu Chongshan said cautiously, "Your Majesty, are you really not going to tell the imperial court anything?" Even if it’s mainly, you can do it. You can’t help it if your majesty can ascend to the throne. Last time you invaded South Lincheng without authorization. Although it was under the banner of counterinsurgency, it was not legal after all. This thing was even more exaggerated. You clearly knew that the emperor had a grudge against Zhu Jie, the king of the East Land, and he was eradicated by the Japanese, but you even sent Xiling fighters directly without saying hello. If such a thing was investigated by the emperor.
"Then according to your meaning, should I watch you and Mu Qingfeng die in Moping City, and then I will continue to be my Ling Wang?" There is no turning back in the corner of the war, and the words you can’t hear are sadness or joy.
"That’s not true, your report. I think there is a way to take Mu Qingfeng out of that battlefield, but your appearance has disrupted all the arrangements. There is no movement here in the imperial court. I’m afraid this is an illusion." Mu Chongshan’s worry is not unreasonable. You should know that this Nangong emperor is very shrewd. From his means of dealing with Liu Wangzhu Jie, you can see that he is not an easy man. It’s just that Ling Wangzhan Yujiang didn’t expect that a bloody battle was breaking out in the palace at this time.
The emperor’s imperial palace has been killed by a river of blood. It was none other than the only son of Nanyue King, Nangong Jinyu, who strolled in the imperial garden. As for the thin old man around him, of course, it was none other than a "conspiracy" against Yuan Xu. A big fellow looked at the present situation without saying a word, and his face was blue.
"Commander Sun, don’t be sad. We can successfully enter the palace this time. You are a great commander. Don’t worry, I will give you benefits afterwards. After this son ascended the throne, the position of the internal security commander is still yours." The nangongshan jinyu looked at sun and looked very pale, and advised him.
"At the end of the will not be so big ambition, this time I was ashamed of the first emperor, but I did this step, should be able to put my wife and children? Let’s spend the rest of our lives in obscurity, shall we? This is what you promised. " It turns out that there are hostages in hand, so it is no wonder that Sun Tong understood to let these people in.
"Don’t worry, I always keep my word. I said that if your family is reunited, it will be reunited." What he said was to fight Yuan Xu. This vicious idea was also his thought. Nanyue Wangfu was dormant for so long, just to usurp the throne. In fact, at the beginning, they didn’t intend to do it. They just wanted to be a local tyrant by honestly supporting themselves in the affairs of Daliangzhou, but they didn’t expect the massive uprising to be suppressed by Muqingfeng. Nangong Jinyu knew that this uncle-generation emperor was not an easy role, and when he reacted, he would weaken himself. There was no way to make this decision.
"I hope you’ll keep your word …" Before Sun’s words were finished, he found a shiny tip penetrating his chest, looking at the expressionless war in Yuan Xu. Sun also wanted to say something, but one mouthful blood gushed out.
Watching Sun Tongling still struggle, Yuan Xu turned the sharp knife in his hand hard, and Sun Tongling’s eyes gradually lost their luster. "Don’t worry, I always keep my word. I have already sent your wife and children to hell. If I don’t kill you, how can you reunite with them?" Yuan Xu didn’t mean to be ashamed to do such a thing, which is what Nangong Jinyu appreciates most about him.
"Sir, I think the matter has been handled almost. Why don’t we go in and see the virtue of the last emperor?" The nangongshan Jin Yu said with a smile, the bodies on the ground have become his favorite scenery.
"Yeah, though he didn’t dominate the Northern Xinjiang Campaign, in the final analysis, he is also the heir of the Nangong family. I’d like to see what he will say before he dies. By the way, hasn’t the princess come back yet? " It’s not a whim for Yuan Xu to ask this question. You know, Nie Ying’s son played an important role in this time.
Although Nie Yinger volunteered to marry Nangong Jinyu, she found out about the lewd tradition of the Nangong family. Mr. Zhan decided to give her the most gift to the emperor, because there must be an insider to attack the palace. Nangong Jinyu was also a terminating person, and even agreed without thinking. Fortunately, Nie Yinger was not a chaste woman. Seducing men was her best skill, and after she was promised to become the queen of summer, she readily threw herself into the arms of the emperor.
Then, not surprisingly, all the good players around the emperor were poisoned and weak, which led to the massacre just now.
Before I could say anything, I saw Nie Yinger appear in front of Nangong Jinyu covered in blood: "How did you get here? Are you really going to dedicate me to that old immortal? " NieYing son a glad eye, the nangongshan jinyu feel abdomen some hot.
"Didn’t I ask you to come out early? Why did it take so long?" I’m afraid the only person who won’t be tempted by her beauty is Mr. Zhan.
"Oh, the old deathlessly and two younger sons, and several concubines, he didn’t know it was me who tipped them off, so he asked me to take his son out to find Ling Wang Zhan Yu Jiang. I don’t want to see these people after I become a queen, so I sent them down to wait for their father and your majesty in advance. Do you mind, my future emperor? " NieYing son regardless of their own blood, directly on the nangongshan Jin Yu.
"How can I blame you for helping me solve my worries? It’s too late for me to thank you. It’s estimated that the old thing can’t feed you enough. Let this childe thank you in the emperor’s courtyard tonight, thanks to you, otherwise I really don’t know what means to make the emperor abdicate!" The nangongshan Jin Yu a NieYing son into his arms, mercilessly kissed,
This time, Zhou Huo, who has only one eye, walked to the Nangong Jinyu with a bloody knife, knelt down and said; "Report to my son, the internal security in the palace has been wiped out, leaving the emperor in his study. What should I do next?"
"Zhou Tongzhi lost an eye, and the work efficiency has improved a lot by then. Come on, let’s go and have a look. I really want to see what kind of expression this old thing will have on me?" The nangongshan jinyu laughing face upwards.
The Nangong Emperor sat breathlessly on his stool, feeling that everything was like a dream. He never thought that someone would succeed in usurping the throne. What he didn’t understand was that the defense of the Imperial Garden was watertight. How did outsiders get their own defense gap? Knowing that Jin Yu of Nangong appeared in front of himself, it turned out that everything was his nephew’s fault. No wonder he was so familiar with the guards of his palace.
"Uncle Shi, you are not young enough to want to come to a state, or let my nephew work for you?" The nangongshan Jin Yu looked at some embarrassed emperors, and some proudly said, who would have thought that he could inherit the unification one day.
"Hum! You are dreaming! I didn’t expect my nephew to be a wolf’s ambition. I was blind, but even if you kill me, it won’t end well. You are guilty of rebellion and will be punished by everyone! " The nangongshan emperor said angrily.
"Ah, thank you for reminding me. If Uncle Shi hadn’t told me, I almost forgot about it. It turned out that I was rebelling, and I wanted to punish Jiuzu. But if Uncle Shi personally wrote the abdication letters and then declared me as the heir, could this matter develop according to the script I wanted? Why don’t you do me a favor and write a letter? " The nangongshan jinyu didn’t panic at all, and even thought about the countermeasures.
"Ha ha ha! Did you rebel and make a bad brain? Let me write you a letter? ! Dreaming, although I am not a wise emperor of SHEN WOO, I will not bow to the rebels and thieves. If you have any means, just use it. If I bow to you for mercy, I will lose! " After all, the emperor of Nangong lived in the upper position for a long time, and he was really angry, which made many soldiers in Nanyue Wangfu a little timid, but it was of no use to Nangong Jinyu.
"Your majesty, you this is why, don’t you write letters early to reunite with your own flesh and blood? You know, the two princes are heading for their father. Don’t your majesty miss the love of father and son at all? " Nie Yinger moved lightly and slowly walked out of the crowd. The Nangong emperor was surprised to see that his favorite beauty was in the anti-thief team.
"Love princess? ! You You are an anti-thief? !” The cold sweat of the Nangong emperor directly flowed down. You know, I let her escape from the city with the prince and left a trace of incense for myself. Now, it seems that my son must have fallen into their hands, thinking of his old son, but I didn’t expect to end up like this.
"Your majesty, you’d better sign it quickly. Although the princes can’t live a life of ruling the world from now on, there is no problem in having enough food and clothing all their lives. I advise your majesty to hurry up. My husband is not the kind of patient person." Say that finish, NieYing son depend on the nangongshan jinyu, the nangongshan jinyu didn’t avert suspicion, directly on her delicate and charming be about to drip lips mercilessly kissed one mouthful.
"For the sake of your rebellion, even your wife can be betrayed. Nangong Jinyu, my good nephew, you are really cruel. Ok, I will write it, but you have to write me a letter of guarantee to ensure the safety of my children!" The Nangong emperor gave up his struggle, and as long as he could keep his children, nothing mattered.
"ChengChengCheng, uncle’s face is still to be given, come on, give me and uncle grinding!" As the Nangong Jinyu gave the order, several guards of Nanyue Wangfu came out behind him and began to prepare what they needed for the imperial edict.
As the print of the imperial seal appeared on the imperial edict, Nangong Jinyu laughed happily and finally succeeded. From then on, he was the first person in the summer, and his ambition was finally realized. 、
After laughing, looking at the old emperor who was sitting on the side and seemed to want something, Nangong Jinyu said faintly, "Come on, give the last emperor a decent face, and then clean up this place. I’m going to meet the courtiers."
"My son …" The Nangong emperor’s eyes showed pleading.
Don’t worry, as long as they are alive, I swear to God that I will treat them well. "
Then, a white silk was entangled in the old emperor’s neck. With the efforts of Lux on both sides, the old emperor gradually felt difficult to breathe, and his mind began to be unclear. He never had a chance to appreciate the implication of Nangong Jinyu.
run away
After the old emperor died, Nangong Jinyu walked out of the study with a smile. With his handwritten letters, no matter whether he was willing or forced, once he was sealed by the decree of the country, at least there was a cover on his face. Just after everyone left here, a cupboard in the study quietly opened, and there was a little girl with tears in her face.