The next day, Shu Lele woke up from a deep sleep and opened the door to see him leaning against the door and looking at her with a smile. "Good morning!"

Shu Lele got a fright and didn’t good the spirit tunnel "I didn’t ask you to be a keeper? Today, there is no sauce burning elbow to greet you as far as you can go! "
That person is still a thousand years old, good self-cultivation and charming smile. "Look, girl, you invited me last night, and I’ll invite you to breakfast today!" "
"No! I will have no appetite for you! "
"No, I am so handsome! It is said that a delicious girl should have a big appetite! "
"Really?" Shu Lele just moved his eyes to look at him carefully. He really looks very handsome. The knife-shaped eyebrows are angular and he is a beautiful man in a million!
In particular, his lips are warm and warm, and he has a very cordial feeling.
Such a man should be a very approachable and likable type if he is placed in a crowd!
But what he did was so annoying!
Shu Lele pie pie disdain tunnel "handsome? Jinyu is defeated outside! "
Well, I offended her last night, and now I’m courting her again. Who knows what he’s thinking? This is not Shule’s territory. Can’t she hide?
Shu Lele passed by in a few steps, and pushed him away from the building.
After satiated with food and drink, Shu Lele hired a carriage and set foot on the road back to Beijing.
Talking all the way, Shu Lele lifted the curtain and saw the beautiful scenery from the window.
I couldn’t help but open my mouth and sing a song, "It’s sunny, then blossoming flowers blooms and smells the flowers, and I think of my youth …"
Giggling and cheerful songs echoed and fluttered all the way. Uncle Li, the driver, turned around and smiled happily. "What’s the name of this song, girl?" Very nice! "
"Call a rattle!"
Shu Lele smiled and continued to sing, which attracted passers-by to turn around in succession. Everyone smiled and seemed to be infected by her good mood.
When I rushed to noon all the way, I suddenly heard the rapid horseshoe behind me, and then I heard a familiar voice, "Girl, I finally chased you!"
Damn it, the ghost never leaves! There’s no elbow for you to grab now!
Shu Lele snorted his life. Uncle Li "Let’s continue on our way regardless of him!"
Then she put the curtain down and made up her mind to ignore the man.
But the man took off from the horse’s back and sat down beside Uncle Li, then pulled open the car curtain and a beaming face appeared in front of Shu Lele.
"Girl, we are very destined!"
"Bah! Who is predestined friends with you! " Full of good mood was destroyed by him. Shu Lele was very unhappy.
The man looked at her hostile tunnel "how no reason? I will stay in which inn the girl stays; I was hungry when the girl was hungry; That’s exactly what I meant when the girl was looking for something to eat; The girl is preparing for Beijing, and I just want to go to Beijing. What is our name? "
"….." Shu Lele corners of the mouth straight smoke she knew that this man is not only thick-faced but also very repetitive, a smelly mouth is even more annoying. She looked at him and had an impulse to kick him away.
The man is still chattering, "Girl, you are also a person, and I am also a person. Why don’t we go with you? It’s good to have a care! "
"I know the girl will say no, but I don’t want to!"
He took out a silver ticket from his pocket and handed it to Uncle Li. "I’ll buy this carriage. Go home!"
Uncle Li didn’t answer the silver ticket, and his suspicious eyes turned in his face. "Do you know this little brother?"
The man smiled with two smiles on his lips. "I got to know my uncle once and for all. Don’t worry, I’m not a bad person when everyone loves flowers. Just give me the carriage and her!"
"It’s really not a bad person to look at the little brother’s face, but is the girl willing?"
"Uncle, don’t worry!" He suddenly whispered in Uncle Li’s ear, "She is my wife who didn’t go through the door and is angry with me for complaining that I didn’t buy her a Sugar-Coated Berry."
"So that’s it!" Li Dashu finally relieved that he turned back to the curtain behind Shu Lele. "How big can a girl Sugar-Coated Berry be? The little brother is very good. Forgive him!" I’ll go first and wish you and Meimei a happy generation! "
What? Sugar-Coated Berry? Bless them?
Wait! What happened? Shu Lele a lift curtain puzzled tunnel "Li Dashu what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? "
Uncle Li has jumped to the ground. He smiled meaningfully. "Let’s have a good life, girl and little brother. Uncle has to go first!"
"hey! Where are you going? You have to catch a carriage for me! " Shu Lele was in a hurry. What’s the matter with leaving her in the middle of the road?
Holding the reins, the bad boy smiled at her. "Girl, I have bought this carriage, so from now on, you are my employer and I will serve you!" "
"No, you help!" Shu Lele was so angry that he almost blew up. Why is this man so hateful? It’s too much to rob her elbow and rob her carriage halfway!
"You roll for me! The girl will catch the carriage herself! " She pointed to the man hate tunnel
"This carriage is mine. I’m worried that the girl will rob it. What should I do?"
"Can’t I buy it?" Shu Lele took out a silver ingot and threw it at him.
The man was also quick-witted. Seeing that the silver was about to fall to the ground, he grabbed it and put it in his arms and smiled. "I’ll take the silver as a girl’s meal. It’s getting late now. Let’s find an inn to eat!"
With that, he whipped the whip and the carriage ran forward quickly, and his fine horse followed him all the time, neither fast nor slow, just in time.
Shu Lele was shaken by the sudden acceleration of the carriage and almost didn’t fall off. She was busy sitting tight and gnashing her teeth to scold "bastard! You stop! "