Zhou Yan took out the marker and drew a cross in the mirror. He could not find that trace was printed on Byakki Smoker’s face through the mirror.

Looking at his face with a black cross mark, Zhou Yan couldn’t help laughing. Seeing Byakki Smoker with a puzzled expression, he raised his pen quite defiantly.
I shook my head and said, "Oh, I’m sorry I accidentally drew something on your face, but you shouldn’t see it."
Zhou Yan cocked his head and said innocently, "I wonder if there is a mirror in the world in the mirror?"
Byakki Smoker immediately touched his cheek, but found nothing. Seeing Zhou Yan’s teasing expression, a beautiful face was almost twisted with anger and said, "No one can ever play magic. You are dead!"
After enjoying it for a moment, he was so angry that Zhou Yan used the same trick to cover the mirror.
It’s still windy and rainy outside the window. Zhou Yan looks out through the window constantly knocked by the rain. The whole day seems to be covered by ink, and even the fence in the distance can see it clearly.
His house is in the shade of this house, and behind it is a planted forest, which marks a clear dividing line between the ordinary houses in this gorgeous manor.
Suddenly, from the night, several dogs barked very clearly as if they were in this mansion.
Zhou Yan immediately approached the window and looked as if he still couldn’t see anything.
Zhou Yan stopped at the window for a long time, but he didn’t get any effective information. He lifted the mattress full of water vapor and got into the wet bed naively.
I really hate rainy days
If the nose smells like mildew and the rain falls on the unreal glass window, there will be a mess.
Zhou Yan closed his eyes but didn’t feel sleepy at all. His mind was full of everything he had experienced before.
Too much information about inexplicable mirrors, eccentric couples, mentally ill children and haunted houses made him quickly connect the causal links.
First of all, the glamorous couple have long been unable to make ends meet and owe huge debts. So what is the purpose of their purchase of this manor?
What other dunning letters stand for?
What happened to the little girl Chesia?
Just as Zhou Yan was combing the clues, he seemed to hear the claws pulling on the floor.
La la la la
For a moment, Zhou Yan couldn’t help but shrink into a ball. What he heard was an illusion.
But when he slowed down his breath and listened again, the sound appeared clearly above his head!
Zhou Yan immediately thought of the little girl Chesia’s words at dinner-"feed my friends on the ceiling"
Swallow a mouthful of saliva slowly. Zhou Yan’s palm is covered with cold sweat. Something cold hurts his waist. Michael gave him holy water before going to bed.
It is said that it can make demons manifest.
He took out the glass bottle from his pocket, poured out a little liquid and put it on his eyes. Suddenly, a stabbing pain swept through his eyes, and the whole eye seemed to be full of tears, which blurred his vision.
It’s not tears that Zhou Yan wiped away the tears oozing from stimulation. Now his sight is a little strange, like installing a sophisticated night vision camera.
The line of sight is covered with a dark yellow filter, and all the objects in his eyes are sometimes enlarged and sometimes reduced, as if the edges of the objects are slightly shaking through a layer of hot water vapor.
The head scratching hasn’t stopped yet, but it seems to stay on the ceiling. If there is a demon hovering there, there should be this unreal ceiling in its activity area.
Zhou Yan summoned up the courage to look up, but he could see the chandelier slightly twisted and shaken, and there was nothing else.
The devil in his imagination didn’t appear.
"What is this?"
Zhou Yan muttered something to himself. Just as he was wondering, the picture on the wall seemed to match his uneasy mood and he fell to the ground.
"Uh …" In bed, Zhou Yan was scared by this sudden movement and felt a shock. At this time, there was a strange movement on the top of his head. It seemed that something was constantly running in the cracks and thundering, causing the dust accumulated in the ceiling to fall off in the damp quilt.
"Uh …" Can you sleep in peace!
Zhou Yan angrily opened the window and looked around the room through her psychic eyes. She deliberately ignored the window and smiled at herself. Byakki Smoker didn’t find it
Walking barefoot on the cold floor, Zhou Yan held her breath and walked slowly near the frame. It should be that the nail of the fixed frame fell off to make the wall painting fall off.
He picked up the rusty nail and observed it carefully, and found that there was still a little tiny sawdust on it.
If it falls off naturally, there should be no sawdust, and these powdery sawdust still seem to have just been stained.
Zhou Yan slowly got up and couldn’t help looking at the wall drilling surface, and there were some sawdust left.
He approached the dark hole and peeped into it with one eye, as if he could see nothing.
Just as Zhou Yan relaxed, a scarlet eye suddenly appeared in the borehole and glared at Zhou Yan with malice.
"ah! !” Zhou Yan was so scared that he repeatedly stepped back and even screamed at the moment.
Another painting fell to the ground. This time, it fell completely, and even the frame broke a gap, which seemed to warn Wu Zhouyan not to pry into boundaries that did not belong to him.
Just then, the faint light kerosene lamp went out, and the rain outside gradually weakened. I roared past the cold wind and blew through the gap in the house, giving out waves of ghosts and wailing.
If he stays in this supernatural phenomenon, he will be an idiot who can enter the museum!
Zhou Yan hurried to the door and just opened the door and met a very unexpected person.
Lilith was actually at the door. She was holding an oil lamp, wearing a burgundy shawl, long hair and a silk pajamas. Her green pupils were full of seduction, and her white fingers tapped her red lips to hook a dangerous and intoxicating smile.
At the moment when this beautiful woman appeared, all the strange movements disappeared.
"Ms. Lilith, it’s cold. Go back to sleep. Goodbye." Zhou Yan knew that nothing good had happened when she looked at her. The door immediately moved like flowing water.
"Wait" Lilith easily resisted Zhou Yan’s palm and held the door tightly. When her slender body squeezed into the narrow crack of the door, she couldn’t help but let out a gasp. "Why don’t you help others?"
"Your name is Zhou Yan, right?" Lilith is as close to Zhou Yan as a snake, and her breath is as fragrant as Eve’s forbidden fruit. Her voice is getting soft. "I have been paying attention to you today, and you are much more beautiful than my husband."
Seeing that Zhou Yan was still standing at the door like a log without saying a word, Lilith, with his delicate eyes, fell to the bed and licked his lips and said, "Am I beautiful?"
Even a slow person know what this Lilith is all about!
"If you don’t come over, I’ll call someone." Lilith stretched himself to reveal an attractive curve.
[ding! Please ask the player Zhou Yan to immediately solve the temptation of the feeder line-Lilith! 】