"Who are you? How dare you speak in such a tone! " Among the six monsters, the big monster with the fiercest temper seems to be twice as loud as the master. He thundered, "Come here and let your grandfather hit two hammers!" "

It seems that the master’s words have been impolite to the extreme, but the man didn’t fly into a rage and then fight, as if he didn’t hear them, ignoring the provocation of the master. The reason for this is that on the one hand, the strength of Xin’s same line is surprisingly strong, on the other hand, the present situation is extremely special, and nearly half of the practitioners in the field of practice gather here. A little carelessness may lead to a great uproar, and it is possible to destroy the country and species.
He even regrets the tone of his speech just now.
At this point, this fellow immediately changed his attitude and handed over, saying, "I wonder if you Taoist friends are also here for the ancient Jin Xian Cave House? If so, then you Taoist friends should leave for the snow-capped mountain in Kazhemobolu as soon as possible, which is about 3,000 miles away from the local area. In recent days, the immortals have frequently appeared in the ancient Jin Xian Cave House, which looks like the Cave House will open soon. If you go late, you can only return empty-handed. "
"Damn it, this fellow is afraid of my old appearance." It seems that the master muttered something and put away the hammer that had smashed Xin Tong into the ground.
"I wonder if the witch festival in the ancient capital of Mangu, Dasa, is in Zheerhan City?" Xin Tong rode up to the man in a cloud and asked him, "Xin Wuqi, an elder of the Dexian Sacrifice Pavilion in the Eastern Han Dynasty, has come to pay a visit to the witch sacrifice in Dasa, the ancient capital of Man." He has asked Qin Lingyun that the master of Houlle, who lost both sides with Master Hammer, did not use Pardo and Erdopa, which he guessed, but another wizard of the earth offered sacrifices to Dasa, the ancient capital of Man.

The eleventh volume Ancient Fairy House Chapter III Gambling (below)
The eleventh volume Ancient Fairy House Chapter III Gambling (below)
According to Don’t Use, among the three land witches’ sacrifices of Houlle clan, Dasa, the ancient capital of Mangu, is the most indifferent. He has been secluded for hundreds of years, so why did he go out to confront Master Hammer?
The man paid special attention to Xin Tonghe, who was stepping on auspicious clouds, not only because they stood in the clouds as if they were immortals, but more importantly, the depth of these two people made him a wizard sacrifice that was only one step lower than the earth wizard sacrifice.
This fact made him more polite and handed him a hand. "Taoist friends, can you tell me why you want to pay a visit to the witch festival in Dasa, the ancient capital of Man?"
"This Sect is going to have a gambling fight with the witch festival in Dasa, Mangu." There was a smile on Xin Tong’s mouth. "I just don’t know if Mangu Dasa has the courage to take it."
"Taoist friends want to gamble with the witch sacrifice in Dasa, the ancient capital of Man?" The man was puzzled, frowned and asked, "Why?"
"No, it’s just a whim." Xin Tong’s expression was very relaxed, and he smiled at the man. Suddenly, his eyes glared and he shouted, "Where is the witch festival in Dada, Mangu?" In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Germany offered sacrifices to Xin Wu, and came to ask for advice. " The sound is like the explosion of spring thunder, and it is vast and can be heard for hundreds of miles.
By Xin Tong, he shouted a voice, and the ancient capital of Man, Dasa, couldn’t show up-Houlle has been open for more than 1,600 years, and he has never been deceived!
The man standing more than 30 feet away in front of Xin Tong’s body was trembling with fire-breathing eyes-it was just said well. How did this fellow say that he changed his face when he changed his face? It’s really cruel!
I was so angry that the wizard of Houlle, who was furious with the three corpse gods, roared with anger and looked like electricity. Pounce on the hateful person who looks extremely proud.
As soon as his figure moved, a figure rushed out from behind Xintong, shouting, "Do you deserve to fight with my son?" Rushed in the ear, stopped between him and Xin Tong, and punched him.
Two fists with flashing light struck together, making a muffled thunder-like noise, and the sudden figure stepped back two steps. However, the great witch sacrifice of the Houlle clan withdrew straight from 14 or 15 zhangs.
After the figure stood still, it spit out the breath of six or seven flames in succession, and then left the pie mouth contemptuously. "Although you’re a good fellow, you can’t even cope with my old appearance," he said. "You dare to hand your paws to my son. It’s really ignorant."
The Great Witch Sacrifice was still waiting for him, when a gentle voice came from afar, "Since Xin Sacrifice is going to be with the old man for a while, please move the jade to this Gedaoye Peak. Mosimosi You give Xin a guide. "
"Moximo, Moximo … hahaha …" Sun Damo suddenly laughed loudly. "This name is fun! What fun! What are you looking at? Show me the way quickly! "
The wizard named Moximoxi glared at Sun Damo bitterly and said to Xin Tong, "Xin Da Sacrifice, dare you go to see the wizard sacrifice of Dadi in Mangu alone?"
"What dare not? Mosimosi … "Xin Tongqiang smiled and said," Lead the way. "
"Wait a minute!" Qin Lingyun saw that Xin agreed to leave, and quickly made a noise to stop it. "There is no doubt that you will go alone. What if they try something?"
"Cloud … Don’t worry." Xin Tong said with a smile, "The wizard festival in Dasa, the ancient capital of Mangu, is a great master, and it won’t use those dirty tricks." See Qin Lingyun is still a full face of worry, xin tong to her spirit force, "if you can’t face the ancient capital of mansa, how to face the ghost ancestors who are better than him? Men. Just be brave! "
Leaving such a famous heroic dry cloud behind, Xin Dabai held his head high and stepped on the white clouds, and flew northwest with Musimosi. Fly out less than fifty feet, this fellow at the foot of the white clouds suddenly spread out, dancing to fall from the sky.
In the exclamation of Qin Lingyun and Xiaocao, the Jade Eagle flew in an instant and caught Xin Tong.
Gedaoye Peak is about 100 miles away from Zheerhan City, and it only took less than half an hour to fly.
On the snowy summit platform, an old man in a blue gown smiled indifferently. Standing in the howling Gangfeng.
Xin Tong knows. This person must be Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu. Sure enough, after the fall of Moses. Immediately, he bowed down and gave a gift to the old man. "I have seen the witch sacrifice in the ancient capital of Mangu."
"Thank you, Mosimosi." Mangu Dasa smiled and said, "You can return it to the imperial city."
Mosimosi turned and flew away, and Dasha, the ancient capital of Mangu, gave a gift to Xin Tong, saying, "I wonder what advice Xin offered?"
"I can’t talk about it. I just want to bet on a host with the witch sacrifice." Xin Tong returned a gift with a smile and looked up and down at the gentle old man.
"Bet on what host? Let’s hear about it. "
"Before that, I have a question to ask, I wonder if the injury of the earth witch sacrifice has healed? If the injury does not go, the host will not gamble. Although I have only been in the spiritual world for a few short years, I am extremely humble, but this kind of thing that takes advantage of people’s danger is still disdainful. "
"In a few years, Daoxing has reached such a state?" There was a flash of surprise in Dasadi’s eyes, but the smile on his face was still so gentle. "I don’t know why Xin Xian is looking for an old man to gamble?" I actually avoided talking about whether the injury healed.
"According to a senior in the spiritual world, among the three land witches’ sacrifices of the Houlle people, the land witches’ sacrifice in Dasa, the ancient capital of Mangu, is the most indifferent and dedicated to practice, and is not as keen on the world of mortals as Pardo and Dorpa." Xin Tong replied, "But, in the key battle between Houlle and Hande, it was not Pardo or Dorpa who lost both sides with Master Hamer, but the witch festival in Dasa, the ancient capital of Man?"
"People are in the rivers and lakes, and they can’t help themselves." The gentleness on Dasa’s face in Mangu finally disappeared. With a sigh, he said, "Let’s not go around again. Let’s talk about it. How are we going to fight against the old man? What is the host?"
"Looking at the way the wizard of the earth worships the land, it seems that there are still wounds left …" Xin Tong smiled and said, "In that case, how about gambling?"
"gambling?" Mangu Da Sa ha ha a smile. "Don’t have wu bet? Let’s hear it, what about literary gambling, and what about martial gambling? "
"Gambling, by the next topic, by the earth witch offerings, if the earth witch offerings can’t, then the next victory. On the other hand, the earth witch sacrifices to win. Loser. One thing must be done unconditionally for the winner. Gambling by force is a big fight between you and me, and the host is still the same. The loser unconditionally does one thing for the winner. "
Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu, pondered for a moment and said, "The old man has a few questions, so please pay tribute to him. One. If the old man chooses to gamble, how about the old man offering the title to Xin? Second, does Xin Sacrifice hope that the old man will choose literary gambling or martial gambling? " Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu, blinked and said with a smile, "Up to now, I haven’t been able to find a reason … Can you tell me why I want to gamble with Xin Sacrifice?"
"This family traveled thousands of miles from China to Mobei, and how can it be regarded as a distant guest. This question should be asked by the guests, right? There are a lot of words in the error-free novel network. Moreover, the earth witch sacrifice has been practiced for hundreds of years, but I have only practiced for four or five years … The earth witch sacrifice will not dare to give a question, will it? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Xin Tong laughed and said," From the perspective of insurance, I certainly hope that the witch festival in the earth can choose to gamble. No matter whether the injury of the witch sacrifice in the earth has healed or not, I can’t cope with it with the profound force gained from hundreds of years of penance. Of course, it is up to the wizard of the earth to decide whether to gamble in writing or in martial arts. "
"As for the reason why the earth witch sacrifice must be and the next bet, that’s even more. How can the earth witch sacrifice be unexpected? This is the first reason ….. "Xin Tong pulled up his fingers with a smile," The earth witch sacrifice is like a god in the Houlle clan, and now it is a nameless boy and a hostile Han Dynasty offering to come to you by name, if you don’t take that. It’s not just a man’s face that was sacrificed by a witch in Dadu, Mangu. Second. As a senior in the spiritual world, if you run away in front of a younger generation’s bet. And as a senior strong dignity? Third ….. "Xin Tong suddenly stopped, looked at Da Sa in Mangu with a smile and asked," Do you need to talk about it next time? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"It seems that this gambling contract is really impossible for an old man." Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu, smiled bitterly. "I knew when I was against Hammer, and I have been in trouble since then!" Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu, took a long breath, and his expression suddenly vibrated. He said, "Say it, how to gamble?"
Xin Tong summoned a fist-sized furnace to burn the sky and boil the sea, and threw it up and down in his hand. He said, "As long as the earth witch sacrifice can stay in this small incense burner for an hour, the gambling will be lost next time." As he said, he put the burning sea stove on the ground, and the mind moved, and the burning sea stove became dozens of times bigger in the blink of an eye.
Dasa, the ancient capital of Mangu, did not immediately agree, but stepped forward and observed the giant incense burner that had become as big as a hill with great concentration.
After watching about a cup of hot tea, Mangu Dasa nodded gently, took several steps to one side, and stood there to continue observing the burning sea stove.
After more than half an hour, Dasa, the ancient capital of Mangu, stopped and walked around the burning sea stove, even rose into the air several times, and looked at the inner wall of the burning sea stove, which was a very careful look.
"Hey hey, Lao tze have burned you to the abdomen of Lao tze, what can you see? Even if you can see and recognize the five ancient words "burning the sky and boiling the sea", you will think that this burning the sky and boiling the sea is just a fake without a trace of spiritual fluctuation, right? There are many words in Error-free Fiction Network. Hey, hey, hey … Grandma, is this guy playing with separation? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Just as Xin Tong thought proudly, a virtual shadow suddenly emerged from Dasa in Mangu and stood beside him.
At first, this figure was almost transparent and hazy. If you don’t look at it carefully, it’s even hard to find it. But I don’t know what secret method was used by Dasa in the ancient capital of Man. This virtual shadow has become more and more full, and it has become full of flesh and blood with just one breath, which is no different from Dasa in the ancient capital of Man!
Then, two virtual shadows emerged from the bodies of two Mangu Dada at the same time, and once again, they became flesh and blood and real people!
Then four virtual shadows emerged from four Mangu Da Sa at the same time …
Thirty-two identical Mansudad Dasa, without any difference, surrounded the burning sea furnace, and began to turn around the burning sea furnace like a lantern. Thirty-two people spoke at the same time, and their voices were neat and loud. "As long as Xin Sacrifice can find out the true identity of the old man, the old man will gamble with you this time. If you can’t, Xin Sacrifice will leave for Moboru Peak as soon as possible. If you are lucky enough, you may get some benefits from the abode of fairies and immortals in Shanggu. "
"Grandma, this seemingly gentle and kind Houlle witch sacrifice turned out to be an old man!" Xin Tongming understands the purpose of this move in the ancient capital of Mo, so Dasa in the ancient capital of Man set a threshold. If he can’t find out the true identity of Dasa in the ancient capital of Man, he will lose the qualification to gamble with Dasa in the ancient capital of Man.
"Do you think this can stumped an XinMengRen? Hey, you don’t know, Lao Tzu still has an eye that can see through all illusions! " Xin Dabai stepped Bai Yunfei into the air and shouted, "Stop, stop! Don’t move, don’t move, old … Benzong is going to start watching. "
Since his third eye can see through Master Hammer’s ultimate illusion, it is naturally impossible for him to get away with it under this god’s eyes, because the illusion of being in two places performed by Da Sa, the ancient capital of Mangu, is not equal to or even inferior to Master Hammer.
The premise is: Dasa Mangu must use illusion as a cover-up-Xin Tong doesn’t believe Dasa Mangu can differentiate into thirty-one real doppelgangers. If there is such a way, how can he be seriously injured under Hammer’s hand?
A mass of black gas spurted from Xin Tong’s body, then turned into clouds, completely covering his body.
Thirty-two Mangu Dasa stopped at the same time, standing beside the burning sea stove like a sculpture, motionless.
A bright blue light came out from the dark clouds and swept the thirty-two ancient capitals in turn.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Xin Tongdi laughed. "I know which one is the real body of the earth witch sacrifice!"
Thirty-two Mangu Dasa shook at the same time, but they settled at the same time.
"Ahem ….." There was a rather awkward cough in the dark clouds. "I just saw presbyopia, the witch sacrifice in the ancient capital of Man. Please let me see it for a moment …" After saying his word, the dark clouds had plummeted down, and a big hand reached out and grabbed one of them. "Ha ha, that’s it! Witch Festival in Dadu, Mangu, if this is not your real body, Xin someone will go back and forth immediately from where! "
"Give you another chance!" The thirty-two Mangu Dasa spoke at the same time.
"Hey, don’t give it a chance." Xin Tong in the dark clouds giggled and said, "I believe our luck is this."