When the little fire man recognized the Lord, the sun was covered with wings, the whole body was covered with golden awns, and endless spiritual flames emerged from his body. Soon after, the dry Kun in the furnace of burning the sky and cooking the sea was restored to its original state. The sun’s avatar is reduced to a little golden awn and returned to Xintong’s Mud Pill Palace.

"Are brothers satisfied?" The sun, the sun, sent a message to Xin Tong.
"How did that happen? How can this be? " Xin Tong foolishly recited it several times before waking up. Asked: "satisfied, of course satisfied! However, brother, why did you give him back all the flames that burned you? "
"Although the spirit flame is good, it is close to the first god fire, but I didn’t see it in my eyes. This spirit flame doesn’t help me much. Even if I absorb it all, I can’t add another song, but it is very important to you, brother. Give it back to him and give it back to him. "
Xin Tong was silent for a moment and then asked, "Why should man be so good to me?"
"The reason, brothers know it in the future … brothers can go to the science of uniting, refining the spirit flame of the divine fire, and you can know the usage tactic of burning the sky and boiling the sea stove … at that time, this problem was ignored, so it is good to let it pass the method tactic to brothers first, so that you can directly use the burning sky and boiling the sea stove. But refining the spirit flame is also good. Brother’s authentic behavior will definitely be greatly improved … The rest of the tricks, just ask that guy for it. " The sun came from the sun, and then there was no sound.
Xin Tong stayed for a long time, shook his head vigorously, and spread his mind to the god who has become more than a thousand feet high and burned you to death. "Burn you to death … hmm. It’s not very convenient to shout this name. In this way, you will be called Shao Shao in the future, ok? Ok, Shao Shao, pass on what you know about using the burning sea stove. " At this time, he got the life’s core monuments flame that burned you, and he can communicate with it directly.
After receiving the usage formula of burning the sky and boiling the sea furnace, Xin Tong was waiting to quit the furnace and dry Kun, when the Dao Lingba suddenly heard the spirit, "My Lord, wait a minute. I want to have a word with that big fool. "
"Burn your children. Grandpa Ba Jue didn’t know until today. You’ve always dreamed of being trampled to death by your bully grandpa! Wow, hahaha … "
Being in the closed furnace, Gankun’s god burned you to death, and you were silent for a long time. Suddenly, you understood the meaning of Dao Ling’s words, and the more you thought about it, the more angry you became. You roared hysterically: "Because of your dead virtue, our five brothers and sisters were extremely angry! You wait! If there is an opportunity, I must join hands with the other four brothers and sisters and beat you up again! "
Although the flame of Shenhuo obtained by Xin Tong is only half the size of a palm, it took him 26 days to refine it-thanks to the help of the sun! If there were no sun, the sun would be all by itself. Xin Tong estimated that it would take three years at the earliest.
Knowing the wonderful use of burning the sky and boiling the sea thoroughly, Xin Tong was overjoyed! This thing can be refined into a panacea, a magic weapon, a demon, a demon-of course, it can also be refined into people. It can become as big as a mountain, as small as a sand millet, and it can extinguish fire and water, destroy the enemy for protection, store things and hide people …
"Artifact, it’s amazing!"
In the twenty days when Xin Tongrong refined the spirit of God, six monsters and other monsters in the demon disappeared, as if they had forgotten to rescue the blazing demon king.
Xin Tong still remembered this matter at the beginning, and searched with his mind from time to time. Later, he was completely immersed in melting the flame of God’s fire and burning the sky to cook the sea.
On the thirtieth day, the artifact burned the sky and boiled the sea stove, and finally it became a magic weapon for Xintong.
The appearance of the small incense burner has not changed much, except that the furnace body has a layer of red light that is extremely difficult to find. Compared with the previous one, there is no other difference.
At this point, most of the people who were injured in the fierce battle of attacking the valley a month ago have recovered almost. Only three disciples of Romantic Parcel are still in meditation, while Wei Er, Shi Laodao and Tianxiang Princess have all recovered from their injuries, while He Youliang, Sun Damo and Gao Daquan are still in meditation because of their heavy injuries or slightly low cultivation.
Xin Tong removed the fire building in Xuanshui and saw the stone thief at the foot of the mountain.
"Brother!" Xin Tongli immediately shouted. Seeing that the guide who brought himself into the spiritual world was safe and sound, Xin was elated, and his figure was looming, and he had crossed the distance of more than 100 feet and appeared beside the stone thief.
Especially since looking at the hillside stone thief suddenly found that Xin Tong had stood four or five feet away from his side. Very surprised, I couldn’t help but lift my eyes and see Xin Tong’s figure slowly disappearing on the mountainside.
This sense of time and space disorder makes the stone thief feel uncomfortable at first, and then even worse-how long has it been since I saw this boy? This guy’s way is so high that he can’t forget it! God, why didn’t my old man swallow that life-and-death Dan immediately after he got it? Otherwise, my old man is so powerful …
Xin Tong, who was still happy, didn’t notice the loss of the stone thief, and repeatedly asked, "How is the recovery from the injury of Senior Brother? Does it matter? "
The sincerity and closeness contained in Xin Tong’s tone of voice made the stone thief find some comfort, saying, "It’s all right long ago. How can those little monsters really hurt my old man … Wait, where is my old man’s Yu Pei? "
"yes. Yu Pei is here. But … But … "Xin with a face of embarrassment, I don’t know how to explain.
Stone thief broad beans and soybeans stared at the same time, "your boy broke Yu Pei? Impossible, then how can Yu Pei be broken? Say, what are you? " Xin Tong took out Yu Pei and handed it to the stone thief. "You can see for yourself …"
Stone thief took Yu Pei only took one look. His face changed color. "Is this the piece of Yu Pei that my old man said?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"yes! It must be! How dare the younger brother deceive his brother with fake goods? " This is a fact. Xin Tong spoke confidently. Seeing the stone thief’s face full of disbelief, he added, "If I deceive my senior brother with fake goods, I will be thundered five times a day! Tell me to walk, die, drink water, choke to death, eat, get stuck, fart, die, go out, be killed by a horse, and go home … "
"Stop, stop!" The stone thief hurriedly waved his hand. "Your boy said he was not tired, but my old man was tired when he listened!" Pointing to Yu Pei, who is as smooth as a mirror, he asked, "Where are the three-legged strange birds on it? Where is it? "
"Here …" Xin with a wry smile. Pointing to his head, "I didn’t let it in, but it got in by itself …" Then he told the stone thief in detail how he activated the sun in Yu Pei, how the sun helped him break the blood river and the bodhi old zu to eat the soul magic cloud, and then how he got into his mud pill.
The stone thief is stupefied. Staring at Xin Tong stupefied, he didn’t speak, and his eyes gradually drifted away, becoming more and more vacant.
Xin Tong was afraid and reached out to pat the stone thief on the shoulder.
Hand just stretched out, the stone thief has a butt sitting on the ground, beating his chest and patting his legs, wailing, "God! What have I done in my last life? Huh? How dare you make fun of me like this! Let me meet this guy Xin Tong! Meowed … This guy is my bitter rival and nemesis! I risked a lot more than my life, and I was chased to the sky with no way to go to the ground and no way to go, and I was sweating like a pig. I finally stole a ghost, Dan But this boy got a bargain! This time, I took great pains to find out the whereabouts of the Sun Yu Pei, but let this smelly boy take all the benefits. Didn’t even leave me a fart residue! Meowed … Oh, my God, why do you want me to know this lucky guy? Meowed … "
Xin Tong scratched his head and rubbed his hands, but he didn’t know what to do-even if he let the sun return to Yu Pei, what could the sun do? I was embarrassed for a while.
The wailing stopped suddenly, and the stone thief suddenly stood up, his hands together, and grabbed Xin Tong’s mind. "Smelly boy, you have to compensate my old man!"
Xin Tong was worried that the stone thief would be possessed. When he saw that the stone thief had returned to normal, he was overjoyed and said, "Pay for it! Be sure to pay! Brother, I’ll pay whatever you say! "
The thief let go of his hands, and Zhan Yan said with a smile, "That’s more like it. You have a conscience, but how are you going to compensate my old man?"
Xin Tong breathed a sigh of relief secretly and said with a smile, "I’ll pay for it as my brother says! Even if I go to the sky to pick the moon for my senior brother, my younger brother will never contain … "Before the words were finished, Xin Tong’s face changed greatly." Oh, no! "
Introduction to the next episode: Xin Tong was entrusted by others to help a practitioner who robbed. Can he help the other person successfully rob? What did Fei Lianpo say about the ancient Jin Xian abode of fairies and immortals, which revealed traces in Mobei?
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The tenth volume Big LeiJie The first chapter demon down (on)
The tenth volume Big LeiJie The first chapter demon down (on)
As soon as Xin Tong’s sentence "Oh, no good" came out, Shi Lao thief’s face suddenly became ten times uglier than his, and he shouted, "Smelly boy! What are you talking about? If you think that you can escape the compensation, my old man’s house will tell you that it is to do … "
"Demons have invaded the valley, brother …" Xin Tong moved his body and evaded the hands caught by the stone thief.
"Don’t talk about monsters!" The stone thief burst into the body and reached out to catch Xintong again. "Your boy obviously wants to escape responsibility!"
"Old thief don’t worry! I will definitely be responsible for you! " Xin Tong smiled, suddenly disappeared in front of the stone thief’s fingertips, and when he appeared again, he was thirty feet away. "I’ll send those bold monsters first, and then I’ll be responsible for you!"
The tactile sensation from the fingertips made the stone thief smile bitterly: It seems that he really can’t help that smelly boy … He refused to admit defeat. "It’s quiet inside this mask, where are the demons?" If your boy dares to cheat my old man’s house, you will wait to be cleaned up … "
Seeing Xin Tong in the void, he whistled loudly from time to time as a warning, and he went to the edge of the mask. It seems that he didn’t fake it. Shi Zhangyu frowned twice and unfolded his mind, but he was blocked by the mask of the green gauze cage in Yun He, Wan Li.
The stone thief angrily waved his fist. "How dare you fool my old man!" " Raise your hand and offer a magic weapon, and follow closely.
In fact, the stone thief wronged Xin Tong.
He and the stone thief are in the same position, although the line of sight is blocked by trees. But the mind can walk through the Woods without hindrance. Melting and refining the artifact to burn the sky and cook the sea stove was successful, and three Yuan babies were swallowed up. More than half of life’s core monuments’s spirit flame was burned to death by the furnace spirit, which greatly increased the number of initiates. The spirit has been able to pass through the mask formed by the top-grade fairy wares.
Before he went to South Hande, he reached an agreement with the stone thief, who helped him protect his parents and he stole a piece of Yu Pei for him. Now his parents are safe and sound. He accidentally let the sun run to his own mud pill palace, for the stone thief. That piece of Yu Pei has no value, so he feels deeply sorry for the old thief.
Apart from anything else, without the help of the sun and the sun, it is difficult to collect the spirit of the burning sea stove and burn you to death. Therefore, this time he willingly accepted the compensation claim put forward by the old thief.