Shu Lele patted several doors and raised the tone. "You must resist when I am waiting for you outside!"

Don’t let Jeannin love you!
When I was snickering, suddenly there was a cool voice behind me. "Are you out?"
Iceberg man actually took the initiative to speak!
Ow ~ ~ ~ What a surprise!
Shu Lele quickly turned around and flew to him and patted his solid arm. "Ouyang, you laughed at me for being driven out by the princess. It’s my blessing!"
"That’s true!"
Hey ~ ~ pick up the phone again!
Shu Lele’s interest was completely aroused. She looked at Ouyang with a crooked eyebrow and a charming smile. "Ouyang, I am your boss. Can you tell me where the princess is looking at you?"
"You should ask her!"
"I’m not being kicked out? If you want to ask, there is no room. If you have nothing to do around, just tell a story. Can I listen to it? "
Ouyang Jue glanced at her with his eyes down and said coldly, "I can tell you!"
I’ll go! Say so much, and you can tell Ouyang Jue that you are very embarrassed. Do you know?
Shu Lele snorted and turned to ignore him. The two men ignored the wind and kissed each other, and no one spoke any more.
After a while, I heard the door creak and walked out with a big smile.
Emma! What do you mean by that?
Shu Lele ran over and grabbed her and looked around for a long time before she asked, "Are you taking the wrong medicine?"
"You just took the wrong medicine!" Gave her a white look and called Ouyang Jue, "Princess Ouyang wants you to go in!"
Ouyang Jue’s shoulder shook and he should not answer. He turned and went to the house.
"hey! Go well, good luck! " Shu Lele looked at his back and sincerely blessed 1
Then I looked at the pair. "Look at your little smile. There must be something unexpected, right?"
"I’m lazy and don’t like guessing!"
So cold, so cool, so handsome pot girls like to take it home before Rong Ning gets it! Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
VIP95 does business in the palace
Shu Lele is lazy and puts on a hateful look when you say it.
She wants to hear it, okay? Now someone wants her to listen!
Naidi shook his head and said, "Come on, I’ll tell you when I get back!"
"ah? Wait for Ouyang? "
"What are we worrying about with the princess accompanying him? Go! " Double a force to Shu Lele to pull away from the West Moon Building.
Along the way, they rambled for a while and said that Ouyang Jue talked about Rong Ning for a while, laughing and laughing, and soon returned to Youranju.
When Ziziphus jujuba was sitting in the courtyard, the flowers and trees were pinching their petals to send a chat
As soon as they came back, they immediately got up like chicken blood and ran over to complain, "Miss, you are back!"
"What’s the matter? You sound like a woman who complains! "
Ziziphus jujuba’s mouth slightly curled up and said, "That flower bead is too difficult for me to teach!"
What is the situation? Shu Lele frowned. "She … you can’t handle her?"
"She said that I was just a little girl and that I was not allowed to tell her what to do, and that I was fooling around by giving her the roots!"
Gee ~ ~ ~ strange! Does Huazhu want to go against the sky?
Shu Lele turned his foot to the flower bead yard and Ziziphus jujuba naturally followed.
Small courtyard flower beads are running around the garden to see Shu Lele several people come in and quickly stop fart Dian fart to run over and flatter to say with smile "male! There you are! "
Shu Lele squinted at her with a cold hum. "Huazhu heard Ziziphus jujuba say that you don’t want to learn this rap performance, do you?"
Flower bead bowed his head and muttered, "it’s too difficult to be male!" It is also said that singing is also responsible for making everyone laugh. I can’t learn! "
"Is this the reason?"
Damn it, I think it’s the reason! Shu Lele ordered Ziziphus jujuba to throw the drama in front of her with a straight face. "Huazhu, you don’t want to give up halfway, do you? If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste for so long, you will make up your mind to learn it! "
"But ….." Flower beads are still a little wriggled. "Can you change that on the male side? It’s too embarrassing!"
"Poof ~ ~ ~" makes people shy?
Shu Lele thinks that the stars are shining at her eyes. She just stole the’ love of a modern star and then added some ancient elements to it. Is this unacceptable?
Ok, let’s change the line again, and change that’ let you kiss enough’ to’ let you love enough’!
Shu Lele asked Dong Mei to bring a brush and brush it for a few times, then changed the play and threw it on the table. "Huazhu, learn from Ziziphus jujuba, remember this female play for me first, and then I will find you a helper to cooperate with you!"
"This … that’s all right!" Huazhu finally reluctantly agreed to Ziziphus jujuba and was ordered to continue training by Shule Le.
Shu Lele breathed a sigh of relief. Ah, this ancient man is so melodramatic that he can hardly let go of the generous flower beads!
Double is looking at her with eyebrow line. "I said Lele, why do you have so many whimsy in your mind?" Sometimes I really want to cut your little head open to see what’s in it! "