"Old six. Be careful, this fellow will definitely make a big killing move. " Tianjun Yan sword in hand, jǐng looked around and reminded Bao Shi.

Voice decline. The front convenience where Tianjun and Baoshi stood has changed. A tree root with a row of kilometers and a height of 100 meters has been cut into sharp arrows, aiming directly at Tianjun and Baoshi. At the same time, behind Tianjun and Baoshi, as well as on the left and right sides, there are the same tree root arrows. It seems that a rectangular space has been formed to surround Tianjun and Baoshi, and it seems that Tianjun and Baoshi will become meat sauce as long as Hemlock makes a command.
"Boy. Under my sword of death, you will be turned into meat by her. It was just absorbed by me, haha. Die! " Hemlock scared tree said arrogantly, suddenly a sword rang, followed by the second sound and the third sound … until the sound filled the whole space, but Tianjun and Baoshi didn’t have the slightest fear. On the contrary, they hung a disdainful smile on their faces.
If you attack Tianjun and Baoshi in another way, you may be wary, but this kind of low-level attack can be ignored directly by both of them. Don’t forget, both of their defenses have reached the level of holy artifacts.
"Ha ha, die for me!" Bao Shi roared with a face of violent anger, and the arrows that hit him like raindrops were directly ignored by him. He swung his fist like a hill, and Bao Shi brazenly hit the row of roots hundreds of meters away ahead. At the same time, Tianjun did not hesitate. He suddenly danced with Yan’s sword and mercilessly threw a sword at the roots of the trees behind him.
Vulnerable defense, hemlock scared tree didn’t expect Tianjun and Baoshi to be completely unafraid of this top-grade artifact attack, but they could turn around and give a fatal blow. Then Tianjun added a sword on the left and right sides respectively, and easily destroyed the sniper of the tree roots and arrows.
"How is that possible? You? " In the blink of an eye, he destroyed the elaborate attack of hemlock making it difficult to believe.
"Hum, how dare you hit our idea and eat my diamond fist!" Bao Shi doesn’t care what Hemlock is thinking in his heart. After destroying the roots and arrows, he suddenly raised his fist and punched the ground hard.
King Kong Boxing is the most powerful attack at present in Baoshi. After one punch, the surface sinks again, and a meteorite hole with a radius of about 10,000 meters is instantly formed under Baoshi’s fist. The trees and weeds affected in the distance are like being burned by a meteor, which instantly turns to ashes, and the earth is even more affected by the earthquake, all of which have cracked a big mouth of about 10 meters. Thus, it can be seen that the blow of Baoshi contains much energy.
Before the energy contained in Bao Shi’s shocking punch disappeared, a shrill scream came from the ground, and at the same time, countless green Se blood sprayed directly from the ground. Leng leng, I haven’t figured out what happened at that time, but the soil under it immediately returned to calm after a peristalsis.
"I hit him! Haha, boss, my King Kong boxing has hit the hemlock tree. " Suddenly, Bao Shi seemed to understand something, and shouted excitedly. At the same time, the whole person once again went to the place where the blood had just overflowed and turned over the soil inside, but unfortunately, there was nothing inside, only some broken roots.
"I actually let him run away again!" An empty joy, guaranteed time and tasteless said.
"It doesn’t matter, he’s hurt." Patted Bao Shi’s shoulder, Tianjun said soothingly.
"Eldest brother, what should we do next?" Bao Shi looked at Tianjun and asked.
"Hum, it’s just the two of us now. I’m afraid of a bird. No matter how powerful this hemlock tree is, I don’t believe he can break our defenses. Don’t let me touch his tree spirit again, otherwise, I will destroy him!" Tianjun said with a heavy face of se y and n, and then they both headed north again.
I walked peacefully all the way, for about five days, and I didn’t even meet a bird on the road. Bao Shi was a bit boring, but when the sixth day came, Tianjun and Bao Shi finally appeared, because they came to an endless hemlock forest. In this hemlock forest, there is an unusually large hemlock tree, with a diameter of nearly 10,000 meters by visual inspection alone, and its height is even more incalculable. Anyway, there is no top in sight.
"Hoo hoo, big brother, this hemlock tree is not the hemlock tree we met before, is it?" Bao asked when he looked at Tianjun with a smile of y and n.
"I don’t know, just go and see." Holding a Yan sword. Tianjun is ready to fight at any time. By mistake, he and Bao Shi actually came to the lair of Hemlock.
"Ha ha, eldest brother. Look, look, there is a piece without skin here. It must be the one I injured a few days ago! " Bao Shi excitedly pointed to the half waist of Tsuga tree, a place with no skin of more than 20 meters, with a full face of excitement.
"Hum, old six. Get out of the way and let me try! " Tianjun said with some evil smiles, when he left when he was insured, he was standing about a kilometer away from Hemlock making it. The light of a red Se in the right hand is like a sword, and it goes directly towards the Se of Hemlock.
"Try my soul-eating seal. You just played so humbled. Now it’s time for you to taste my means. " Tianjun controls the force of the soul, while y and n dense said.
At the moment when the light of blood Se disappeared into the tree of Hemlock. I saw that the huge tree suddenly trembled, then shook and screamed like a baby crying.
"Ah, Xiao, how dare you attack me with your soul and die!" Hemlock scared tree was attacked by Bao Shi last time, and was badly injured. At this time, he was recovering from his illness. Who knew Bao Shi and Tianjun had actually hit his lair? When he was caught off guard, he was attacked by his soul.
There is still an insurmountable gap between strengths. Tianjun’s soul-eating seal only lasted for nearly two seconds in the tree of Hemlock making it, and it was greatly blocked and abruptly forced out.
"Old six, be careful, this is the ontology of hemlock making tree!" When he felt the resistance of Hemlock scared tree, Tianjun immediately yelled at Baoshina. At the same time, he quickly summoned the Excalibur for the sky and cut it at Hemlock scared tree with great momentum.
"Eat my sword!" Nearly 80% of Tianjun’s capability was exhausted. However, when the powerful blow of Skybreaking Excalibur collided with one of the thick branches of Hemlock, it failed to be cut off, and Tianjun’s jaws also felt the great anti-shock force.
"Why such a powerful defense?" Tianjun looked at hemlock scared tree in shock and said in disbelief.
"Ha ha, now know scared? To tell you the truth, I am the first hemlock tree in the whole universe. I have witnessed the history of the whole long river of time and the ups and downs of major dynasties. Naturally, in these countless years, my defense has also reached the real magic weapon. Hum, I am afraid it is not enough to see me if you want to destroy me. Next, let me show you my hemlock tree attack. " Hemlock scared tree proudly said, then shaking the huge branches, like a dark sky, enveloped Bao Shi and Tianjun. Without teleportation, the speed of Tianjun and Bao Shi was restrained, and the area covered by Hemlock scared tree was definitely much faster than their departure.
I saw that the branches were like octopus with eight claws, and the momentum of them came to Bao Shi and Tianjun, and each one was like a real magic weapon. The bottom of my heart is cold, Tianjun and Baoshi all realize that it may be the first time that they have encountered powerful enemies in their lives, just attacking sharply, and a whole body of countless real talismans suddenly attacked themselves.
Looked at each other, and immediately understood the meaning of Tianjun. Under the attack of this intensity, if you can fight, you can fight. If you can’t fight, then retreat to Tianlong territory. Anyway, with the attack power of Hemlock scared tree, Tianjun is not worried that he can break the holy artifact Tianlong territory.
"Old Six, let go of your hands and feet. If you can’t do it, just let me know, and I’ll put you in the dragon’s land. Remember, attacking these branches won’t kill this fellow, only by extinguishing his tree spirit, can you extinguish hemlock in a real sense!" Tianjun said with a face of serious looking at Bao Shi.
"Hey, big brother, you can rest assured. Although this fellow’s attack has reached the real magic weapon, don’t forget that my defense is already a sacred artifact. I’m afraid he is too young to hurt me. I’ll go." Bao Shi said with a cold smile, and then the whole person raised his fist, swallowed the fist, destroyed the fist of God and the fist of Vajrayana unscrupulously bombarded the huge hemlock scared tree.
Tianjun didn’t hesitate. His right hand clutched Yan’s sword, and his face was covered with a layer of frost. Then his figure was like the wind, like a wild horse out of control, and he rushed to Hemlock making it violent.
Tianjun and Baoshi’s attack was really fierce. Where the sword light and fist wandered, the seemingly earth branches were fragile like dry tree sticks, which were easily broken after time weathering.
Only half a column of incense time, messy branches scattered on the ground have accumulated about ten meters thick, but look at the past, hemlock scared tree like nothing, still endless attacks on Tianjun and Baoshi.
"Ha ha, hemlock old demon, aren’t you the first hemlock scared tree in the universe? If this is the only attack, I advise you to get out of here quickly. What do you think the real magic weapon can do to me? No knowledge! " Bao Shi bombarded the tree branches with his fist, cursing carelessly.