This song died after only half a song was recorded. It was completely sealed for more than two years. It survived the fire disaster of Hong Kong Polaroid Company in 1996 and miraculously stayed.

Just as Teresa Teng’s album is faint, except that I hope people will cover this relatively neutral song for a long time, almost people dare to cover other songs because they can’t reach the realm of Teresa Teng and can’t sing her charm and sing the original artistic conception.
It was not until Faye Wong was 6 years old in Teresa Teng in 2013 that he picked up this song, which was half flat and two years late, and it was only when he saw the light of day.
It’s even harder to find Teresa Teng’s shadow here, so suluo always spoils Lin Jingxue.
The faint and sweet sound of the stormy waves set off a tide.
"I am the classic singer Yuxuan Leng."
"I am a classic singer Lin Jingxue"
"We’ll sing the Qing Ping tune to you."
For the first time, Yuxuan Leng and Lin Jingxue combined a beautiful interpretation of the flat tone, which made the audience boil and burst into tears and hit A wildly.
And the wonderful program continues to climax.
A Yue Fei Man Jiang Hong
A classic singer is a famous singer from Hong Kong.
"Angry hair blunt crown pinglan place.
Rainy break
Look up and scream at the sky
A hero’s fury fills my breast.
Thirty fame and dust
Thousands of miles of clouds and moons.
Don’t wait and see the young man’s head.
The song is strong and fierce, and the words are clear and firm, and the words are like swords, which is very explosive.
The voice is a little unruly and a little disdainful, and it makes all the audience excited.
"Jingkang shame is not yet snow.
I hate when I die.
Driving a long car to break through the lack of Helan Mountain
Hungry and hungry, eating pork, laughing and thirsty for Hun blood.
Stay from scratch and clean up the old mountains and rivers. "
Manjianghong is put into rhyme, rest on the moon, cut snow and extinguish ischemia. These are all words.
Ancient Chinese has been introduced into today’s common speech, which is mainly formed by the fact that fewer people in the north speak Chinese, but ancient Chinese has been lost, while Cantonese singing is different.
Thousands of miles of clouds and moons break through the Helan Mountain Que.
Maybe it takes Cantonese interpretation to sing so heroically.
Powerful, powerful, majestic and powerful, strong, passionate and surging, which made the audience burst into tears.
"This is an ambition such as masculinity."
"Hungry to eat pork and laugh, thirsty to drink Hun blood"
"Those who make me strong will be punished far away."
Weibo is boiling and rolling, and the audience’s mobile phones are about to be broken, but they still feel that they can vent their feelings at this moment.
"This program is amazing."
"I’m going against the sky"
"I don’t know how to feel now."
"Super God, Super God"
Climax after climax make people want to stop, so I should praise you for launching such a program.
It seems that I heard the fans’ hearts, and then Zhou Bo sent another suluo classic farewell.
"Outside the pavilion, the grass is green and the night wind blows the flute and the sunset is beyond the mountain.
A world of intimate friends and a pot of turbid wine have a good time. Don’t leave Meng Han tonight. "
Suluo sings in the streets of Dali.
Smoothing the audience’s restlessness and paying tribute to suluo also gave the audience a big surprise.
This time, the hand holding daddy Zhou Bo is not Xiao Zhou, but a foreign beauty.
“dreag of ho
dear od ho
ho of y hidhood and oher
I’m going to be hoarse.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two A poem that has been lonely for three hundred years
Farewell to suluo’s original singer had a stunning performance on the streets of Dali. Now, singing this song in front of the original singer can be imagined.
Fortunately, Zhou Bo sang very well, bringing a foreign girl on the same stage with a clear child and a new interpretation of a foreign language is even more eye-catching
National elements, modern music, national language and foreign language, adults and children collide with each other, break through the traditional thinking, show a different kind of aesthetics, and people can’t help applauding.
Wearing a white garland and a white princess dress, Eunna, a beautiful Chinese-American mixed-race girl, stole all the limelight in an instant.
"so beautiful"
"The combination of Chinese and Western culture is an enemy."
Poor Zhou Nanpa was laughed at by fans after her father went there. It was Xiao Zhou Zhou who took the flight. Now the mixed-race little loli is extremely high in value. When Zhou Nanpa came out, she instantly became the strongest background. The emperor cried and fainted in the toilet rhythm.
Immersed in the wonderful song, will the audience come or not? The children appeared on the stage and sang the last paragraph hand in hand.
"When will you come here?