Cross-country figure is directly appeared beside the great mother.
Unfortunately, cross-country was not given a chance to save her life. The last words of this great mother became her last words before she died!
"Help … help me …"
"Take care of … take care of Iruka …"
"Thank you … thank you!"
Chapter 36 Alternation between old and new
"Is this kid the guy whose life was predicted by Naruto Uzumaki’s first teacher in the original story?"
With the "bang", the front wall collapsed, and the great mother died tragically in the collapsed wall.
But at the moment when the great mother died, the wind flashed across the country, but it saved her child and knew her intention. The rescuer turned out to be the famous Iruka in the original plot!
Not by strength, but by brother, Iruka!
There is no doubt that in the original plot, Iruka rarely has the strength of forbearance. In the later stage of the original plot, Iruka’s identity is even more embarrassing, like cannon fodder. Maybe he will go to the battlefield or die in a corner.
However, to understand the original plot cross-country is to know that if there is one person who can influence Naruto’s life, it is not four generations of Huo Ying, Uzumaki Kushina, three generations of Huo Ying and Kakashi. Only Iruka can truly influence Naruto Uzumaki’s life and play the most important role in Naruto Uzumaki’s life.
Enlightenment Naruto Uzumaki teacher is Iruka.
The teacher who really makes Naruto Uzumaki stronger is Jiraiya in three forbearance.
Without these two teachers in life, there would be no protagonist Naruto Uzumaki in the original plot.
So when cross-country rescue Iruka looked at Iruka’s weak face instantly, cross-country took a deep breath to prepare Iruka to become Naruto Uzumaki’s first teacher again. Who wants to hold Iruka in cross-country and prepare to leave the battlefield for the new generation ninja shelter in Muye Village? When Iruka suddenly woke up, he immediately began to struggle to get rid of the cross-country bondage and go to the battlefield again!
"Damn it, let me go!"
"My parents are fighting. I’m going to help!"
"What can you do, idiot?"
Obviously, Iruka’s cross-country mood is understandable
After all, if it is cross-country, if you see Lujiu and Yoshino Nara fighting to the death there, you will go to take refuge. If you do cross-country practice, you may want to help Lujiu and Yoshino Nara just like Iruka.
But it’s a pity that Iruka doesn’t have the half-step quasi-shadow strength like cross-country
Don’t say it’s a half-step quasi-shadow strength. Isn’t it a dead end that Iruka doesn’t even have the strength to go to the battlefield?
Besides, Iruka’s mother is dead. Even if he went to his father to help him fight, wouldn’t it be Iruka’s father who died protecting Iruka?
In this way, although I feel that my practice is somewhat unsatisfactory in cross-country, I think that I must protect Iruka’s life. Even if I fight for Iruka’s parents or cross-country, I will once again tightly tie Iruka’s action and start to travel to the new generation gathering place in Muye Village with a cold face.
"Let me go! I’m going back to save my father and mother! "
"I can’t leave them. Just run away. Don’t take me with you!"
"Please, let me go!"
"If I watch my father and mother die, I won’t regret it all my life!"
When I took Iruka to the Cenozoic gathering place in Muye Village, Iruka cried and howled desperately, hoping that cross-country would give him a chance to go back. Even if he died in the battlefield, Iruka felt that he could not regret it.
It’s cross-country. Since you have made a decision to protect Iruka’s life, how can you watch Iruka go to die?
But all the way, Iruka howled and cried desperately, which still made the cross-country heart linger.
If you don’t have the strength, do you work as hard as Iruka in the face of a special situation?
If you don’t have a certain strength, can you watch yourself close to people and die? Is it like Iruka?
First three generations of hokage, then Iruka, which is a good lesson for cross-country.
At this time, even if the Three-Tail War and the Kyubi no Youko War in the original plot have passed, there must be three generations of Huo Ying and Iruka giving cross-country a good lesson. It is impossible for cross-country to temporarily stop its thirst for strength unless it is as strong as the first generation of Huo Ying Spot, otherwise cross-country will have the motivation to become stronger all the time.
If you want to be strong, you must master your own destiny, get rid of the control of three generations of Huoying Muye Village, and protect your close friends. The cross-country eyes have become much firmer again.
However, in cross-country, he continued to "accelerate" the occult skills, and soon he took Iruka to the Cenozoic gathering place in Muye Village.
I just came to cross-country there and saw another unforgettable scene!
Or it’s a scene of the alternation of old and new in Muye Village!
Previously, there were only a few Cenozoic ninjas in Muye Village when I went off-road to this place, or a refuge. But this time, when I went off-road to this place, I was familiar with Sarutobi Kurenai and was similar to others. Even Kakashi Akai and others woke up here, which made me wonder if the three-tailed sandpiper tail beast gun was fired here, the new generation of Muye Village would die.
But when I was thinking about some dark scenes in my heart, I suddenly "sou" "sou" and "sou" a few times!
Originally, it was to protect several Cenozoic ninjas in Konoha village, but suddenly they plunged their hands into the surrounding trees, and soon established a boundary. On the one hand, they protected the new generation ninja department in Konoha village, and on the other hand, they restricted the activities of all the new generation ninjas in Konoha village!
"What’s the matter?"
"What’s keeping us here? We want the village to fight and let us go!"
Almost when a few ninjas with moderate tolerance level trapped all the new generation ninjas in Muye Village here, the eyes of the ninjas such as Akakakashi Sarutobi Kurenai will soon break the front line and want to return to Muye Village to fight together with three generations of Huoying and four generations of Huoying.
In Muye Village, the new generation ninja looked excited and saw that they were going to work together. When the cross-country line of sight suddenly came out of an ordinary ninja with a moderate level.
This ninja with moderate tolerance has a resounding name in many Naruto fan fiction, that is to say, Nakamura.
It’s a pity that the color of Chinese leaves is a myth.
To tell the truth, this ninja of Zhongren level is just an ordinary Zhongren in Muye Village, but his future daughter has a resounding name in Muye Village.