"Well, how can you join hands with the handsome king if you are not a beautiful princess?" Female C wanted to think and insisted on her own ideas.

"Don’t you feel tired? Since they got married, they have to say a few words every day to relax the world. How many beautiful women really get happiness? These are all good intentions, and they will be rewarded. I think Yuan Gungun is so simple and kind that you will get happiness. Even if Yuan Gungun doesn’t marry the president, you have no hope. "Female D told the truth.
"Hey, what do you mean?"
"How do you know I have no hope?"
"You mean we have a long tongue? Which department are you so arrogant? "
When they were arguing, a burst of music interrupted their argument. Yuan Gungun took out his pocket and pressed the call button.
"You sent a document to the South Pole?" In the words, there is a fierce magnetic sound with a strong displeasure.
"I’m sorry my horse came back," Yuan Gungun sniffed and murmured.
Chapter 17 Department contradiction …
Yan Yanche listened, and she frowned with a crying voice and didn’t say anything and hung up.
It was not until the words were disconnected and tooted that Yuan Gungun came that I realized that I put my mobile phone back in my pocket, got up from the toilet, patted my hips, touched my skirt, and knocked on the door and went out. At first glance, I saw several gorgeous beautiful women who spoke ill of others at the sink and were caught with embarrassing expressions. I smiled politely at them, went to the sink to wash my hands and dried her face with paper towels and walked out of the toilet. She didn’t know how to behave when she met someone who spoke ill of her, but … She didn’t want to argue or care, because the more she cared, the more she would find that
"I’m sorry, I … I just washed my hands." Yuan Gungun muttered something not far from Yan Yan Che.
"Come here" for the first time, Yan Yan did not lose his temper, but held out a slender hand to her.
Yuan Gungun looked at him and walked slowly towards him, giving him his hand as clever as ever.
Yan Yanche took her hand and held her leg. She looked at her reddish eyes and nose and said, "Have you cried?"
Yuan Gungun Leng Leng did not speak.
"I’m wrong? Do you feel wronged? " Yan Yan Che provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows and was dissatisfied with her silence.
Yuan Gungun shook his head. "What you said is not good for me. I’m sorry, but I won’t do it again."
"In this case, why hide and cry? Do you think I am unreasonable? " Yan Yan looked at her eyes and said lightly.
Yuan Gungun bit his lip and remained silent.
"talk!" It’s a bit intolerant to emphasize the tone.
"I … is there someone else in your heart?" Yuan Gungun took a deep breath and looked up to meet him. His eyes gently trembled with distress.
Yan Yan che leng leng immediately looked at her with displeasure and tight lips.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and regretted asking this question.
"Ha ha, it’s good that I haven’t learned to’ get to the point’ in the past three years." Yan Yanche sneered faintly at every word.
Yuan Gungun was uneasy and muttered from his leg, "I’m going to arrange my trip."
Yan Yanche didn’t stop her from shaking her fist and grunting, and she stopped looking at her when she was focused on her brain.
Yuan Gungun silently turned and walked to his seat.
From this day on, everyone fell into a dark situation, waiting for the bombardment of the president’s adult, while the president’s wife sat quietly and said nothing, but everyone could see that their two departments were in contradiction …
In such a "grim" situation, some people didn’t think it was enough. They sent a package from Yuan Gungun and a card full of love, so the president went crazy …
Black master bedroom
"Yuan! Go away! Go away! Let go! Hands! " Yan Yan che gnashed her teeth word for word
Yuan Gungun shook his head holding the small package. "This is me."