"Well …" Su Yalan don’t know what to think with his head down.

Then Dong Yuling saw Bai Yuan holding people in his arms and couldn’t help wondering, "That’s it?"
"What else do you want?" Lian Yan Jing wondered, "Isn’t this good?"
Dong Ling is embarrassed, and she is also influenced by novels. How can she really talk nonsense at this time? Everything is right! Whatever you say is too destructive to the atmosphere, and there is no gap between them because Bai Yuan wrote early.
"Well, it warms people’s hearts to watch it." Dong Yuling nodded and said, "What is vigorous or not? If you accidentally play too much, how sad the result is!"
"We are also warm …" Lotus Yan Jiing ha ha smiled and said after holding Dong Ling in her arms.
Dong Wei’s spirit is embarrassing. Who said that this man can’t understand amorous feelings? She must have stuck a silver needle all over her …
Soon, the emperor sent someone to call Lian Yan Jiing and Bai Yuan, as if something had happened again, leaving Dong Yuling and Su Yalan to have a glimpse of each other.
But in the face of Dong Yuling’s teasing eyes, Su Yalan felt embarrassed. No wonder she made an excuse to escape first.
Dong Yuling sighed, "Still a thin-skinned child!" Then she decided to go back to Nantian Palace to continue her big meal. At least there was something left to look forward to in this banquet.
Unfortunately, just halfway through, Dong Yuling saw a person who didn’t want to see her, and she couldn’t come because she smiled and tried to avoid it.
"Ling Xin has seen the Empress", and Dong Yuling made a ceremony and once again lamented how beautiful the rule of not kneeling is!
I knew that I couldn’t hide from Dong Yuling this time, or else this woman thought that her kung fu was purely futile and she couldn’t give birth to a child alone.
Finally, Dong Yuling refused to be taken to a nearby palace and was served with good tea.
"It doesn’t seem appropriate to invite you to Fengqi Palace several times, but this time it’s rare," said the queen in circles.
"It’s really inappropriate," Dong Yuling said in a few words
Does the queen know about the policy of softening? Hehe, it’s improved a lot!
The queen’s face was slightly frozen, and the maids around her were about to be stared back by her eyes.
Dong Yuling bowed her head to drink tea and pretended not to see anything. It’s impossible for her and the queen to be friendly.
Maybe the woman in the palace will pursue that there is no eternal interest for the enemy, but it’s a pity that she bears a grudge! And what benefits can the queen ask for her? Dong Fengling is conscious and not stupid, so he doesn’t want to participate. What’s more, he knows what the emperor thinks.
Who can be as big as the emperor in this era? Dong Yuling doesn’t think the queen’s thighs can be thicker than the emperor’s.
"We don’t have any hatred. If someone provokes something unpleasant in front of the county Lord, please don’t take it amiss. It’s definitely not palace meaning." The queen said with a good expression.
"If you have something to say, the Empress should give it a direct order. Lingxin can’t afford to walk around here, but she has digested most of her stomach and is hungry." Dong Yuling’s meaning is very straightforward. Say something quickly and I want to eat something good!
The queen smiled and almost didn’t hang up. Take a deep breath and finally put the fire in my heart to pressure.
Dong Wei’s spirit sneered at this queen’s business and still didn’t practice at home!
But even if the queen was scared just now, she couldn’t have been so scared. Otherwise, where would she have the mind to wait for her? I’m afraid I’ve been calculating for a long time!
The thought of Dong Yuling makes her feel even more sick. Her husband’s life is in danger. Why did she use it for acting? How dare you say love like this? Come on, she loves herself the most.
The queen didn’t speak quickly. Dong Yuling’s excuses made her feel at ease.
See the queen caressed the wrist jade bracelet "Palace has been married to the emperor for almost nine years and has always wanted a palace office that we love to crystallize. This is the best office for the emperor. It’s different from the imperial clan. How many years have you been looking forward to it … can you say that? I heard that your younger brothers and sisters were brought up by you, so you should be able to understand a mother’s heart. "
Hearing this, Dong Yuling almost vomited. Where on earth is this queen confident to say such a thing?
Royal clan? Hehe, I can’t wait to waste her without seeing each one.
Love crystallization? Is it unilateral? Why don’t you tell her that the queen is not allowed to have children as an emperor? People don’t expect anything at all.
In ancient times, I really attached importance to the office, but counting the emperors’ fear of really coming from the palace is not one tenth!
It can be said that the royal family is the most vague, and whoever has the ability can sit in that position.
Dong Fengling has seen shameless in his eyes, but he has never seen such shameless. Why do you use her brother and sister as an excuse for the queen to want her mother? I guess most people can figure it out with their toes …
If the queen is really a child, maybe Dong Yuling will look up at her. Of course, it’s just a look up. Don’t worry, don’t say anything to help. What’s the difference between Chapter 86 and Chapter 86?
Dong Yuling’s mouth evoked a sarcastic smile and now she is playing emotional cards? Do they have a friendship?
I wonder if being a doctor is actually the most cold-blooded?
Dong Yuling didn’t touch the queen at all. She was too ambitious to have a child. Even if the child was really born, I’m afraid it would be a tragedy. I don’t know how much she benefited from her mother.
The queen’s two sets of standards for herself and others are too extreme. She always listens to herself and wants to hear and think about herself.
Dong Fengling didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her. Anyway, explaining anything is tantamount to slobbering.
"Empress Ling Xin is an ordinary sister who has never given birth to a child. I really don’t understand that a mother’s heart is really hungry, so she won’t chat with the empress." Dong Ling got up and ignored the queen’s surprise and black face. "Ling Xin’s kung fu empress might as well reflect on herself."
I can’t help stabbing the queen. This woman is really disgusting to her.
"Dare you be arrogant in front of the Empress in a small county …" The confidante maid-in-waiting finally couldn’t help but scold, pointing to Dong Ling.
Dong Yuling is it that this man raised his hand and waved his sleeve. Immediately, a strong breeze brushed a loud slap and slapped the maid-in-waiting face, which made the maid-in-waiting fall down in pain and made her feel dizzy for a long time.
"What kind of thing do you dare to point at the county Lord and reprimand him?" Dong Yuling said with a cold look at the queen who became speechless. "The queen is not good at educating even a dog." Besides, the Empress is in good health. Why didn’t there be any trace of the shock just now? "
After talking, I ignored the queen’s trembling with anger and left the palace outside. Although some people did not dare to stop the domineering Dong Yuling, they were afraid that one would suffer.
Before, I thought this Lingxin County Lord was a man with no temper. Now it seems that he is really a couple with Qin Ruwang’s malefic!
Dong Wei has always been considerate of these slaves. He always felt that it was not easy to be a man in ancient times, but these dogs were really hateful. That’s why she didn’t leave her hand. Some dogs didn’t know if they were afraid of it until they hit it, and they always barked and listened to it.