"Do you want to fairy? Although your door cleaning and vanishing boots are good, you haven’t attacked the fairy device while you are away, have you? "

"Before the state is not enough," Xiao asked hurriedly.
"Your bulk repair master is quite extraordinary," Zuo Ningqing praised sincerely.
I have to fool Xiao Wen again and again and simply regard the person I have never met who wrote the Mine Code and the Device Code as his master. It is the luckiest time in my life to worship his teacher and your teacher.
"Little teacher younger brother, your mouth is quite sweet." ChuNian soft aside laughed.
"This is the truth" Xiao asked seriously tunnel
I talked with Zuo Ningqing and his chivalrous senior sister Chu Nianrou for a long time, and Xiao Wen left the mantra Zhai and went back to his residence to practice.
The next day, when I went to Zhen Yan Zhai, Zuo Ningqing gave Xiao Wen the elixir from Tingzhi Island. Although it is impossible to be as miraculous as Hao Yuan Dan, it is also a good elixir for cultivating yuan and consolidating the foundation.
From this day on, Xiao Wen once again lived a life without leaving the door.
Ri flies by day, and it’s been more than a month in a blink of an eye. It’s still ten days before Ri. Xiao Wen finally made a new gain in stone painting!
In fact, there have been a lot of refining methods for flying fairies in stone paintings. However, before the promotion of high-order fairies, those fairies could not be refined even if they were refined. After he was really promoted, he was not in such a hurry. After all, those flying fairies did not appear how extraordinary they were, and they could not be compared with each other.
In this more than a month, Xiao Wen spent half his time digging, because at this time, mining is not only a high magical way, but also a spiritual cultivation! This is killing two birds with one stone, even if you spend more money, you can’t do it!
After digging for more than a month, his physical strength has nearly doubled, and the minerals around the geogas compass have finally been dug up by him, leaving little.
The fly in the ointment is that there are many new fairy wares in Qi Dian, but they don’t surprise Xiao Wen.
But today, Xiao Wen’s boring Ri has finally come to an end. There is another excellent fairy in the Code of Instruments!
"flying frost! Flying fairy high-order fairy can control the flying speed created by a woman in the extreme west of the celestial world, which can enter the top three in the same order fairy … "
Top three! In fact, it’s enough to see the first three words. As soon as Xiao Wen’s heart surges up, don’t say anything and practice quickly!
This sword actually needs nine kinds of materials to be refined, but these nine kinds of materials are not produced in extreme cold, and it is difficult to pick a precious one! You don’t have to ask Xiao Wen to know that if you let the celestial beings get these nine kinds of materials, even if you know that they can be refined into flying frost swords, you will be reluctant to part with them! But for him, all the materials are ready-made, and the content is 100%. It doesn’t have to be pure, but it needs to be dug …
Xiao Wen had nine kinds of materials for a long time, but several of them were not good enough. Before he entered the mine again through the geogas compass, he dug whatever he wanted. Now he has to dig this extremely cold material. After going in and out of the mine several times, it turned out to be shivering with cold. However, at the thought that flying frost is the top three in the same order fairy, he once again rushed into the mine with all his strength and anger.
The top three, that is to say, even among the five giants, there are few three giants who can’t come up with such fairy wares! !
The first failure …
Waved a lot of materials, Xiao asked, chanting a few sins against the rolling mountains in the stone painting and refining for the second time …
The second time still failed!
Xiao asked, after all, it was the first time that a serious flying fairy was refined and a flying frost sword was added, and it was indeed very demanding on refining techniques. Those materials naturally became waves again …
Before the third time, Xiao Wen summed up an experience very seriously before refining.
But a little ordinary …
Refining! The fourth time!
Success again! ! And the quality is better than the third one!
But Xiao Wen is still not satisfied. This time, he is determined not to give up until the highest level is refined!
He is now more and more aware of the importance of having a good fairy. If you take a very ordinary fairy and grind it, it is simply worth grinding it for a long time!
It was not until the sixth and sixth Xiao Wen finally refined his highest level!
After the stone painting hut, Xiao Wen slowly collected the force, but the green frost sword did not fall but was suspended in the water
The blade is about four feet long and the edge is streamlined, but it is not so easy to see through the blade. Because the blade is sending out a little bit of cold, the hilt in the blade looks a little hazy. The Se surface is symmetrical, extremely simple and semi-transparent, and it also sends out cold, which looks quite mysterious.
When Xiao Wen got up on a whim, he jumped directly to fly. The frost sword was quivering, but it didn’t quiver, so he firmly caught Xiao Wen’s force. He just poured into the frost sword and suddenly the blade changed. The cold turned out to be suddenly thicker, and there were snowflakes condensing and flying in the nearby air!
PS flying frost sword celestial celestial realm flying speed top three celestial devices anyone want? Take it to pretend to be a b, a girl thief! What? Want both? ! I don’t have to. I’m just asking … Hey, who hit me with a mineral water bottle? ! !
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Chapter one hundred and forty-seven blazing (for 4 votes! )
Xiao asked a little to strengthen the road force and input the green frost chill, which directly covered the range of Fiona Fang. The range was covered with glittering and translucent snowflakes as if it had entered winter!
Xiao Wen has completely liked this green frost sword before the official flight. How cool it is! If you show it to Huo Xiang, you can’t kill that little envy. I’m afraid Ma Gai Xiu Dao Xin has it?
You can’t see a sword holding Xiao’s feet when flying. It’s a snow cloud in Fiona Fang!
However, there is a range of ten feet in the stone painting, but Xiao asked Fei Gen to display his carelessness and he simply jumped out of the stone painting.
As soon as Xiao Wen returned to reality, he went directly to the courtyard and looked across the hall. The door was still locked, and his chivalrous female senior sister Chu Nianrou was obviously not in the peak.
Xiao asked nothing, but a green light flew out of his right hand and drew an arc in the middle, then stopped firmly at a height of half a foot in front of him.
Xiao asked, take a deep breath, push your feet to the ground and jump to the green frost.
Carefully adjusted a posture and slightly asked Xiao to bow down, which made Daoli pour into the green frost. In an instant, I saw that the cold rose by ten feet, and all the snow melted, and the blue frost sword rushed into the middle with Xiao asked!
Xiao asked that this was the first time that he dared not fly too fast, but without much meeting, he further increased his speed. He could feel that the strength of the green frost sword had not been brought into full play!
Then I saw Xiao Wen fly over the peak quickly, and it didn’t take long for the meeting to turn around the large building several times. His actions finally attracted some people’s attention. Those who took turns in the three generations of brothers in the Buddhist Scripture Building, the ancestral hall and other places, as well as those who came to the peak for other reasons, all looked at him outside.
Xiao Wen is also more daring to finally play the green frost speed to one thousand one hundred percent! At this time, the snow cloud has expanded a lot because of the force, and because the speed of the green frost sword is too fast, the snow cloud has been pulled into a nearly three-foot-long cloud line, and the snow is flying in this line, and the green frost sword finally shows its subtle light after the airflow hedge, but the J Ο ng pure blade looks like it was carved by ice for thousands of years!
The speed is already first-class, and the dazzling degree is no less than that of some real fairies and fairies. Those who recognized Xiao Wen have already sighed. This mother is really more popular than people. Why does he get started less than three months ago?
Xiao Wenmeng, the head, was lost and rushed towards the outside of the clear peak!
He used to fly at the top of the mountain, even if he dropped it, he would fall on the mountain at most, but once he rushed outside the peak, it would be completely different. If he fell off a cliff, he would definitely fall into powder …
But Xiao Wen still rushed out!