He knows his teammates very well.

Let modric shoot comfortably from that place. His goal rate is very high!
He watch lazio players embrace and celebrate that goal.
Does he regret leaving?
No, he is a player trained by AC Milan. He dreams of playing for AC Milan, which is a belief.
But when he saw Lazio players embracing and celebrating, he actually missed the past two years of the Biancocelesti …
Chapter 32 Genius Dream
Lazio entered the halftime shortly after equalising the score.
This let AC Milan people breathe a sigh of relief
The intermission saved their lives at this time and interrupted Lazio’s rhythm.
If the game goes on like this, it is hard to say whether Lazio will continue to score goals.
Anyway, in the past few minutes, Lazio’s offensive was very fierce
There is quite a momentum of torrential rain pouring down.
If we go on like this, it will become a flood. Fortunately, it will clear up at this time …
In the dressing room, Chang Sheng praised the team’s performance. Although they once lost the ball first, they didn’t panic after losing it, but continued to play as planned and finally equalized the score.
This is commendable.
Changsheng also praised ledesma’s performance.
Although he let Ronaldinho finish an assist at half-time.
But everyone can see that ledesma’s performance is getting better.
Or Ronaldinho’s performance is slipping.
After 45 minutes, Ronaldinho’s indicators in all aspects were healthy.
Before he can never appear such a situation.
Winning in tactics has not made any adjustments.
If you can bring down Ronaldinho, then cut off Pirlo and Ronaldinho and finally storm abate.
Neither AC Milan nor Lazio has made any adjustment.
Ledesma continued to stick to Ronaldinho, and no matter how many times Ronaldinho dumped him, he would follow him to ensure that he never left.
Gradually Ronaldinho’s breathing became thicker.
He felt tired.
Ronaldinho hardly trained well in his last two seasons in Barcelona.
At that time, Rijkaard Barcelona also carried out ball training and physical training, which required low intensity.
Ronaldinho has no problem whether he can practice or not. Someone once criticized Ronaldinho, but Rijkaard told him that "some people are geniuses, and they don’t need to be like ordinary people …"
I didn’t do much physical exercise in Barcelona for two seasons, and the rich nightlife in Barcelona almost took care of the artist’s health.
He also missed the best opportunity to prepare for his physical fitness this summer because of the transfer.
His outstanding performance before was due to his extraordinary talent and experience.
Chang Sheng is particularly impressed by Ronaldinho’s talent. If he is willing to be professional, his achievements will definitely be much higher than now. Maybe he will lead the Brazilian national team to defend the 26-year World Cup champion. In that case, he will definitely be crowned the king of the ball …
What a pity. What a pity …
Ronaldinho is a winning player. He likes being a fan before a player. Where can he be fascinated by his skills? Ronaldinho has collected a lot of football trophies at home. Seeing those trophies can make Changsheng feel relaxed.
Good football has such an effect.
It is because of this constant victory that Ronaldinho was particularly disappointed when he later gave himself up.
This is a common problem of Brazilian players. Poverty makes them stand out and play hard, but poverty also makes them easily lose their sense of purpose and direction after making money.
I don’t know why I should work hard to play football after making so much money, instead of enjoying the luxury life that money brings me wine and beautiful women.
Ronaldinho, Adriano, Robinho, Pato … Those talented Brazilian players can’t escape this road in the end.
Of course, now is not the time to sigh with emotion.
For today’s winning team, he really hopes Ronaldinho will be more depraved.
Because that will make you win better …
Finally, when Ronaldinho made a fake move but didn’t fool ledesma, he let ledesma destroy the football.
In fact, ledesma didn’t destroy it very far. Ronaldinho had to turn around and run for two more steps to regain control of the football.
After all, he has the technical advantage to control the ball or no problem.
But Ronaldinho was panting with his hands akimbo.
Although the game lasted for 60 minutes, he felt like playing for 120 minutes.
Ledesma’s constant interference with him didn’t break him too many balls, but it accelerated his physical exertion. He had to work harder than usual because he didn’t let ledesma break his balls.
Now this harder work is on the table.
Ronaldinho is a little tired of running.
Ledesma, on the other hand, passed him with great energy and grabbed the football.
Changsheng was present and saw this scene and shook his head gently.