"Ouyang little Lord just * * excessive is resting at the moment …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said.

"Oh, I won’t get in your way …" The maid said, putting the teapot on the coffee table and was about to leave the room when she suddenly cried, "Why don’t you even take off your shoes when you sleep?"
Ling Feiyang knew that it was good to discover the truth, and another palm knocked out the maid.
Other girls in the hall were too scared to say anything when they saw these changes. Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said to the girl beside the bed, "You and her change clothes!" "
This girl is not too stupid. She immediately put the maid’s clothes on herself, then put her clothes on the maid’s body. Ling Feiyang then stuffed the maid into Ouyang Ke’s bed.
"If you want to escape, listen to my command!" Ling Feiyang gathered these girls hijacked by Ouyang Ke in one place and told them a few words and then hit the hall door.
"No, something happened to the young master!" The girl dressed as a maid ran out while screaming at Ling Feiyang’s instructions.
A group of white camel mountain maids immediately ran in and rushed into the room from the hall to see Ouyang Ke and a woman hugging each other in bed, apparently unconscious.
"Run!" Ling Feiyang suddenly cried that these kidnapped girls immediately ran to the outside of the hall, and all the women left the hall and immediately locked the hall door. These maids were taken to the hall.
Ling Feiyang led these girls out of the mansion and saw that no one was chasing them, so she called, "Go home quickly!" "
"Thank you for saving my life!" These girls thanked Ling Feiyang in succession. Ling Feiyang suddenly felt vanity inflated.
"It feels really good to be called a hero!" Ling Feiyang thought; "I wonder if any of them are willing to repay their kindness physically?"
Off these girls at this time has arrived after midnight Ling Feiyang is preparing to go back to the inn to take the luggage and run away. Suddenly, I saw a figure chasing up from behind. This man was wearing white clothes and holding a folding fan, but he was a little flustered. Who else would it be if it wasn’t Ouyang Ke?
"How did he wake up so soon? Early know I should make moves a little heavier … "Ling Feiyang didn’t want to start work with him and was preparing to escape. Ouyang Ke’s figure suddenly floated up and instantly made it turn out that white camel mountain banker took flying" in a flash "in front of Ling Feiyang!
"Is it because I am mistaken to treat you as a friend when you are like-minded?" Ouyang Ke doesn’t look stingy.
"Good brother is indeed some deluding themselves …" Ling Feiyang said.
"But I don’t look like those respectable people!" Ouyang Ke Road
"Do I look so bad?" Ling Feiyang was so depressed that he said, "Don’t you think it’s interesting to push your sister?"
"But, brother, how do you know if they are willing to come to me? All these maids have come from me, and now they are not willing?" Ouyang Ke said, "If these women enter my Baituo Villa, they will be able to spend their lives in luxurious clothes and gold and silver, which is much better than that of ordinary people!"
Ouyang Ke said plausibly that Ling Feiyang knew that he was not much better than him and was too lazy to argue with him. Ouyang Ke continued, "I can let bygones be bygones, but I can’t forgive you for letting my woman go! Come on, let’s do it! "
Taking his word, Ouyang Ke’s body suddenly deceives the folding fan to Ling Feiyang’s left shoulder! Ling Feiyang hurriedly flashed to the side, but was almost struck by a folding fan and immediately drew his sword in his hand and cut it to Ouyang Ke’s arm!
Ouyang Ke variants extremely quick folding fan in the blade a little shape has gained momentum to fly half! Ling Feiyang used a recruit "Cang Bo Wan Qing" to attack Ouyang Ke tiptoe, and folded the fan behind a bamboo stalk and jumped Ling Feiyang to his back neck! Ling Feiyang doesn’t look back. A backhand trick "Return air dancing willow" seals the folding fan offensive!
Ouyang Ke’s figure flashed, the folding fan fluttered, but it was freaky, and he couldn’t leave Ling Feiyang’s body. Ling Feiyang listened intently to see the move. The two figures staggered back and forth in the bamboo forest and had fought for more than a hundred rounds in a short time.
The night wind blows and the bamboo leaves rustle in the forest. Ouyang Ke suddenly rises high and uses a trick "Goshawk Beats Rabbit" to attack Ling Feiyang’s folding fan and smash it to Ling Feiyang’s head!
This recruit commanding is very biting ling Feiyang hurriedly use a recruit "fire into the sky" to welcome the sword to the folding fan!
"Stab!" A long sword pierced the folding fan, and immediately made silk into the fan, and pierced it. Ouyang Ke closed the folding fan and caught the blade in the fan bone!
At the same time, the two men regained their capacity, but their capability was neck and neck. They heard "click" a long sword and broke the folding fan bone from it.
Ouyang Ke threw the damaged folding fan to the ground and shouted, "It’s really not weak to draw with Ouyang Ke. Why don’t we compete again!"
Ling Feiyang just threw broken arrow to the ground, and Ouyang Ke’s hands attacked like snowflakes. It was white camel mountain’s housekeeping method "camel snow mountain palm"!
This palm technique is erratic and unpredictable. Ling Feiyang hurriedly uses the martial arts "tight encirclement potential" in * * to fight quickly. See the palm and seal the palm. Ouyang Ke fights. The other day, Ling Fei, a huge rock on the cliff, won Han Xiaoying’s favor and has perfected the "tight encirclement potential". At this moment, Ouyang Ke fights for more than 100 rounds, and the bamboo leaves in the forest are scattered by the palm wind, but the two of them are still tied. "The snake, the fist and the frog skills, these white camel mountain advanced martial arts Ouyang Ke have not been used by me.
Chapter 37 Ouyang Ke’s outlook on life
"It turns out that the palm of your hand is also very high!" Ouyang Ke smiled slightly. "Since I’m tied, I shouldn’t be difficult for you anymore. When you leave, you don’t have me as a friend!"
"All right!" Ling float in the sky said the arch hand turned and was about to leave suddenly heard behind a "sou" and then felt a hemp shoulder!
It turned out that a crimson snake suddenly flew out of Ouyang Ke’s sleeve and bit ling Feiyang on the back shoulder!
"I depend! This buddy actually sneaked on me! " Ling Feiyang felt a crunchy feeling spread to his body, and his mind gradually became confused, and he suddenly fell to the ground and fainted.
Ling Feiyang woke up and found herself lying in a soft big bed. Two white maids were looking at herself by the bed.
"It seems that I was arrested by Ouyang Ke again …" Ling Feiyang thought that a maid saw Ling Feiyang open her eyes and immediately ran out and cried, "Little master, he is awake!"
In a short time, Ouyang Ke came in cheerfully and shook a folding fan. It was a folding fan painting but not a peony, and it became a few peony flowers.
"Brother, how does it feel?" Ouyang Ke asked earnestly.
"Lucky is not dead …" Ling Feiyang sighed and said, "It’s really high for a good brother to plot against others from behind …"
"I’m flattered …" Ouyang Ke was not ashamed at all and continued, "Do you know that you were lucky not to die when you were poisoned by my red snake poison? That’s because I gave you the antidote! "
"Thank you, thank you!" Ling Feiyang wry smile way
"Last night, you knocked me out but didn’t kill me. I’ll let you live in Ouyang Ke Branch!" Ouyang Ke Road
"You brought me here and didn’t want to kill me. Do you want to torture me to death?" Ling Feiyang asked
"You also look down on my younger brother!" Ouyang Ke laughed. "Even if you do something wrong to me, I will make you a friend!"
"Good brother is too highly of …" Ling Feiyang said.
"To tell you the truth, when I first came to the Central Plains, I wanted to make some like-minded friends, but all I saw along the way were people who wanted to catch up with me. Women around Ouyang Ke were so hard to find a bosom friend, so how could I easily let you go?"
"It turns out that Ouyang Ke not only likes to pester beautiful women, but also doesn’t let men go …" Ling Feiyang can’t help but think of Ouyang Ke’s pursuit of Huang Rong allusions and shrink back nervously.
"Brother, don’t get me wrong. Although I am incompetent, I am absolutely sleeve-broken!" Ouyang Ke hurriedly explained, "I want to travel around the rivers and lakes with my brother, have fun and play all over the natural enemies and push all the beautiful women …"
"This sentence is not my motto? How did he say it! Is Ouyang Ke and I really tarred with the same brush? " Ling Feiyang thought
Although Ling Feiyang’s snake venom is very toxic, it is still free to act in this other hospital. Ouyang Ke has chosen four most beautiful maids to serve Ling Feiyang in the house every day, good wine and good food, but he often lures Ling Feiyang to the beauty before. But this time, his heart is very clear that once he is dragged into the water, it will be Ouyang Ke to the rivers and lakes sooner or later. Bing Xin and Han Xiaoying, these beautiful women will definitely not like themselves. Huang Rong and Mu Nianci’s future sisters are even more hopeless.
Although these four beauties are beautiful, they are far inferior to Bing Xin and Han Xiaoying, especially Bing Xin. The more he didn’t get the goddess in his mind, the more he missed the pros and cons. Ling Feiyang decided not to "send" it.
"I don’t care what you do. I’ll give her a hundred taels of gold if she can spend the night with him!" Three days later, Ouyang Ke didn’t see Ling Feiyang, so he gave the highest instructions to the four maids.
This one hundred and twenty gold four maids to outdo each other actually fought, and the one with higher martial arts finally won the victory and won the qualification of being the first to enter the house to flirt with Ling Feiyang.
"In two days, you can finish your recovery. You must find a way to get out of here. This time, Ouyang Ke will definitely be heavily guarded …" Ling Feiyang was lying in bed thinking about getting out of the way, but the maid came into the room gently with a washbasin.
"Haven’t you slept yet?" The maid twisted the towel half dry and leaned over to wipe it gently on Ling Feiyang’s face. The double peaks in the collar were almost completely displayed in front of Ling Feiyang.
"This couple’s size and shape are far worse than Xiao Ying’s …" Ling Feiyang tried to think about other things and tried not to make his body react, but the maid wiped his face and then slipped uneasily to his chest.
"I’m going to have a rest. You go out …" Ling Feiyang took the maid’s hand from her chest and put on a hypocritical show.
"Let me accompany you tonight …" The maid said suddenly undressed and slipped into the ground with her nightgown on, and there was nothing on.