The fighting continues. Of course, there are more and more pets in Gaochen’s shops. At the same time, there are already many injured soldiers in front of them. If the injured feel powerless, they will quit and exchange them for those who are not injured. If they return to Gaochen, they will smash a group healing operation in that place.

A team of 3,000 Zuma can’t be said too much, but the attack of Gao Chen and others was quickly extinguished. When the last Zuma fell, Gao Chen got a hundred pets again, and each of these Zuma can bring 10,000 experience values to Gao Chen. Although this is really pitiful compared with the experience that Gao Chen needs to upgrade, it is better than nothing.
After the end of the battle, of course, the rest is the harvest battle. When the harvest is over, Gao Chen and his party quickly retreat to a relatively secret place. Zhuang Qianhua excitedly said, "It’s so enjoyable that so many people have been killed this time and there are no casualties on our side."
There have been a lot of injuries in the past, but what is the injury of Gao Chen’s healing? Everyone’s view of Gao Chen has changed. Let’s not say how powerful the magic is when Gao Chen fights. It is a great surprise that this healing brings them.
"Now everyone can get three fruits of life and three femoral bones of Zuma after counting the profits. Now, are you going to distribute them or continue to find a team to kill and then divide them?" After half an hour, Zhuang Qianhua asked everyone after counting the war profits.
It’s still the same as before. If Gao Chen participates, no one will quit. As a result, a group of people led by Gao Chen swept through the third floor of Zuma, and day by day, some people left the road for real reasons, and some small experienced people joined.
In this way, the number of Gao Chen’s team remains around 2,000, and the biggest gain of Gao Chen these days is that he now owns thousands of Zuma pets. You know, this is another battle of the seventh order aliens. After Gao Chen said, "Brothers, I think it’s time for us to part" …
"How high brother, are you going back? Can you stay for a few more days? "When I heard Gao Chen’s words, Zhuang Qianhua first came out. I can hear from his mouth that he is really reluctant to part with Gao Chen. You know, the war benefits gained in these days are many times more than when you came, and Gao Chen’s command actually suffered casualties. This is an incredible experience for all experienced people.
"It’s been five days since I came to visit the fourth floor, but I’ve been staying with everyone until today. Now it’s time for me to leave." Gao Chen smiled and said, in the same tone, fighting with everyone during this period also established a lot of friendship. This sudden departure is of course somewhat disappointing, but Gao Chen knew that it didn’t have much effect to continue to stay with them on this third floor.
"What high brothers are you going to the fourth floor? This must not be the fourth floor. That’s the statue of Zuma. It’s too dangerous." Zhuang Qianhua said that he was going to the fourth floor with a face change and then said,
"I want to go to nature and have my own ideas. Now it’s time to go. Fang Zhihan, you still follow them. This fourth floor is really not suitable for you to go." When it comes to the back, Gao Chen turned to the other side and said, Zhi Han said
"Eldest brother, will you take me there? I can" Perhaps the biggest change after these days’ fighting is Fang Zhihan’s trembling at the sight of the fighting scenes, and now he has finished adapting to such fighting. He seems to have grown up for several years these days!
"Listen, I’m going to see it. You know I’m going to see it. There won’t be any danger, okay?" Gao Chen gently said that the other party, Zhihan Gao Chen, took him as his brother and was still a brother who didn’t grow up.
"That’s a good brother, I’m going back, too. You must come to Wuji Mountain to find me, and we’ll experience together." I thought about one side and said, I’m unwilling to give up.
"When I finish this experience, I will definitely come to you. Will you go back now?" Gao Chen smiled and said
"Well, I’m here to sneak out, and now it’s time to go back. Take this for your eldest brother and you can meet me directly at Wuji Mountain." I said, and took out a token from the ring. On the one hand, it depicts a majestic floating mountain, and on the other hand, it is domineering and extremely fierce. This token looks incredibly precious. It is made of Tianchen Steel, a refining material. You know, a little bit of it can make it a star weapon.
Gao Chen took the token, looked at it, then put it in the box, then took out a ten-level weapon and said, "This is a weapon, although it’s not very good, but it’s my heart."
"Thank you, big brother. I will take good care of things." Fang Zhihan took the weapon and gently touched it. He knew that this weapon must be extraordinary, but he also knew that this time it was not directly put into the ring when he said it.
"Well, it’s time for you to go back and wait for you to go back." See Fang Zhihan put the weapon in the ring, Gao Chen said
"Well, is Brother Wuji going back? Let’s go together if you have something to say." Fang Zhihan agreed and then shouted across the street.
"I’m going back with Wuji Mountain." With Fang Zhihan’s words, more than 10 people shouted out and then walked to the second floor to send troops. When you get to the second floor, you will be sent out in an instant. This is the most common way for those who have experienced Zuma to quit Zuma’s method rules. It is not necessarily a bad thing to benefit well! …
"Brother Zhuang, I should go, too." Fang Zhihan and his party disappeared. Gao Chen turned to Zhuang Qianhua and said
"Is this high brother really going to the fourth floor?" Although Gao Chen has decided to go to the fourth floor from his expression, Zhuang Qianhua still can’t help but ask.
"You’ve already confirmed it, and you will ask me if I’m leaving. I’ll see you soon after I meet you." Say that finish, I won’t be wordy and fly directly to the fourth floor to send direction, but I won’t see him in an instant.
Looking at the disappearance direction of Gao Chen, Zhuang Qianhua said to himself, "I hope you really go and see it. See you later."
Gao Chen ran to a deserted place with a ring and then flew to the fourth floor to send troops. In the past few days, Gao Chen already knew that the Zuma on the third floor not only formed a patrol team, but also formed a similar tribal group. Although there is no human city, there are also tribal bases.
Moreover, each tribe has a different territory. These tribes patrol their own territory alone, and their patrol targets are not human beings. There is also a kind of life with three layers. All the pre-Warcraft creatures need to eat to replenish their physical strength, and Zuma is no exception. They caught both humans and other Warcraft as food.
Even if they are summoned as pets by Gao Chen, Zuma is no exception. They also need to eat. They bought 1000 Bigu Dan in a shop in Gao Chen, and each Zuma gave out one. Gao Chen was glad that he knew the shop. Otherwise, the 1,000 Zuma could be summoned, but they could not afford Gao Chen’s present goal. Of course, it is not really going to the fourth floor.
His goal is the Zuma tribe. Every Zuma tribe doesn’t know how much wealth there is. These are obtained by hunting practitioners. For human practitioners, Zuma is prey, but in Zuma’s eyes, human beings are not the same prey!
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Sweep the third floor