Qiao Xuan Yi immediately jumped up and affectionately took the clear water night ice sweet shoulder to please and said, "How come! I can always be your knight! " Clear water and ice at night made a smile.

Looking at the two of them, Lanping Hyun sighed and said, "Hey! Why do you think it’s so easy to value color over friends? "
Sima Cai also said with a vague face, "Yes! Tell me how this big beauty will look at this small one? "
Clear water night ice will move the line of sight to the two people to ponder and say, "A few handsome guys are looking for you. I’m still a beauty?"
Qiao Xuanyi has a black line. You are not a beauty. Women turned ugly that day!
Blue Heng dazzle laughed "of course! Qingshui beauty, you are a first-class beauty! "
Sima Cai also chimed in "Yes and yes! I admire you very much, Shimizu Beauty! Why don’t I invite you to the bar today? " Say also made an invitation gesture.
Qiao Xuanyi’s eyes sank. It seems that Qingshui Night Ice is very popular! Even Sima Cai, a veteran in love, took the initiative!
I have to work hard myself!
Drunk ②
Clear water night ice looked at this bar in front of some in distress situation. I didn’t expect Sima Cai’s kind invitation to come to this ice morning flag to kill the snow pavilion!
Qiao Xuanyi is also a little weird. Looking at Sima Cai in high spirits, he almost didn’t laugh!
See simacai eyes flashing chatter to clear water night ice introduces the "beauty you don’t know this Ji Xuege is not the average person can come in! It’s Bingchen company flag chain bar! How about there are branches all over the world? I think Sima Cai is generous! "
On the clear water night, with a smile on the ice, Sima Cai jokingly looked at Lan Biaohuan and said, "You are a really awesome brother!" Sima Cai said that these clear water and night ice are familiar!
I didn’t know that Lan Heng-hyun keenly captured the clear water and ice at night. He also smiled and said, "Cai is a master of passion!"
Shimizu Night Ice smiled and walked into the bar without saying anything, and the three big boys quickly followed him in.
When you enter the bar, you will habitually go to the bar and say to the bartender, "cold and drunk, cold snow and cold tears in the morning!"
The bartender looked up and saw that the clear water and the night ice had become cold. She didn’t like waiting!
With a quiver in my heart, the bartender quickly gave way.
Clear water night ice went to the bar to mix drinks.
The three boys watched the clear water night ice skillfully bartending. Except Qiao Xuanyi, Lan Pingxuan and Sima Cai were surprised to grow up!
Qiao Xuanyi’s complicated look is focused on mixing wine, clear water and ice at night. No one knows that when she knocks over the glass again and again from the basic school, she is embarrassed and injured! A darling daughter, a Miss Yang Chunshui who never touched her fingers, became this powerful queen today. How much has she suffered? Qiao Xuan is easy to understand!
After a while, the kung fu is cold and drunk, the snow is cold and the tears are cold in the morning!
Clear water night ice looked at the three beautiful cocktails in front of me!
It’s still human, but not human! Those three girls who were inseparable in those days are now left with her!
Looking at a daze clear water night ice Qiao Xuanyi a burst of love! He slowly walked beside Qingshui Night Ice and held her in his arms, gently comforting "It’s all right! Everything has passed! "
Clear water night ice suddenly looked at Qiao Xuanyi during the period and felt a little warm in my heart! Smiled and said to him, "Yes! I still have you! "
Lanping dazzle and SiMaCai looked at the front of two people gently cough a thing or two talents to react.
Qiao Xuanyi quickly let go of Qingshui Night Ice’s face and two blushes floated, but Qingshui Night Ice was poised and walked to the bar, picked up a glass of cold and drunk and said to the three boys, "Sit down!"
Three people just sit at the bar Qiao Xuanyi ordered a glass of vodka, but in front of Lan Pingxuan and Sima Cai, it was clear water and ice at night, handing them cold snow charm and cold tears in the morning.
Looking at the confusion, the clear water and the cold night are faint. "Anyway, you have already adjusted it and you will drink it!" Drink for Europe and Chenchen! "
Qiao Xuanyi looked at something wrong and asked, "What happened to Xuebing and Chenchen?"
Haha, one more watch, two more watches, keep coming!