How to get to this topic again! Su Orange’s forehead can really be seen from this place that Zuo Mu and Zuo Tangtang are really mother and daughter!

"I have rented a house," Su Orange said with strength.
"ah? What? Have you rented a house? " Zuo Mu was surprised by this.
"It’s aunt," Su Orange said. "I’m bothering my aunt. I’m embarrassed to live at my aunt’s house. It’s even more embarrassing. After all, I’m going to stay here for a long time and I’m ready to develop here for a long time. I have to have my own house!"
"But …" Left mother also want to say something.
"Sue orange! You are right to do so! " Left father interrupted left mother and said, "Young man! Is to come out more! It’s the same with your own life! Exercise yourself more and learn to take care of yourself! "
"Uh-huh, I know, uncle." Sue orange nodded and said.
"But Su Orange, what are you going out to live with my family?" Left father asked.
"Er … that’s right. After all, Tang Tang and I are children!" Su orange tried to explain, "I think it is also good to encourage each other to fight together with Tang Tang in this city!" Besides, both Tang Tang and I have just graduated and haven’t found a job yet. Let’s go find words together and maybe we can take care of each other later. "
"I still think it’s good to live with me! It’s also very simple for me to take care of you all day. "My left mother is still a little unwilling. Although she nags her daughter every day that she doesn’t play games all day, she just came back to live for a few days. How can she move out in the same city?
"I think this is good!" The left father said to the left mother, "Wife! When your children grow up, you should let them wander alone and don’t spoil them blindly! Look at what you just said! What is care? What are you taking care of when you are such an adult? Besides, after work, work overtime at any time! I can’t stand being late! When you come to sleep, it will be shallow! "
"always!" The left father earnestly advised the left mother, "When children grow up, it’s time to learn to face the sinister family in the workplace alone. Just now, it was said that children affect us. Think again, maybe we will also affect children!" And now the development of city A is also very fast, and the focus is shifting. Look at those enterprises that are still developing around us! So! If the children go home to live after finding a job, they will have to run a long way to take the subway! You are tired when you come to work. Do you have the heart to see that children are tired in the distance? "
"You say so …" Left mother was somewhat hesitant when she heard this. "It seems that there is some truth. The city center has developed rapidly in recent years, and the children’s class has long since left us. This is indeed a problem."
"Sue orange if you are outside with siu-tong, you must pay more attention to it! Pay attention to everything! For example, the gas valve at home is out of date, although it is all natural gas, but it is also extremely difficult to suffocate because of too much gas! If you stick a little spark! That would be finished! " After the left mother figured it out, she couldn’t help but talk about it.
[99] Chapter one hundred and one Zuo’s big fool]
"Uh-huh aunt I know I will pay attention to" although Sue orange face tight at the moment in response to the left mother told the actual heart already breathed a sigh of relief.
Uncle Zuo is a god’s assist!
She can’t even pass this request! After all, the left mother is really bad to shirk. I didn’t expect the left uncle to successfully persuade the special * * to worry about the left mother. At this moment, it is also a complete default for them to move out.
What about Zuo Tangtang? Sue orange suddenly got angry. Although she moved out, Zuo Tangtang agreed at least! However, what did Zuo Tangtang do when she tried so hard to persuade her? Besides eating, eat! It’s really going to become a pig rhythm!
Look at Zuo Tangtang, this guy is very calm now. After eating this bowl of rice, he goes to the kitchen with a bowl.
Oh, leave her alone! At least things have come to light, and she can really enjoy cooking with her aunt at ease.
Zuo Tangtang conveniently washed the bowl out and saw three people still sitting at the dinner table eating slowly and said, "Ah! Why do you eat so slowly! "
Sue orange suddenly burst into tears. It’s not your fault!
But Zuo Tangtang didn’t consciously say, "Then let’s eat! Call me if you need anything. "Just turn left and walk to your room.
"Zuo Tangtang!" Seeing her daughter’s behavior like this, the left mother put a bowl on her hips and shouted, "Come out! Don’t go in! "
What’s going on here? Sue orange looked around with a bowl.
The left father is still that faint expression, and she can’t see anything at all.
What about the left mother? At the moment, I look indignant, much like the scene where my parents caught me going to an Internet cafe when I was a child.
Ah! What has been revealed in her mind!
But left pig, what expression is this? Don’t all kinds of nai pains just keep her out of the house? Do you have to do this? Yeah? But why not let her in?
"Mom!" Zuo Tangtang called with abnormal grief and indignation.
"Don’t call me! Even calling dad won’t do! " The expression on the left mother’s face is very firm. "Get back here and sit on the sofa!"
Zuo Tangtang was frustrated, but after all, it was not enough for her old lady, lion roars. I don’t know when it would suddenly come. Left father * * Education still sat down on the sofa and looked at her. She didn’t like news the most.
See Zuo Tangtang is very obedient. After doing according to his own command, the left mother "hummed" for a while. It’s very satisfying to continue to sit and eat while still mumbling about it. "Don’t say it at ordinary times. Now Su Orange is a guest in our house. If you still want to eat, you will play games. I tell you! This is absolutely impossible! Just stay there! "
"Slice" heard Zuo Tangtang’s accusations from his left mother and secretly left the pie mouth.
Sue orange was surprised at the moment, staring at the figure in the living room. Zuo Tangtang said that she was playing games. She still found an excuse casually. I didn’t expect Zuo Tangtang’s pig to really play games again. Listen to Zuo Mu’s saying that this left pig has been playing very hi recently!
She hesitated again whether to live with Zuo Zhu or not! She still remembers the scene of this product playing games every day in high school! She’s really drunk, too. This guy is a guy who played games before he was disabled and was never killed. He didn’t want it, but he still played hard. Now she’s back in business? Has this girl become a new generation of great gods in three days?