After all, many of them are not solitary animals, and the terrain inside is complex, and all kinds of sneak attacks emerge one after another. If you are not careful, you may fall into it, but there are some treasures that are refined in a low-grade or miraculous way and planted artificially.

Although there is no need for high-ranking brothers, there is a high demand for a large number of low-ranking brothers of the Black Emperor Sect, and the first trial point is also very valuable. The law of the jungle environment is conducive to selecting outstanding brothers and eliminating some unworthy brothers, which is of great benefit to the prosperity of a clan
Every year, the institute organizes a large number of junior brothers to go in for experience and collect elixirs at will. If the younger brothers are outstanding, they need to spend some resources to focus on training. After all, the world is not so safe, even if the cultivation qualification is high, if they don’t know anything, they can’t get along in that treacherous cultivation world.
However, these dangers are nothing. The key is that the demon canyon is huge this day. It is not owned by the black emperor alone, but shared by the other two clans. After all, although the black emperor clan is powerful, it can monopolize such a treasure.
Among them, there is Haoran Sect and Gu Jian Sect, which is mainly a sword-builder, and this Sect is fighting against swords. Many younger brothers are some swordsmen in the mortal world, and many of these Jianghu people are so strong that they can’t turn into anger.
This so-called shaqi is not usually found by killing some people casually, but it is almost obtained on the verge of life and death after a long-term life-and-death struggle. Special things have a strong suppression ability for some filth, which has a great influence on ordinary people who cultivate immortality
While in the low-level sword training, it’s possible to go beyond the challenge. Of course, it’s not realistic to go beyond the challenge, but it’s still possible if the foundation is successful and just started to understand. It’s really not so good to be this guy who just started to understand …
Generally speaking, this Gu Jian Gate is a very strong sect, but this clan is an elite line. The number of clansmen is small, but all of them are amazing. Fang Ling Ling’s qualification can’t sit firmly in the first place.
The Black Emperor Zong Haoran lives in Gu Jian Gate, which is the three giants in the southwest cultivation of immortals. Of course, it is not to say that they are not on a par with each other, but the three clans have formed an alliance, but in case of war, they will help each other in the offensive and defensive. But geographically, three clans occupy three Lingshan in the middle of the southwest, and three clans are the external allies and competitors.
But on the whole, the three cases are still very good. Although there is competition, most of them are low-ranking brothers. The high-level officials are quite good and will not do anything behind their backs, because they all know that they can be alone in the southwest. It is precisely because of their three cases that once the joint breaks down, this detached position will no longer exist.
Chapter 20 Kill three birds with one stone
Meng Qi, who is determined to enter the Tianyao Canyon to seek a breakthrough opportunity, will be ready after that day. After all, it will be in less than two months. Speaking of this kind of trial, there is still great flexibility. One batch can be rotated every year, and if necessary, you can apply for joining yourself.
What’s more, getting natural materials and treasures is not what the Ministry needs to pay, but what some conventional sects need to pay. Instead, the materials are special or valuable, which are their own income. Of course, what needs to be paid has a minimum. If it can’t be completed, hey hey, next year, the Ministry will stop and wait for the next year to participate again until the year is completed.
In this way, it not only ensures the material income, but also ensures the enthusiasm of the younger brother, and also ensures that all the younger brothers dare not take it lightly, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone
However, it is better to find less materials in the valley, and most people can successfully complete them for a few people every year, which can be blamed for bad luck.
Of course, these elders told Meng Qi about the details, and they taught Meng Qi very well. Now, there are very few two spells. One is thick soil defense, which is to strengthen defense as the name implies. This is an auxiliary spell that most indigenous demon families can use. Although Meng Qi is a water snake, it is no problem that Meng Qi still has a certain talent for soil.
One is the attack spell, which condenses water into an arrow. It’s its own spiritual strength to gather the energy of heaven and earth to attack the enemy, but it’s more precious to Meng Qi. Only with this spell that conforms to his attributes can he cast it. Otherwise, fireball or golden attack spell are powerful attack spells.
However, as far as the mana that Meng Qi can control now is concerned, these two spells of thick earth defense can always increase Meng Qi’s defense by about 50% to 70%, which is quite good and practical. However, to maintain this spell, Meng Qi needs to replenish his spiritual strength once every three days, and about half a low-level spiritual stone will be lost, otherwise it will affect his normal action.
However, over the past year or so, Meng Qi has saved a dozen pieces of low-order lingshi, plus a piece of medium-order lingshi from Hu Xianer, which is in urgent need of entering the valley, but it is absolutely enough for twenty days without accidents.
The condensate arrow is not necessarily Meng Qi’s lowest half-spirit force excitation can be up to 30% spirit force excitation, and the gap is big. If you encounter a tough guy, Meng Qi can only send out three water arrows in total.
The most important thing is that this water arrow is not very powerful, and sometimes it is not as good as Meng Qi’s attack. The only desirable thing is that it can be used for long-range attack, but it is enough to have this effect. Meng Qi-shen is the main and auxiliary water arrow that determines the physical strength.
Then there are some healing elixirs, some low-grade yellow paper, a dozen cinnabar, some arrangement methods and some basic instruments. After all, Meng Qi was miserable by Elder Cheng’s various array methods, but in return, Elder Cheng gave Meng Qi some basic knowledge of array methods and some simple array methods
Moreover, since Meng Qi is a snake carrying a bag, the elder Cheng also generously lent his dry bag to Meng Qi. This dry bag can be attached to Meng Qi and the contents will come out by himself if he moves a little. Compared with those younger brothers who can handle and put it manually and don’t have a big bag, this is very fate.
Of course, this thing can’t be given to Meng Qi, but it was refined by Elder Cheng. Now it’s just lent to Meng Qi. If Elder Cheng moves his mind, this dry bag will automatically return to him. The main reason for giving it to Meng Qi is that Meng Qi can’t bring a bag.
And Elder Cheng also gave Meng Qi a water hose to break the high-order charm, which was mainly lent to Meng Qilai to save his life. Elder Cheng repeatedly told Meng Qi not to touch this charm unless he had to.
Because Meng Qi went to the Demon Canyon this time to experience and seek opportunities, if he relied too much on foreign objects, the experience would be meaningless. Without the process, the elder was afraid that Meng Qi would encounter any accident, so he recorded this high-order charm for him. This water dragon break is about equivalent to a monk then, and it can be launched three times with one blow.
For a place like the Demon Canyon, this is already a fate thing for Meng Qi. It is purely for fear of encountering any accident. The monster beast inside is not worried about Elder Cheng, mainly for fear that his brothers will struggle with each other. Moreover, this charm is not just a life-saving prop. It is actually of great significance for Elder Cheng to give it to Meng Qi.
When Meng Qi made all the preparations for the experience, it was almost time. With this experience, about 100 people’s younger brother Meng Qi entered the Tianyao Canyon. At the same time, some younger brothers entered at the same time in Haoran Sect and Gu Jian Gate.
Haoran Sect and Black Emperor Sect are about the same in number, but there are only two sects in Gu Jian Gate with about a quarter of them. It turns out that this experience is the result of three joint events, and Meng Qi’s trip is more threatening.
After entering the valley, the brothers who were together were all separated in twos and threes, but many people walked alone. When everyone walked almost, Meng Qi heard someone calling himself.
"Meng teacher younger brother, so it’s your turn this year? Great, come with us. "Meng Qi looked up and it turned out to be that Sun Hao was with him. There are two people Meng Qi who also know each other but have never touched each other.
"It turned out to be Brother Sun. Why is it your turn this year?" For Sun Hao to invite Meng Qi, otherwise his advantage will almost swing with these guys. How can he do such a thing when he is stupid and stupid? Besides, it is also a big problem to find something to distribute when the time comes.
"Oh, my former teacher younger brother Meng doesn’t need to come to this kind of experience." Sun Hao came up with the two men and was surprised that Meng Qi participated.
Meng Qi shook his head and didn’t say that he came voluntarily.
See Meng Qi shook his head and Sun Hao didn’t surprise him. Meng Qi has Fang Ling twill. This layer is not coming to this kind of experience. "But it seems that this guy’s big lady didn’t say so exaggerated." Sun Hao thought in his mind and then invited Meng Qi to join his team again. Meng Qi casually found a reason and refused Sun Hao. He was also able to shrug off the ceremony and left with two other people.
Speaking, not all younger brothers are willing to participate. After all, not all younger brothers need to seek opportunities to break through the bottleneck. Safe and steady cultivation is the normal cultivation condition of younger brothers. After all, the cultivation conditions are enough at this stage, and there is no need to look for any opportunities before encountering bottlenecks.
Except for a few people who have confidence in themselves, most people have no idea about the reward, but since they have come here, most people hope to gain something besides finishing it. After all, even if it is not now, it does not mean that it will not be later.
Soon after Sun Hao left, everyone left. Meng Qi looked around one person and got into a pile of grass to find his own chance …
Chapter 29 Shui Yun Ling Guo
A silvery-white one-eyed wolf is patrolling his territory, a leader of a ethnic group. He has the duty to protect his ethnic group, but generally speaking, he will not do such a thing.
But a wolf who has lived for more than 30 years is very white. At this time of year, a large number of human beings run to their site "Hu Fei", and even he has to cheer up at this time.
His ethnic group is not large, but it is only a small ethnic group with more than a dozen members, but there are no rivals in the nearby area
And at this time, the arrival of those humans excited these monsters. Although those humans are very powerful, each of them is less different from a small group leader and even more powerful.
However, compared with these human flesh and blood, it is nothing to attract them. He can become the leader of a clan in just 30 years because he has eaten three less human beings in these years. Their flesh and blood is unforgettable and delicious.
But now he is gradually understanding that these human flesh and blood are nothing to himself, and now he is nothing to himself. He should be able to protect the Lingcao plant in his territory and he will soon be able to control a larger ethnic group further.
Therefore, he carefully watched the movement around the territory and told the rest of the wolves in the group to avoid those humans as much as possible to attract their attention, but it was absolutely impossible for them to snatch their own Lingcao!
However, when this fierce wolf made up his mind about his future and gave everything, he didn’t find a small snake sneaking into his territory. Of course, even if he found this, he wouldn’t care about such a small snake. Although there are not many in his territory, they have always been peaceful.
After all, the slender bodies of these little snakes are not enough for a member of his group to have a full meal. Although they have venom, they still pose a life threat to other members, so he will ignore those guys. Anyway, they can only hunt some mice and rabbits at most.
However, this snake is unusual. This guy is a small snake with different strengths-Meng Qilai, if Meng Qiyuan comes to the body, once he enters this territory, it will not be long before he finds it. However, because of that pain, Meng Qi’s figure has shrunk dramatically compared with that of washing and cutting pulp, and adding some subduction spells to deceive these wild monsters is a milli pressure.