Mu Huan hid and looked at this scene, feeling that he was stuck in a panic. Does Bai Li Mo Xin really love the wind and the rain? Or is it all just a game of chess? In the past, all kinds of things came to my mind, and Xin was shocked by his kindness and what he just said, which disturbed Muhuan a little.

She still knows something about the story of these two people, but Mu Huan doesn’t know exactly what it is. It seems that she was really stupid before, and she always yearned for a carefree cloud, a wild crane, an ambitious life, but the truth is not like that.
Muhuan just stood in the dark silently until Nini and Huoxuan woke up. It was time for her to go back. Muhuancai found that Baili Mo Xin and Changfeng Muyu were gone, shook his head and stopped thinking about sorting out good feelings. Muhuan asked Nini to let out a hummingbird and beast to hide the palace, and tried to spy on Changfeng Muyu’s news. He walked back to the bliss hall and sat down again.
"What took you so long?" Su Yiming see MuHuan eyes with inquiry.
"I’ve been listening to some secrets for a long time." Muhuan smiled and looked up at the other side. Seeing her at the moment and flirting with the cold rain, I couldn’t say what it was like.
"There are too many secrets of the royal family. How can Qiu Er listen to them?" Su Yiming handed MuHuan a strawberry. "If you don’t have it, don’t worry about it."
"Daming is right, curiosity kills the cat. If it weren’t for this, Mr. Jiu might want me to check things, and I wouldn’t listen to the corner." Muhuan took the strawberry with a smile.
Su Yiming didn’t say much when he heard that Mr. Jiu wanted to check things. He also knew that Muhuan didn’t ask her what Mr. Jiu wanted to check things.
"This strawberry is good and fresh, Qiu Er, eat more." Su Yiming said, holding out a long finger, picked up a strawberry and put it in his mouth. Strawberry was juicy. As he bit it, a drop of juice flowed out of his mouth. Su Yiming slipped out with the tip of his tongue and licked it along his lips. That move was almost lost. Even Muhuan, who had been with him for many days, lost his eye.
Su Yiming’s move attracted many women’s attention. Mu Huan heard the sound of swallowing saliva, heard the sound of jia gasping, and saw someone staring at Su Yiming stupidly without even knowing that Uber is Uber, but licking his lips can make some women crazy. At this moment, it is estimated that many women want to pack this Uber and take it home to raise a boudoir to enjoy it!
Men are red-eyed because of this, and they all want to fly out of Su Yiming’s eyes. These royal families don’t think highly of a Jianghu person and a retired sect master. How can he come back to life? Who wants the strength? But it happened that he was so uber and so arrogant and hateful!
"I’ve heard a lot about the name of Xiaoyao Gate. This glass of wine is the master of Wang Jingmen!" A man across the street suddenly took a beat and a glass flew straight at Su Yiming. As soon as it was quiet in the temple of bliss, everyone looked at the glass and dared not come out.
"He has a higher reading power than Su Men, the man who took the eleventh grade?" Has been invisible hidden MuHuan side fire xuan lazily in the words with a somewhat mocking these humans don’t know it fire xuan but it is clear that Su Yiming although repair has not yet broken through ten levels, but also not far away is that he hides the strength at the moment, these people seem to have at most ten levels.
Su Yiming hooked his lips and smiled unhurriedly, picked up the bamboo chopsticks on the table and gently pinched the flying glass. Then he held the glass firmly without spilling a drop of wine. Then he looked up and drank the wine in the glass, and his eyes narrowed. "Thanks!" With a wave of his hand, the glass flew back to the man and stood firmly for a few years.
Su Yiming, in the midst of moving, flowing and publicity, has to face the provocation with a little gentleness. He is not angry, but his lips are hung with evil spirits. An evil spirit is more vivid than Uber. Everyone didn’t expect him to be so powerful. He looked at his eyes a little more. The man didn’t expect to brush his face at first, and his face looked pale to the extreme. He just wanted to say something: the eunuch shouted "The emperor is here!"
All the people got up and looked at that Changfeng proudly joined hands with the queen and walked into the temple. After the emperor came, Tai Changfeng Yu Taifei Changfeng proudly wore a pale gold satin crepe robe, while the queen wore a pale gold brocade dress with pearls and gemstone hair tied into a flying phoenix bun and a cloud-shaped gold silk inlaid gem hairpin.
Changfeng Yu is wearing a crimson Chinese waist belt with the same color, hanging a white jade and exquisite waist, wearing a jade-inlaid purple crown and feet, and wearing green satin white-soled boots. Toffee is also wearing a crimson ceremony and jewels. Every step of the way, the four men shake their heads with gold and jade. It is luxurious to see.
Muhuan can be sure that Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu are both born to the Queen, and the two brothers and sisters are very similar to the Queen in their five senses.
"Long live the emperor and the queen!" See Changfeng proud and the queen came to the party, and they all gave gifts to ask Chapter two hundred and fifty-six The theater!
"Stand up!" Changfeng proudly smiled. "Today, the six princesses, the King of Khmer Chen, the Master of Xiaoyao Gate, the royal family of Changfeng and other young talents gathered together in the Temple of Blissful Happiness. I am very happy to have you to share the fun! Please sit down! "
"thank the emperor!" Everyone takes a seat in succession, but they are secretly thinking about this Changfeng Yu, who specially went to Xiaoyao Gate in public and put his name on the Khmer Queen.
Muhuan also felt suspicious and just wanted to ask Su Yiming, but he saw that Changfeng Muyu looked up and stared at Su Yiming’s eyes with tenderness, and Lengyuchen beside her immediately stared at Su Yiming.
What kind of trouble is this? MuHuan one leng what’s wrong with this long wind and dusk rain? Isn’t this harmful to Su Yiming? She is ready to marry Leng Yuchen. Why is she staring at Su Yiming so affectionately? Did she mean to make Lengyuchen jealous?
Muhuan raised his forehead and sighed. It seems that Su Yiming is right about this long wind and dusk rain. Where is the pure sister paper? It’s just himself!
How many of the royal daughters who grew up don’t know how to win the favor and support of men, and how many don’t know how to suppress men like different men? Just because I overheard her talking with that servant girl that day, I should know that she is not simple, and I should say that she is simple and stupid!
Think again about the words that Changfeng Muyu just said in Li Mo Xin’s arms. Muhuan felt a little shudder. He associated Changfeng Muyu with Su Daji, who had brought disaster to the country.
"King Chen came all the way to the snow to attend the banquet of the sunset rain. The queen and I are very happy to drink wine and toast the hero. I wish King Chen all his wishes come true." Changfeng proudly took the lead in toasting Leng Yuchen in the drum music, which looked quite like a monarch, but the smile was faint with some flattery.
"Changfeng Huang is welcome!" Cold rain Chen got up and moved with a natural pride in his expression. His eyes slowly scanned the field. Su Yiming stopped and smiled at Changfeng Muyu. This just looked at Changfeng’s pride. "Princess Wang Muyu has known each other since childhood, and her sister Muyu is so important that Wang Ziran is coming."
Immediately, Leng Yuchen rushed to Changfeng, proudly raised his glass and gulped it down. Then he turned around and looked at Changfeng Sunset and filled himself with wine. "Sister Sunset congratulates you!" With a wave of Leng Yuchen’s hand, several attendants came in carrying a few gifts. "Brother always wants to give you all the best things of the day, but he is afraid that he won’t get into his sister’s eyes. Brother sent someone to find these girls to play with when they like gadgets and sisters chat."
The attendants put the gift-bearing in the center of the main hall and lifted the lid in order to blink, which took everyone’s attention. What fist? The big night beads are colorful coral reefs, purple pearls, red agates, black gold and bright palace-mounted exquisite embroidered shoes, jade bracelets, earrings and necklaces. All ordinary women in this world like everything, and they can see that everything is valuable.
Many young women are tongue-tied. Only Muhuan looks at it faintly, which seems to be not too interesting. It is more interesting for her to watch acting in Changfeng and Sunset Rain than these things.