Luo Baguio didn’t expect your words to be so cold. How do you say that she is also the first beauty in the day? Yincui gorge is most likely to be a woman who chooses him in the south. Your words are just a small vassal. Is it that he dares to treat her so lightly? She doesn’t feel a little depressed.

"Baguio came out for a walk when he couldn’t sleep at night. I didn’t expect that the Lord Jun didn’t sleep." Luo Baguio’s face maintained a decent smile, and most of her eyes were shallow, and the rest were deliberately erased by her. Because of this shame and timidity, the expression is the most attractive.
Shallow natural law Bai Luo Baguio’s mind is only aware of one thing or two for her purpose here. This vast mountain is so big, and it is well known that this bright moon building is her residence. She is too careless.
Looking at Luo Baguio’s approach step by step, he frowned slightly and said lightly, "Junmou doesn’t like others to approach."
Los baguio one leng raised his steps and suddenly put his body almost a stumble. What does this mean? Don’t like people near, including her? She looked at the snowy figure with a slight consternation, and her face was clear. beautiful and elegant shouldn’t be cold as ice and snow, but it’s as beautiful and holy as Tianshan Snow Lotus. It’s really a bit of a wave to give birth to a man, but even if she gives birth to a girl, she will feel ashamed before him. Fortunately, he is a man!
"Jun castellan joked Baguio has something I want you to say." Luo Baguio’s face was still smiling, and she lifted her feet and walked on.
Looking at Baguio’s shallow eyebrows, a slight lift with a wave of his hand, a few flying leaves "sou" flew towards Baguio.
I feel the awe-inspiring sound in my ear. Luo Baguio missed a beat in his heartbeat. Was that murderous just now? You promised to kill her?
This kind of cognition made Luo Baguio endure her sinking and said, "Lord Jun, what do you mean?"
"I said that I don’t like people to be near. Remember it’s people!" A shallow cold eye swept over Luobaguio, and every Luojia family in Nanguan Guoluo was better than one who hated this Luobaguio.
Being swept away by that forced person’s eyes, Luo Baguio’s mind was shocked, and I didn’t know that my heart suddenly gave birth to a little fear. If I was close to him, the result would be death? Is that what he meant? This remark is really arrogant! And she is the first beauty in the world, and he dares to abandon her! Hum!
But it also says that it is impossible for you to win over by her? Hum, she didn’t really think much about the reason why she could win her over. She couldn’t tell clearly whether it was true or not. It’s natural for women to be jealous of a boy and a woman who are more beautiful than women.
"Jun Cheng really doesn’t want Baguio near?" Luo Baguio’s little face is full of delicate water and eyes look at the opposite’ male’ who is not afraid of death and walks on.
Looking at Luo Baguio’s shallow move, this time I didn’t make a move. I stared at her face and stared at her. The long pale pinkish purple dress slowly fell from my shoulders and the soft veil covered me with unspeakable charm.
The unlined upper garment is the inner garment. Luo Baguio raised her hand and gently pulled her waist and tied the white inner garment to reveal the red Chinese-style chest covering on her chest. Through the night, she could vaguely see the large white skin on her chest.
"Lord Jun, you said that if others saw your intention to insult Princess Nangan, do you think people would comment on your vast city this day?" Luo Baguio’s beautiful face is still smiling, but her eyes are full of malice. "But if the monarch is willing, the princess promised to marry a princess on behalf of her father!"
"Marry a princess?" Shallow eyebrows Gherardini looked at the sight of a princess who thought highly of herself. "Did Princess Baguio say it was you? Unfortunately, I am not interested in you! " This woman is really interested in thinking big and dare to do anything, and she doesn’t know the more Xuanyuan Day looked at her.
Luo Baguio’s face suddenly sank when he heard this. "It seems that the Lord of the city has a hard time?" She sneered and suddenly took off her clothes, a red Chinese-style chest covering, squatting over her body and shouting, "Don’t do this to me, Lord Jun. I like the day more and more. I won’t marry you. Leave me alone …"
Have a rest and drink tea to make your eyes clear like water. Just outside this bright moon building, there are many theater goers. This supporting role has come, and it is really interesting tonight.
"What happened here? The world seems to have heard the tonic of Sangong. "An evil spirit suddenly came in with a bright red robe, and a pair of peach blossom eyes soon looked at the scene before him and looked at the table with a cool look, drinking tea. He was calm enough!
"Mu Shi, you have to make decision for the palace. This gentleman is the duke. He whines …" Luo Baguio cried with his knees as if he had been wronged greatly.
Shallow eyebrows slightly glanced at the people who came in behind Mu Sheng Xiao, then looked at Mu Sheng Xiao lightly and said, "As Mu Shi saw, of course" is obviously directly ignoring the sound of Luo Baguio.
Mu Sheng Xiao looked at Luo Baguio holding her body and sitting crying, and then looked at the stone table and drinking tea happily. Qing Jun didn’t know what he was doing. He was really able to imagine from the scene what had happened here before. There was a kind of scene where Luo Baguio wanted to be frivolous. He felt that he frowned slightly when he thought of this. He didn’t know whether Luo Baguio would do the truth, but she was afraid of nature and didn’t dare to approach too much. Besides, although she did it, she wanted to protect her name.
Anyway, today it has to be Anggun’s words.
"Jun castellan’s family is really beautiful, so it really makes people agree with the law." Mu Sheng Xiao shook his head and sighed and said, "Besides, Princess Baguio is a princess in Nangan. How can the castellan be so wanton in insulting the castellan? I can’t even explain it today."
Chapter 61 Let Tianyue be a hero to save the United States?
"Jun castellan’s family is really beautiful, so it really makes people agree with the law." Mu Sheng Xiao shook his head and sighed and said, "Besides, Princess Baguio is a princess in Nangan. How can the castellan be so wanton in insulting the castellan? I can’t even explain it today."
At this moment, Jing Xiang, the maid of Luo Baguio, came out from nowhere and picked up the lichen and put it on Luo Baguio. She pointed to the’ man’ sitting at the table and cursed and said, "Jun Cheng, are you still a person who should do such an immoral thing to our princess? Our emperor will never let you go!"
Luo Baguio covered her face and cried, which was very sad.
Behind Long Shaocheng, Chu Hanxuan and others also came forward to look at Diluo Baguio. What happened to them in an instant was that their eyes were slightly tilted and they looked at the snowy figure sitting at the table. He held a white jade cup in his hand and gathered his shallow and cold lips. Those bright eyes were as cool as natural ice stones, and there was always a kind of person who was as slender and white as jade, and his hands hung leisurely, even if he moved simply.
Listen to the light sound of the tea lamp slowly coming from the man suddenly letting go, "is it?" What does Mu Shi want from the bus? " His voice was as elegant and indifferent as his face, and he couldn’t recognize the emotion. He looked up Gherardini and looked at Mu Sheng Xiao’s eyes for a meaningful flash.
Yes, explain what … All eyes fell back on Luo Baguio. This scene seems to have no words to insult this Luo Baguio. It’s a pity that anyone who is frivolous will sit at the table and drink tea leisurely. It’s all like Luo Baguio’s frame-up, and it’s even more incredible that this person who wants to do bad things is still a fair word in the present world. If so, this Luo Baguio’s blood is really a big pity. In the end, he lost his wife and lost his soldiers.
Luo Baguio naturally knows that if she doesn’t succeed, she will die. She must not give up!
"It is said that Baguio’s heart has long belonged to you, so insulting Baguio makes Baguio look like a lover in the future, so Baguio might as well be killed! Is confirmed baguio that name blare … "Luo baguio a pair of falling appearance looks particularly poor.
"Princess, your life is so bitter. We must let you decide and kill the apprentice!" Shizuka said with resentment that the shallow eyes looked like handfuls of knives.
Mu Sheng Xiao appreciates a look at Luo Baguio. There is something about this Nangan Yincui gorge. It seems that she is ready.
"Princess Baguio doesn’t want to talk impulsively, but it is also because she admires the princess … There is a word in the world that I don’t know if the princess is willing to listen?" Mu Sheng Xiao has a sly color in his peach blossom eyes. No matter who Luo Baguio marries, he won’t lose this time!
Luo Baguio stopped the mournful sound, raised his head and looked at Mu Sheng Xiao with misty eyes, but his heart flashed a trace of vigilance against this Mu Sheng Xiao … If we say that the present age is nothing to her, it is his desire for Sheng Xiao! However, she has no interest in this man who is full of calculations and looks feminine. What will he say? She doesn’t think he will help her conditionally.
Shallow look cool drinking tea as if all these people who suddenly broke into Haoyue Building had nothing for her.
Long Shaocheng said that he had had many contacts. He was a witness to the defeat of the King of Qi, who was not weak in age. He was only 14 or 15 years old in those days. At the same time, the "man" of Haotian City Lord saw this picture at the moment, and his heart suddenly felt funny. These people went looking for trouble to calculate this man who was more cunning than the fox. Finally, don’t steal the chicken and not eat the rice.
However, I haven’t seen the Lord of Haotian for many years. It seems that he has added a little more bearing to the King’s Landing than from being cold and unsmiling. So he is even more threatening to the King of Qi.