We are all acquaintances, so it is natural to be polite to meet each other. It is very close and lively.

Looking at Bi Tao Yan’s glamorous and slightly shy Xiao Mu is considerate and considerate to her, and even Fang Zhou is happy for her two.
Even Fangzhou sent someone to invite Xue imperial doctor, and simply called Zhou’s mother and even Ze’s brother and sister together for a lively day.
Then it is Jiaxue’s three-person marriage.
Even when Fang Zhou ordered Qian Guanjia to do it, Qian Guanjia smiled and asked her to rest assured that the marriage like Jia Xue and them was very easy to do, scrambling to get more people, and whether it was the kind of old lady who was released from the palace.
Even Fang Zhou was skeptical.
She didn’t believe it until she saw that housekeeper Qian sent a bunch of public information about suitable marriage to her so quickly.
Have a look at even fangzhou couldn’t help sighing.
This is an envious sigh.
She will envy many people here if the situation is true! It’s true. Everything is fine.
She couldn’t help thinking so. It seems that the palace is equivalent to a gilded place. Jiaxue, once they went in, was named by the emperor and rewarded to the hero, and their value doubled!
Inside the palace, it’s a place to grow up and see. If it’s not an excellent imperial reward, how can you get it? Because of this price, it is difficult to think about it!
Adding the duke didn’t touch it, but letting the son-in-law get married is equivalent to building another layer with Hou Fu. Whoever refuses is stupid.
Even Fangzhou ordered people to send these materials to Miaoyun three people to let them pick them first and see them first. If they are satisfied, they will decide to continue to pick them if they are not satisfied.
Miaoyun three never dreamed that they had such a good market, and they were all overjoyed when they were in a good mood.
In addition to Yan Kong Jiaxue, I chose a nice name and waited to see if it was as the name suggests. Miaoyun and yu zhen all chose it carefully and carefully.
After picking, even Fangzhou soon sent someone to take them to the restaurant and quietly hid in the dark to meet a husband who picked the right one.
Even Fang Zhou was glad that all three people had a one-time trip, and things were settled quickly, which saved her the trouble.
Jia Xuetiao is a squire’s child in Tongzhou; Miaoyun Pick is the head of a big landlord in wanping county, who has already won the scholar’s scholarship. Yu zhen is the head of a squire’s family in Tongzhou. There is no mother-in-law and a nine-year-old sister-in-law
All three families have many fertile fields and several shops, and there are also 20 or 30 domestic servants who live very well.
Think about the three people’s personalities, even Fangzhou suddenly knows.
Li Fu was anxious to send them out, and even Fangzhou set the wedding date in September and got married from Houfu clause.
Change Geng posts, set a busy schedule, and even Fang Zhou ordered another person. Miaoyun three sat and asked them whether they should concentrate on embroidering dowry in the house or learn to manage house affairs from the housekeeper when they take time out every day.
The expression of the three people is very wonderful. Jiaxue seems reluctant to be shocked; Miaoyun’s look relaxed and there was a feeling of "finally waiting"; Yu zhen is suddenly enlighted face should write "how did I forget this"!
Even Fang Zhou smiled, and they agreed to follow the steward Niang for an hour every afternoon and afternoon, and three people thanked each other and left.
After that, wait for marriage! I have nothing to do with myself anymore!
Even fangzhou greatly breathed a sigh of relief.
The land tender hosted by the Ministry finally arrived in yet we called and urged a thousand times before she started toward us in June.
On that day, even Fangzhou disguised himself and took people in to see a big party.
The competition process is fierce, which needs to be seen by the smiling face of the left assistant minister who presided over the department in Taiwan in person
This time, a total of six plots of land were put out for bidding, all of which were sold far beyond the reserve price.
It is with this sum of money that how many natural disasters can survive this year.
Although the princess of Liujun paid attention to this matter without seeing it in person, she knew that the transaction price was heroic and she didn’t care. "If my sister and I also participated in the six plots, at least half of them would be us!"
Laughing again, he asked, "Sister, should we start construction on those lands in our hands? Let’s get together now! "
"Don’t worry first" even Fang Zhou laughed. "Let’s move again after you have a baby." You have to plan well and say those things. You are more familiar with them than I am now. I can’t do it without you! Moreover, the livable garden and Yajufang also need to be beautifully finished! "
After hearing this, Princess Liu County was inevitably proud again. That’s all.
Eye things that two communities even fangzhou naturally have a heart, and they are going to hand over the property to Hongying in the future, and they will take her with them.
Except for a few sets left by Tete, all the other departments have sold out, and they have also bought houses one after another.
Nowadays, many people are decorating the car in full swing, and the noisy scene of people coming and going surprises even Fangzhou.
If you think about it carefully, it’s a new thing, and everyone is so fresh that they can’t wait to decorate whether they have a house to live in now, so they are ready to move in!
So the property workers should do a good job.
All management and security equipment should be in place.
Even Fang Zhou spent several days writing a set of things that have been shaped in her mind and have notes in her daily life, and explained them to Hong Ying in detail and taught her.
Hongying, who stayed with the princess of the county, is smart and has suffered so much. Her face is pale, and she is willing to work hard even if she has a daughter.
Even Fang Zhou unconsciously admired her for taking care of her daughter and specially assigned four assistants to help her.
I have been busy until the beginning of July, and I finally finished it.
There are some trivial details left, but it can’t be done in a day or two. It depends on long-term exploration and experience, and slowly looks at and notes it. It is chapter 989 of 989.
The sixth day of July is the seven-day starting date of the martial arts examination.
Take the first two tests of sword and gun martial arts, archery, equestrian and basic knowledge respectively for two days, and then take the second one for one day.
It is estimated that sixty-six people from Wu Jinshi will also be awarded the champion, second place and flower exploration.
Since the late emperor stopped the martial arts and reopened the exam, it has already attracted several people’s attention, especially some people who feel that it is a great opportunity to get ahead.
Because this martial arts is not like the imperial examination, which requires a scholar to pass the examination first, and then to be a juren and a scholar layer by layer, but after a simple screening in the provincial capital city-routine background, whether the body is incomplete or not, and those who pass the simple martial arts examination will go directly to Beijing to participate.
Or directly participate in the screening in Beijing.
Therefore, the number of people in this capital has not decreased since before the Wanshou Festival until now!
All innkeepers are full of tea houses and restaurants.
There are not enough patrol officers in Shuntianfu and Jiumendufu, and the yamen can’t be transferred. We have to transfer people from six other yamen to patrol the streets and lanes every day for fear of any fighting and bloodshed.
In the evening, the curfew is particularly strict.
You know, the martial arts exam is just around the corner, and I don’t know how many Jianghu people and hot-blooded men there are in this capital!
In case of any serious disaster, the emperor will be unhappy if he is not a good heat.
The emperor’s heart is unhappy, and no one can think about it.
By the end of June, people in Beijing will not discuss this matter.
Even Fangzhou can open his mouth and say a few words on this matter.
Even Ze and Li Yunhan took part in it. Even Fangzhou didn’t worry about them. If Li Fu taught for so long, it would be a waste of time if he couldn’t even earn a place.
Anyway, we don’t dispute the first milli pressure.
Even if you think about it, you know that this is a great excitement!
That night, I entered the bedroom, and even Fang Zhou took the initiative to hold her husband’s waist and put it in his arms, smiling and calling "husband!"
Li Fu’s eyes suddenly lit up. It’s silly not to take advantage of it!
Immediately without hesitation, more strength will hold her back and bow her head in the face and kiss her with a smile "huh? Something? "