Liu Biao calculated very well. First, he sent generals to block the news from the west, so that Huang Zhong and others could not receive the news, and then Huiyuan sent generals to block Gan Ning’s way to aid, and blocked Gan Ning in Zhoujia Town, leaving a lonely Tianmen City to solve it slowly.

In Tianmen City, there is a valiant soldier, a Li Zhuang archery. I heard that my ancestors were Yuntai twenty generals and a Jong Li junior, and a young soldier named Le Jin led a lean fighters. Liu Biao had long known about them.
Archery double? I’ll see how many arrows you can shoot. If you dare to leave the city, I will kill you.
This is Liu Biao’s lofty sentiments. He is determined to win Tianmen City, and Li will never be allowed to be contaminated by half an inch except Nanyang County.
Guo Jia heard li involved to make such a big noise immediately said "master really decided to do this? After all, our foundation is still not solid. "
Zhou Cang also chimed in, "Yes, this will completely tear Liu Biao’s face and it will be difficult to repair it."
"Don’t fix a fart. People have already hit home. It’s just an opportunity for Liu Biao to draw a line to let him know that I’m involved in Li, but he doesn’t hold the soft persimmon!" Li involved a face of anger and swearing.
Guo Jia’s eyes are very keen to detect the excitement in Li’s eyes and say with smile, "Master’s eye is Xiangyang, right?"
"Ha ha ….. it’s really good to hide everything from filial piety. I really coveted Xiangyang for a long time. I took Xiangyang and occupied the most favorable terrain in Jingzhou. Liu Biao can no longer pose a threat to me. On the contrary, I can slowly nibble away at Liu Biao’s power and completely eliminate Liu Biao." Li She laughed and frankly exposed her ambition.
Zhou Cang scratched his head. "The master is the master. It is impossible for Zhou Cang to guess that the master is such an idea if he wants to break his head."
"Without delay, you should inform Zhang Xiu, and I will go to Tianmen City with Yuanfu."
Li She in Xiangyang wants Li She in Nanjun, but she doesn’t want to lose it. After all, her parents and wives are in Tianmen City. If she attacks Xiangyang Liu Biao, she won’t let it go. If Tianmen City is broken, people in the city will never have a good place to reinforce Tianmen City. It is absolutely essential.
With the yellow turban insurrectionary defected, there is no shortage of troops involved in Li. Although the combat power is negligible, the deterrent force of hundreds of thousands of troops there is still very strong, especially now that a certain part of Xiangyang is empty, Li is sure that Zhang Xiu will be able to obtain Xiangyang land.
Fortunately, Seibel has not cleaned the yellow towel foot soldiers for a short time, so it is better for Yi and others to follow Zhang Xiu to Xiangyang to kill the soldiers.
It is impossible for Nanyang County not to send someone to guard everyone. Seibel can take care of Nanyang County. Although Seibel is not an official, it should not be a big mess. It should be no problem to leave Yu Gong Dou, the yellow turban insurrectionary leader, with Seibel.
Just yesterday, several leaders of the yellow turban insurrectionary also officially recognized Li as the owner, namely, Yi, Liu Pi, Gong Dou and Huang Shao. There is nothing outstanding about being a teenager, which is not bad, but it is a bit reluctant to really take command of an army.
It’s worth mentioning that Man wanted to dig Man up when he cut off Li She wanted to, so he said his thoughts to Yi. Anyway, he had already mixed up with Li She, so Yi agreed to Li She’s request to let Li She dig Man up.
Man’s combat power is not bad, but 94 () is a little weaker than Zhou Cang, but it’s already very good. After all, even Deng Zhi doesn’t have 94 combat power to live up to his reputation.
After sending Zhang Xiu’s army out of the city, Li She also felt that it was time to set off, charged Seibel and immediately got up and left like Tianmen City.
Zhang Xiu’s bringing mixed soldiers is different. Li Shedai is a good soldier. If Zhang Xiu is arrogant, Li Sheyao is fighting hard. If possible, Li Shedai would like to take Seibel with him to reinforce, but Nanyang has just occupied many things and needs people to preside over them. Seibel is left to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Yuan Shu failure
Nanyang is a new field for Li She’s experiment, and it has taken a good step to cover the whole Nanyang County. We still need to continue to work hard on this, and Li She has thrown the problem to Gao Shun.
Li involved in the process will result in that he won’t allow any soldiers who don’t belong to him in his own territory. Now he wants those rich gentry to hand over all their private soldiers, and the problem will be guaranteed by himself.
In this way, those wealthy gentry can be inferior to Li She, and let Li She make decisions in everything, and Li She will not mistreat them. Instead, she will give them armor protection. These armor commanders are the highest local officials. For example, in Xinye, these armor will listen to Xinye County’s order.
Speaking of it, Li’s side is a bit like a modern legitimate government, and the soldier methyl is equivalent to the police station
Li She has made up her mind to put the concept of "kidnapping and extortion, don’t panic, the police uncle will help you" into the hearts of Nanyang people. In fact, if the government is willing to stand up for the people, who will be afraid of waiting for the crime? The gentry should plant the idea that the government is the only master in the hearts of the people, and those rich gentry can’t afford to turn the waves.
Here, Zhang Xiu and Li have left for different purposes, while on the other side, Yuan Shu is still on the run. Yuan Shu gasped and said, "We haven’t rested for two days and two nights. Let’s have a rest."
Yan Xiang looked at the terrain and said, "We have reached the boundary of Runan. I don’t expect Li She to dare to chase us. Let’s rest here and wait until we find the prefect of Runan and ask him to give some supplies."
"Well," said Yuan Shu, tired and sitting on the ground looking at his dirty body, "is there a water source nearby?"
"There is no big knife in the water source, but there is a handle!"
A thousand foot soldiers suddenly appeared in front of them, all of whom were as strong as a bull’s head, and even more like an iron tower, a broadsword that kept sending out a biting chill was shining in the hot sun.
Yuan Shu came to Lai ‘an to sit on the ground and saw this group of Han people appear. It was Li who was chasing after the pursuers. He was scared and kept kicking back. He shouted in amazement, "What are you doing!"
"I want to fight! Come and let’s have a fight! " Tower Han’s rudeness has been expressed in his words. He laughed and said to others, "Your master is really ingenious. He said that Yuan Shu will defeat Yuan Shu, and he let me wait here early and finally have a good fight!"
Yuan Shu glance left and right didn’t speak. At this time, it should be time for a general to stand up, but several elite military commanders in the army have long since disappeared. Only a few teenagers are even more afraid to go forward because of the power of the tower Han.
Han Tieta pointed at Yuan Shu and shouted, "What are you looking at?"
Yuan Shu was humiliated when Yuan Shu was pointed at the nose by this iron tower Han, but he couldn’t sit still immediately. He pointed at the iron tower Han and shouted, "Who dares to play and enjoy a hundred taels of gold!"
There must be a brave man. Those teenagers may have been seen in a generation. So many silver should be eager to try. A teenager stepped forward. "Master, don’t panic and Han Yin will go at the end!"
Han Yin is full of energy, pointing to the tower Henkel and looking down at Han on horseback, saying, "I don’t want to report my name quickly without killing famous people with Han Yin’s gun!"
"Why is there so much nonsense to die? Just come to Grandpa and I’ll wait!"
Han Tieta’s careless attitude completely annoyed Han Yin, who was furious. Han Yin immediately rushed straight at Han Tieta and went to Han Tieta without flashing or avoiding his feet, and also rushed at each other.
The foot soldiers on the Han side of the tower seem to have become accustomed to it, while the foot soldiers on the Yuan Shu side have no reaction. What does this black man want to do? Doesn’t he avoid it or is he confident that he can avoid it instantly before the horse hits him?
The fact is that Yuan Shu’s foot soldiers are all open-mouthed and don’t know what to say. This is too fierce. Is this black man still a human being? He is a beast.
Just now, the foot soldiers saw the iron tower man flying a lance in Han Yin’s hand with a knife, and then the horses collided together, and then they saw the horses flying out until they stopped ten meters away. The horses had already been breathed, and Han Yin was still breathing, and his last breath was short. Don’t you believe looking at the iron tower?
Han Yin’s one mouthful blood spurted out and finally her eyes went black and she lost consciousness. The only thought before was, "Is this power still human?" I am as incomparable as paper in front of him! "
The tower man laughed wildly. "Ha ha ha! Who else! "
"Who else?" Yuan Shu looked to the left and right. Yuan Shu wanted to see the teenager Ma flustered and lowered his head. He was eager to try. His blood was cold. Going to Yuan Shu felt a kind of dead end feeling. "I think that Yuan Shu’s troops are on a par with only a few people, but who else will play!"
Although Yuan Shu screamed at the top of his lungs, the teenagers still responded. They had just seen the iron tower. Han Yin should be the strongest among them. As a result, he was unconscious when he hit it at random. I don’t know if it was enough for others to have a chance to fight with such people. Naturally, no one wants to.