Because the first missile just left the view, Nana’s rising route almost rose against the tail of the missile flame! The audience was shocked to see that the witch Nana was safely ill when she passed through the light tail, and then she took a long sigh in her heart …

At the same time, when Nana passed two missiles, everyone saw that because she was very close to the two missiles, two blue "ool" words were lit up on the track.
"oh! I have to say that Boss Xie’s grasp of this difficult point is really accurate. When controlling the witch Nana to pass such a difficult point, he was able to achieve this perfect passing degree. Well, Boss Xie is the boss after all, and his understanding of the track is by no means comparable to most of our ordinary players! " Explanation meteor looked at Xie Xiaofeng’s hand and just rushed out of this difficult point. The witch Nana said in surprise
At the moment, the audience was attracted by Xie Xiaofeng’s track with the two explanations. On the other hand, the picture of Ye Xuan’s track on the screen was gradually getting a sense of interest …
For example, I also know that this situation is not suitable. Michelle paid special attention to Ye Xuancao, but she was surprised to find that everyone was not very optimistic about this teenager. At this moment, his track picture actually appeared one after another with the words "ool" in blue!
Mi Xue was a little surprised to know that although the track is just over 10,000 meters now, it is quite difficult to reach this level of passing on the track. She adjusted in time. "You can see that Ye Xuan has come to a very difficult place now!"
The audience looked at Ye Xuan track.
At this time, in front of Ye Xuan’s hydraulic treasure, there are three laser beams on the same route. These three laser beams are in a side-by-side potential, each with a length of two meters, of which two at the edges of the screen at both ends are in a vertical ground potential and close to the square ground step by step.
While the two lasers that are parallel to the ground are separated by a track gap route. If you are not careful, you will be crushed by these three lasers.
At the distance of five meters between the three lasers, the fourth laser beam suddenly appeared on the road section here!
The length of this laser beam is also about two meters. It is located in the center of the flat ground. Xie Xiaofeng encountered the same laser beam. It is also rotatable. Two missiles in its side came in tandem.
The audience saw this difficulty in front of Ye Xuan and breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, they thought with a little schadenfreude, "This small strength can be seen from this position …"
At this time, Ye Xuan, who was sitting in front of him, was not afraid because of this. He knew that this section was difficult, but it was only over 20,000 meters, and it was far from reaching its limit!
After reading this, he controlled the hydraulic treasure in his hand step by step. When he came to the three side-by-side laser beams in front, everyone saw that the hydraulic treasure flew past the gap between the two laser beams!
As the sound of the two ringing indicators started, everyone saw that the laser beam was passing through the hydraulic treasure in the middle of the screen, and the words "ool" were lit up respectively!
Perfect pass!
Ye Xuan didn’t dare to relax in his eyes after passing this road section. He knew that there were many difficulties in this road section. If he was not careful, it was a wasted effort. In the middle of the screen, the underwater treasure passed the three laser beams and then reached the position of the fourth laser beam.
Because Fang has two missiles, Ye Xuan directly took the route from the laser beam surface, and everyone saw that the hydraulic treasure was attached to the fourth laser beam and floated over the top of the laser. At the same time, the fourth word "ool" lit up …
There are many viewers whose hearts are lit up when they see this picture in front of them. They know that it is still difficult to complete this detailed exercise.
Listen to the commentary meteor and say, "We just saw Ye Xuan’s player adopt a very steady technique to successfully pass a difficult section!"
"First of all, at the position of the first three laser beams, we know that the distance between the laser beams is so narrow that it is already difficult to pass through them, but Ye Xuan can achieve perfection when passing, which has to be said to be very strong in controlling the flying mode track."
"In addition, it is more difficult that he passed the fourth laser beam. We know that it is not difficult to pass that position. It is necessary to control the role to rise to the most safe zone, but it is not so easy to achieve perfection when the fourth laser passes by …"
"Because the fourth laser beam is rotatable, it is not so easy to grasp the distance of the role laser beam in this situation, but Ye Xuan just did it …"
Chapter 629 Armor array gorgeous transformation!
After listening to the explanation, the audience nodded in their hearts. It’s true that Ye Xuan’s just manipulation is really exquisite.
After thinking about this, many viewers couldn’t help thinking, "Is this Ye Xuan the most powerful person in the temple?" Is it because he didn’t bother to compete with those players the other day? "
"But he doesn’t seem like a master …"
The audience are puzzled. At this moment, many people have a mystery about Ye Xuan’s identity. They want to know how strong this young man named by Xie Xiaofeng is. Is it also a hidden god …
However, his former exercise is really handsome, which many viewers admit.
"oh! A blind cat touches a dead loss "Taiwan Cao Baoliang looked at Ye Xuan, who was still galloping on the track at this time. He just got out of the limelight and despised it, unlike most of the audience. He knew very well about Ye Xuan’s strength, and this small level was generally just so amazing. Speaking to a certain extent seems to be really a bit more good luck.
In general, it is impossible for Ye Xuan to make Cao Baoliang fold by his own exercise!
Of course, Ye Xuan didn’t expect Cao Baoliang to admire himself more after this game. He still hopes to live up to the expectations of several people in the flurry team through this game …
Slowly, his track reached more than 30,000 meters. At this moment, the audience saw Ye Xuan eating a mech prop that appeared on a track. Then he put on armor and changed into a gorgeous shape!
It’s the flying chariot mecha!
Each mech is different, and each mech obstacle is also very different. However, there are mainly some missile and laser obstacles. Players need to hide them when they encounter these obstacles in the mech in order to run out of a longer distance as much as possible.
However, the difference in ordinary roads is that if the player accidentally hits an obstacle in the mecha, he will not hang up directly, but will just smash the mecha and then walk out of the mecha to continue driving on the normal road.
Of course, if you can run farther in the mecha to the maximum extent, it also has a lot of benefits.
When the audience saw Ye Xuan enter this dazzling flying chariot mecha, they all looked at the curious eyes. Although the mecha are also common on the track, it is always more interesting than ordinary roads.
Soon, everyone saw that three missiles appeared side by side in front of the dazzling flying chariot in Ye Xuan’s hand. Although the three missiles were in the same position, their heights were not the same. Among them, two of them were close to the ground side by side, but the most one was the two missiles across a track width.
Players will rise and fall faster when wearing a dazzling flying chariot mecha, and they will be more unstable than on ordinary roads. At this moment, everyone knows that Ye Xuan has come to a very difficult obstacle position when they see these three missiles in front of him.
Although there are not many obstacles in this position, there are only three missiles, but because the three missiles are not adjacent to each other side by side, it is unlikely that the flying chariot will fly directly to the top of the farthest missile, and it will be able to walk through the gap between the missiles in the farthest missile at this time.
However, there is only one track width in that gap, which is extremely narrow. It is more difficult to control the flying chariot to pass through it than to cross a track with the same width in an ordinary track.
See at this moment the three missiles have come to dazzle flying chariot near! Ye Xuan’s eyes are fiercely controlling the dazzling flying chariot to leap quickly when the missile comes!
So the audience saw that the golden body of the dazzling flying chariot just happened to pass through two missiles!
The audience saw at the moment that the dazzling flying chariot that had just crossed the first three missiles passed by a vertical ground laser beam after landing, and then three side-by-side missiles appeared again in front, but there was no gap between the three missiles. The dazzling flying chariot floated directly to the farthest side, and a missile would pass overhead …
Although the whole road was breathtaking, there was no danger after all. The audience was sighing and at the same time they became more and more curious about Ye Xuan’s strength.
"Good we see! Ye Xuan just passed a very difficult road. At present, in his hand, this dazzling flying chariot mecha won’t die, but it still makes us feel some thrills, "Michelle said."
"In the first wave of three missiles, I think everyone must have felt the danger of this section. It is a difficult point to break the mecha. Because of the characteristics of the dazzling flying chariot, it is much more difficult to pass through such a narrow passage than the capsule, but Ye Xuan’s player can let the dazzling flying chariot just fly over that passage. I have to say that his mastery of the track also makes us feel a little surprised."
Listen to the commentary. Although many people didn’t know Ye Xuan earlier, they feel that they just underestimated his strength. Seeing him doing a few eye-catching exercises on the track means that he has the strength of a top god! No wonder Boss Xie will look for him in this game …
The difference between the audience and the audience is that the remaining three people sitting in the temple said ehud Shapiro brake looked at Ye Xuan sitting in front of them. Although there was surprise in their eyes, there was not much shock, but Cui Ping’s heart was faintly raised with the idea that Ye Xuan could win the game in the hands of Xie Xiaofeng. This idea was not strong enough for him to shake his head and deny it as soon as he thought about it.
"Come on, don’t be wishful thinking. Xie Xiaofeng’s strength is obvious to all. Although the game mode of this game is dazzling, Ye Xuan hasn’t run far at present, has he? In the early stage of the track, some classic exercises are often practiced. After all, it is possible to do it … "Cui Ping silently said to himself.
Yin Xuejian sitting beside him still has no expression on his face.
On the other hand, Cao Baoliang on the other side is still full of contempt at this time. "Oh, this little dream won this game? Stop dreaming! "
He and Ye Xuan are in the same team at the moment, but they are not expecting their teammates to win. It is also wonderful.
63 Chapter 63 Agreed to fear defeat
It was Cao Baoliang who never imagined that it was this game against Ye Xuan that Xie Xiaofeng really hung up on the track of more than 70,000 meters!
So he thought it was impossible to win Ye Xuan, so he was so lucky to win this game …