Moreover, the earthly woman is really much worse than the woman in the science of uniting the world anyway, whether it is temperament or appearance or strength, but Yu Cheng is still attached to a earthly woman in such an environment. I have to say that this infatuation makes Gao Chen Bipei.

"You are good at it-I wonder what else you are good at?" Yu Cheng suddenly became interested. He felt that Gao Chen now seemed to be more and more mysterious. A nine-order practitioner could not only take out ten-order Dan medicine, but also speed up more than ten orders. He just didn’t know what else he didn’t know.
"Ha ha, you will know after this. Now let’s go!" Gao Chen ha ha smiled and said, what is he good at? He is good at everything.
"Well, if I can, I’ll be with you." I thought about it for more than one minute, saying that the so-called love me, Wu Gaochen is Gao Tengjuan’s nephew status, which made Yu Cheng feel a little different about him, and Gao Chen showed mystery all the way, which made Yu Cheng secretly feel that this Gao Chen was not as simple as he saw himself. At this time, he had an impulse to know more about Gao Chen!
"This, of course, don’t let’s have a look at who arrived at the door of the third floor first." Gao Chen’s face flashed a mysterious smile.
"All right, let’s see how fast you are." Yu Cheng was also curious for a while, and Yu Cheng was not much slower than Zhao Runlong.
"That’s good. I’ll wait for you at the gate on the third floor." Gao Chen finished and disappeared directly before Yu Cheng.
"This kid is really confident. I want to see if you are really that fast." Gao Chen actually admitted that he lost, which made Yu Chengyi a little more competitive and thought about turning around and disappearing directly.
"Why don’t we compete to see who can get to the door of the sixth floor fastest?" Gao Chen at the door of the third floor looked at more than ten minutes later than himself and smiled.
For more than ten minutes, it’s not a small gap for the tenth order strong. Yu Chengdan smiled and said, "It seems that you still don’t want to start with me. In this case, I’m curious about how much you can be faster than me. Chapter 255 Zuma, fifth floor.
Real Gao Chen really doesn’t want to go with him. Now Gao Chen is already on the fifth floor of level 91. How can he seduce a little bit of a ninety-level Zuma messenger as a pet? How can he seduce Yu Cheng in front of the tenth-order strong man (_ bubble &&)? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about seeing Yu Cheng see through his plans for Gao Chen. Of course, his face still gives me a hint of embarrassment. "I also want to see how fast I am."
"There is nothing in the first few floors, but you should be careful when you are on the fifth floor." Yu Cheng is slightly worried that Gao Chen is a nine-order, one-star five-story Zuma, which is at the bottom. It can be said that now Gao Chen’s strength into the five-story Zuma is still dangerous.
"Don’t worry about this. Look at my brother. They trust me more." Gao Chen smiled and said that the ninth order is now a spike for him.
According to the previous law, the enchantment can deal with the ninth-order strong now, but it has not been tested yet, and I don’t know if my guess can really be established. This fact is also the reason why Gao Chen wants to avoid them alone.
"That’s right. In this case, I’ll wait for you at the sixth floor door first." Yu Cheng smiled and went straight to the third floor door.
Gao Chen took a casual look at the door on the third floor and sent the ring directly. After a few minutes, he arrived at the door on the fourth floor. Although Gao Chen is fast, it takes at least a few hours to fly from the general tenth-order strong, and it takes at least four to ten hours to travel slowly.
At the entrance of the fourth floor, there are many strong people who are waiting to team up to break through the fourth floor, but when they see Gao Chen appear, no one invites them like Gao Chen. After all, Gao Chen appears too fast, so no one can see Gao Chen’s strength if they add roots to their cognition, which means that the strength of the other party is absolutely ninth order!
See these practitioners Gao Chen heart although there is a little feeling, but also didn’t stay in the slightest directly went in, Gao Chen is in addition to WenShiAn and Dan Ti third person to enter, for him now his battlefield is five or six layers (_ bubble &&) four layers of middle-ranking Zuma has no threat to Gao Chen now, of course, group killings can still get a lot of experience.
It’s a pity that this Zuma Zhonggen can’t go beyond the destructive power, otherwise it will be sent out of the Zuma Temple. When you come, you can be careful, but now Gao Chen is afraid to start sending the ring directly. After a few minutes, Gao Chen suddenly thought that although he can’t kill monsters, he should be able to kill a little alien. If possible, he can directly let them hunt freely on the fourth floor, which can also mix a lot of experience for himself.
Think of it, do it, Gao Chen, and let out all the aliens with different orders, including the most two pets. There is no order among these aliens, and all of them are other aliens. When they appear, Gao Chen directly makes the hunting order Zuma fight, and suddenly the hundred order Zuma flies over.
Gao Chen smiled that he really couldn’t make more than the destructive power of the order skills, but it should be no problem to trap the spell without destructive power. Then Gao Chen directly released the god beast and looked at it. Gao Chen suddenly had an idea in his heart, that is, whether the god beast can make power recklessly.
If it is sent out, can you return to your shop instantly? Although I really want to try it, if I can’t return to the shop, wouldn’t it be troublesome? Finally, Gao Chen gave up this tempting idea, so Gao Chen and the beast desperately released the trapped spell on these order Zuma, and then several aliens together dealt with the first order Zuma. The important effect of Gao Chen is to make these order aliens achieve a second kill …
In the last few steps, a group of aliens can really kill the seconds, and Gao Chen will also experiment with some order Zuma to see if the temptation light can be used. Although Gao Chen’s temptation light is now a horror level 19, it can’t be called to one order Zuma at a time. After a few hours, Gao Chen also summoned a few dozen Zuma.
This time, I summoned dozens of orders. Zuma Gao Chen found an interesting phenomenon, that is, although these orders still have their own thoughts, they are not as hostile to themselves as he is most tempted to summon pets. Is this because the level of seduction light has risen, so Gao Chen suddenly became interested? He decided to summon a huge Zuma team on these four floors and then sit down and collect experience points by himself?
Of course, whether the lure light has been upgraded in attributes can not be proved now. It requires proficiency to make people crazy. Even if the enchantment is accelerated by 360 times, it will not be upgraded in a short time. After one day, the number of nine planets Zuma in Gaochen’s hand order has reached 500. Of course, there are still many orders. nine planets Zuma plus these 500 orders. nine planets Zuma Gaochen has a total of 10,000-order pets. This is already a big force. At least some small sects in the practice world do not have this order. nine planets.
Gao Chen put these pets on the fourth floor, Zuma was hunted by themselves, and he has appeared in the fifth floor. Looking at increasing the experience value at any time, Gao Chen doesn’t know how beautiful his heart is. If this 10,000-strong team waits until the desperate end of the department, he still doesn’t know how much experience he can bring to himself. This effect is good, and it seems that he will have to come several times more.
This is the first time for Gao Chen to come to the third floor. When he came to the fourth floor, Gao Chen saw that it belonged to the original tribe of the seventh-order Zuma. When he came to the fourth floor, he saw that it seemed to be scattered but condensed together. However, Gao Chen’s first reaction in these five floors was of course that the aura concentration of heaven and earth was higher than that of the fourth floor. I don’t know how many times if Gao Chen had no map system.
At first glance, you will definitely recognize that there is no Zuma in this place, but Gao Chen’s map shows very regular red dots. If you look at this map, you will wonder if this is who drew a chart.
Every distance between these red dots is about ten miles, that is to say, if you walk in a straight line without ten miles, you will meet a ninth-order Zuma. Every distance is so very uniform, just like someone draws it with a ruler. This has to make Gao Chen sigh. This distance has an advantage, that is, it is beneficial to the aura of heaven and earth, so that every Zuma has the same area and can absorb the aura of heaven and earth.
Although my heart was shocked, Gao Chen still went to the nearest ninth-order Zuma. At this time, the most urgent thing Gao Chen wants to do is to see if this ninth-order Zuma can break the barrier of Gao Chen. If it is still broken when it is touched by the ninth order like the order, then Gao Chen will not wait to be sent directly to the door of the sixth floor. Although it can also lure some just ninety-level Zuma, the fifth floor of the ninety-level Zuma is suspected of being killed. When I think about it, there should be many people at the door of the sixth floor.
Reconnaissance saw that I met the first ninth-order Zuma, which happened to be a level 90. This edge should have just soared from the fourth floor to Gaochen, and a big move appeared beside him, and then the boundary was opened, and then the skills of soldiers were started repeatedly, just like dealing with Warcraft. Although it was not a spike, the speed was better than a spike …