Li Qi seldom fails to come out in front of the full house, but she is in such a bad mood at the moment that she doesn’t want to let the full house be affected by her.

Li Qi’s whole heart is full of flowers. She cares about flowers. She values him more than anyone else.
Until the melodious piano sounded, like a breeze blowing in her heart, blowing away all the unhappiness and leaving peace and beauty.
Li Qi looked at the flowers. He was as peaceful and gentle as ever. Although he couldn’t see it, his dark eyes seemed to be watching her all the time. No matter what emotional changes she had, she would be easily discovered by him.
Now the flowers are all over the floor, which is to appease Li Qi with his piano. There is no need for words. The piano sound is the heart sound, and you can feel it if you want to feel it with your heart.
Love is as gentle as others, like water, which moistens all of you inadvertently and silently. Li Qi is willing to be wrapped in such love until the end of her life.
"Qilang, aren’t you going to ask me what just happened?" Li Qi’s mood has calmed down, just like usual chatting.
Li Qi can only be herself in front of a full house. She can be happy or sad.
"So Qier would like to tell me?" The flowers filled the floor and stopped fiddling with the strings. He came to her side.
Li Qi thought for a moment, and she told a story about the past.
Once, Li Qi had a big sister, many of whom went to her mother’s early sister to take care of her like a mother, but later her sister gave up her love and abandoned her family. She made an engagement and ran away with someone and never came back.
It’s been so long that Li Qi almost forgot that she has a sister.
The person who eloped with Li Qi’s sister was Huashan’s brother. Since then, Huashan and Li Jia have not been as good as they used to be, but Li Qi is still a little girl. If she can detect the undercurrent of calm water,
Li Qi has a stubborn personality, which can even be called paranoia.
However, once a sister was deeply in love, it can’t be forgotten, just as her sister said she was her last relative in this world.
Therefore, she would rather bear all these difficulties by herself and walk on the road of revenge, no matter how much suffering she encounters, she can walk back without hesitation.
In fact, the two sisters are somewhat similar, one is their own love, the other is their relatives’ hatred.
"I told her that I hope she won’t appear in front of me again. I can be fine alone. I still have Qilang Qilang, don’t you think?"
Listening to Li Qi’s words, he knew early that he was a soft-hearted but indestructible contradictory person.
He loves her dearly, but even he can solve this problem in her heart, which may dilute it sometimes.
"It’s you and me." Holding Li Qi’s hand, he doesn’t need to think about it at the moment. The most straightforward expression is the best. "Qier, I have a small building, but I think it is home if you are in a small building. Maybe there will be our child Qier in the future. Would you like to be the hostess of this house? Be my closest relative? "
Li Qi has just pushed her sister away and approached her, which is her only living relative. Her family is long gone.
But Qilang told her that he would give her a home to be her closest relative.
Qilang, Qilang, you always make me want to cry.
It’s always like living in Li Qi’s heart to be able to read her deepest desire hidden in her heart.
Li Qi didn’t hold back and threw herself into the arms full of flowers. He caught her firmly. It is such an arms that she needs now.
"Qilang, I may not be good enough, but I want you to be the best I can be." This is the first time for Li Qi to confess his mind in front of a full house.
Qilang never knew what he meant to Li Qi. Without him, there might not be Li Qi today, maybe it was Shi Qi or maybe it was a more terrible one.
"Qier, you are fine now. I think no matter how many teenagers want me to be alive, I will love you more than today."
He is not a person who can easily say love, but he holds her tightly in his arms at the moment, and all the words just blurt out without thinking.
The two people just stood quietly embracing each other, and everything in this world seemed to be far away from them, and they could feel the love and beauty from each other.
"Qi son six elder brother talk to me, do you remember? My father’s birthday is next month. Would you like to meet him with me? "
"Of course, I will follow Qilang wherever he goes."
Lu Xiaofeng is different from natural and unrestrained. Li Qi cares about everything about herself, whether people or things are so attached. Li Qi is afraid of being separated. She will leave everything she cares about with her.
But it is special for Li Qi to be full of flowers, and she will always be with him.
If you love someone, you have to accept it. She has struggled all over the floor, been firm and shocked, but in the end, he found that she is still what he loves her, and nothing can separate them from now on.
Maybe it’s full of flowers and Li Qi are always in one place no matter what they do.
Li Qi will be watching while Li Qi will be sitting by if she is full of flowers in brew tea.
If lovers want to be in the same place, even if they do nothing and say nothing, being with each other is where the other person’s mind is happy.
It’s like being full of flowers, smelling the fragrance of Li Qi’s body, hearing Li Qi’s shallow breathing, swaying beads and jingling wrist jade, etc. She rings and Li Qi’s eyes are full of flowers.
If you want that person to be with each other, you can have limited sweetness.
Two days later, Li Qi is counting the flowers and plants in the small building together with the flowers and plants to be relocated.
Because there are too many flowers and plants in the building, the original shelf has long been unable to put them on the ground, and many of them have to be rearranged
Two people are counting it. Suddenly, it seems that they are filled with flowers. They casually asked, "Why haven’t I seen Lu Xiaofeng in these two days? And Chu Liuxiang, these two people don’t know what to do. "
Li Qizheng moved a pot of flowers in and suddenly felt guilty. "Qilang and the two of them seem to be still in our wine cellar!"
Li Qi gave the wine cellar a lock that day. The two men were about to come out because they couldn’t stay. After all, it was not easy for Lu Xiaofeng’s martial arts to come out, and a lock couldn’t stop him. But Li Qi secretly went to see it twice. These two people either drank or slept, and there was no point in coming out.
Li Qi meant to play tricks on them, but it is estimated that two drunkards will be fished out when they are drunk to death in the wine cellar.
Flowers filled the floor and shook her head. "Qier can’t let them drink any more. Let’s go and carry them out!"
Li Qi naturally won’t refuse to allow two people to take the lock at the door of the wine cellar and go in to see two people who are drunk as mud still holding the jars.
This picture is simply unbearable to look directly at the wine cellar, and it is even more alcoholic. Li Qi is almost fainted, and her nose is more clever than ordinary people. That must be even worse. Li Qi also thought about this.
"Qilang, get out of here. The smell here is too strong. I’ll take them out."