"Practicing in the house? You are looking for her." Shizuka took out a bottle of drink and threw it to Haikui.

"Don’t look for me, just ask by the way. Can you tell if something is coated with anything toxic or not?" Haikui looked at Shizuka and asked.
Shizuka shook her head but didn’t speak. After a few seconds, "I can try."
Haikui took the needle out of Gankun’s bag and gave it to Shizuka.
Shizuka took it and looked at it for a while and said, "Nothing strange is just an ordinary needle."
Then, before Haikui could answer, he took out a small silver bottle from the bag, took a little water and threw the needle into it. "We’ll see if it’s poisonous later."
Haikui turned his eyelids and said, "What strange way am I still? It’s silver to try poison."
Shizuka glared at Haikui and said, "Since you know what, don’t try it yourself."
"I didn’t think of it at the moment." Haikui laughed.
Shizuka didn’t bother to ask him more questions. "Is this the case today?"
"Oh, and ask me what time did you say where you met in the past? Do you think you are impatient and don’t welcome me very much?" Haikui said with a cold face when she saw Shizuka.
Shizuka sighed, "No, I feel bad and quite stuffy for no reason these days."
Haikui didn’t ask any more questions when he saw her like this. After all, he couldn’t solve her problem.
"It’s better for you to go to the sixth floor of the comprehensive building." Haikui asked again.
"Yeah, so do we."
Jingxiang probe looked at the needle in a silver bottle, which was normal and the silver statue did not change color. She pointed out that it was "no change, no poison"
Haikui also saw it and nodded his head. The boy in the back channel didn’t lie to me.
Chen Qiongyan sat in the old Dong car and drove for twenty minutes before it stopped. He didn’t think much about it. As soon as the car stopped, he asked the old Dong to stretch out his hand and hold his arm. "You wait in the car for a while and I’ll see how the packing is going."
Chen Qiongyan doesn’t doubt that he nodded and looked at Lao Dong’s car.
Old Dong came back after about three or four minutes. He hit the door and said to Chen Qiongyan, "Come on."
Chen Qiongyan obediently followed Lao Dong to a unit building and followed him to the third floor.
After entering the room, I found that there were few sofas and a carpet on the ground, and there were already two men sitting on the sofa.
Chen Qiongyan is surprised that there are so many people when so little furniture is moved. It is enough for two people to find a truck to pull the sofa and the cabinet carpet as soon as it is collected.
He is wondering if the old Dong asked one person on the sofa "Let’s see".
There are two people on the sofa. One looks stronger in his twenties and has some muscles. The other is in his forties and his eyes are extremely obscene.
The man in his forties looked at it carefully and Chen Qiongyan nodded "yes"
Old Dong laughed. "I’m sure it must be a baby."
Chen Qiongyan looked at a few people who were confused about what they were saying, but the man in his forties looked uncomfortable, as if he coveted beauty. Is there beauty in this room?
The middle-aged man got up from the sofa, took out some red tickets and handed them to Lao Dong. "What you want is in the toilet seat."
Old Dong nodded and took the money, went into the toilet, took an oiled paper package and left.
Chen Qiongyan has been surprised to see that they found Lao Dong gone and asked the middle-aged man in front of him, "Uncle, isn’t he moving?"
The middle-aged man laughed. "Well, he just moved things away." He winked at the strong man next to him. The man came to hold Chen Qiongyan from behind and wouldn’t let him resist. The middle-aged man quickly took out a rope from behind the sofa to tie him up.
Chen Qiongyan was shocked and didn’t know what this was about. "What are you doing? Let me go."
After tying Chen Qiongyan, the middle-aged man quickly stripped himself naked and laughed, "Don’t ask you to relax later."
Old Dong Bian pondered the wrapping of oiled paper in his hand and laughed to himself. That A Man Called Autumn Flower was in danger. Hey hey, I didn’t expect that I didn’t spend a penny. I changed my gun and earned hundreds of dollars. This business really earned me. After this chrysanthemum guy knew his hobby, I also had one more way to make money.
Old Dong thought of this and suddenly thought of sending Haikui’s small house to Chrysanthemum Guy, where he could also exchange some money. I don’t know if one of the ten virgins in Flower Street is a virgin, but he can guarantee that nine of the ten men in Daisy Street are daisies.
This chrysanthemum guy has a gun in his hand and hasn’t dealt with him before he has money. I didn’t expect that this time he has gained a lot. This hobby of breaking chrysanthemums really makes people shudder. It is thought that Lao Dong is also a tight chrysanthemum, and he still likes to lose his virginity.
Hai Kuilai also wanted to ask Yun Xiyue whether she wanted to be an alchemist or let her teach herself to endure. After waiting for a while, Yun Xiyue didn’t show up. Shizuka said that she was practicing that day. Hai Kuilai sucked the work * * and she hasn’t come out since.
Nai Haikui really wants to flirt with two Jingxiang and then leave the dormitory. Nai Jingxiang looks cold and lets Nai Haikui flirt with her and leave.
The next morning, Haikui woke up from the practice of divine knowledge and watched it for a while. It was just 7: 30, and he was informed that there was still an hour and a half to go to eat breakfast at 9: 00. Just after he got into bed, a boy came in carrying his luggage.
I saw Haikui say hello to Haikui. "Hello, my name is Zhao Xuewen."
Haikui also nodded with him. "My name is Haikui."
After greeting him, Haikui went out of the dormitory directly.
Everyone in this four-person dormitory is here.
At dinner, Haikui met Zhao Xiaoxi, Ji Yujing and Ma Mengmeng again. He didn’t see Yang Yulu. Haikui was very surprised and asked them, "Why didn’t I see Yang Yulu?"
"It’s not that they are scared and wait until the right time to come out." Ma Mengmeng stared at Zhao Xiaoxi and Ji Yujing and said.
They spat out their tongues at her.
Haikui smiled. I didn’t expect Yang Yulu to be afraid sometimes.
At nine o’clock, Haikui realized that it was to inform them of military training. The military training in this school was relatively short. For one week, he had to be divided into majors. Who knew that when he asked Liu Lei, his roommate, he realized that he had filled in all the majors when he applied for volunteering.
Haikui was very depressed. When did I fill in my volunteer? It just occurred to me that it was Wang Ke who filled in according to Ma Mengmeng’s volunteer with a stroke of his hand.
Haikui gathered behind Ma Mengmeng and asked, "Monitor, what major did you apply for at that time?"
Zhao Xiaoxi heard and said, "I am a major."