Meeting such an opponent, Li Cheng felt that he should still have a chance to finish the free throw game.

Players like Gordon are generally prone to eat fake moves. His main defense is gambling steals, jumping off when opponents make shots, and then praying that opponents shoot wide.
"China people hear that you can shoot well?" Sung Jae Lee thought as he ran, but suddenly he spoke with Li Cheng Gordon.
Li Cheng laughed. "Do you really want to know my ability? Ask your girlfriend! He should know. "
Talking, Li Cheng suddenly changed the running rhythm, and he quickly moved to the weak side. In the past, Li Cheng just ran, and the basketball has reached the position of his hand walker. When this substitute array cooperates with Li Cheng for a long time, the tacit understanding is not low.
However, this time Li Cheng threw the ball without receiving it. He slowed down and was obviously waiting for Gordon.
Gordon saw that Sung Jae Lee caught the ball in the dangerous area and quickly stepped up his pace. Just before Li Cheng, he was faked by a shot by Li Cheng.
Li Cheng smiled and leaned forward to jump. After touching Gordon’s hand, his hand shook exaggeratedly for a while before throwing the ball out.
The thrown ball naturally missed, but the referee’s whistle rang
The referee whistled a little late, and Li Cheng was shocked. Fortunately, the referee whistled at last.
Lee has become a free throw line. He is always good at free throws. How can a pitcher go out to meet people if he doesn’t make a free throw? Besides, China players who can go abroad are always accurate in free throws.
Li Cheng made two free throws, and once again gained a 2-point lead through the free throw pacers.
"Small don’t you dare to head-on collision with me? Do you want to score points this way? You’re afraid of me, right? But your performance can’t work forever. If you want to fool around by acting, you should go to Hollywood. "
Gordon talked a lot in Li Cheng’s ear. Li Cheng shook his head and chose to block it directly. This guy feels so good about himself.
This time, Li Cheng didn’t prevent Gordon from attacking. Gordon broke through Li Cheng and tied the score again.
This time, Li Cheng tried to recreate Gordon’s foul by the same method, but Gordon was not stupid. Of course, Li Cheng failed to throw the ball again and missed the basket.
Li Cheng missed Gordon’s shot and felt better about himself. He could restrain Li Cheng himself! But Sung Jae Lee deliberately slowed down the pace after catching the ball, waiting for him to come!
Very confident that Gordon’s assists helped the Bulls score two more points and were overtaken.
Li Cheng was replaced, but it didn’t help the Pacers to pull back the situation immediately. However, everyone was not in a hurry. Obviously, Sung Jae Lee fans and coaches and teammates have established confidence in their hearts.
"Lee’s feeling seems to have been affected, but we believe that he will soon lead the Pacers to repel this wave of chasing points in Chicago," Mark Boyce said.
Little ella pouted again and said, "How come the score has been overtaken again!"
Pete said with a confident face, "This is for the time being, we will definitely win." And he turned his attention to the running No.23.
Fans like Pete, who were taken to the stadium by their parents, have strong self-confidence in the team they support most. They finally believe that the team they support will win or lose and the trough is only temporary.
Li Chengke never knew that it was all thanks to Reggie Miller now that everyone had trusted him so much.
Miller helped him with a press conference, and some media exposed the Indiana fans where Li Cheng and Miller were located, just as they once believed in Miller.
Chapter 51 Push back a wave
Li Cheng has always wanted to finish it first, but now Li Cheng has a chance in front of Gordon, a big defensive colander
Li Cheng, who cheated the foul free throw line, now has a very accurate goal, and Gordon’s self-confidence has been greatly expanded in the process of defending Li Cheng twice.
In the first game, Lor-Deng’s defense was still demanding, and Li Cheng actually lost his defense. Gordon obviously gained greater confidence and he was more active in Li Cheng’s defense.
And the more positive effect is obviously tragedy.
A good man who is not good at defense is strong at this time. What he can do is to take off more actively, block and steal more decisively when the other side is ready to take the ball.
"If you say I can’t defend well, I’ll show you one." Gordon made a determined effort in his heart
When commenting on Gordon, many brick experts invariably point out that the offensive firepower is very fierce, but the defensive attitude is not positive enough and there is no excellent physical skills. More often, eye defense is the sixth person on the bench but not suitable for starting. Gordon has had enough of those experts’ comments. This time, he wants to prove himself in front of Li Cheng, even if it is this game.
Gordon put his weight on his hands and put on a defensive posture. Sung Jae Lee caught a basketball on the left side of the free throw line. His ass was against Gordon, which was obviously a prelude to his preparation for a jump shot.
Li Cheng suddenly changed the dribbling rhythm and then quickly turned around. Gordon knew that Li Cheng’s back jump shot was very good. When he saw Li Cheng turn around, his body conditioned reflex usually took off.
"Your reaction is too strong!" Li Cheng was shocked, but how could Gordon not accept such a gift?
When Gordon fell, Li Chengcai jumped, and the two of them rose and fell. Gordon couldn’t cover Li Cheng this time.
Gordon seems to have thought of something, straightened his hand and quickly took it back, but Li Chenggen wouldn’t give him a chance.
"Can you hide now?" Li Cheng took the initiative to bump into Gordon’s hand. At the same time, the basketball hit the backboard and bounced into the basket.
"A successful three points, this * * China has been out of control!" Mark Boyce said
Li Cheng’s outbreak has attracted a lot of attention. In addition to some fans, coaches of other teams in the nba also have a pair of eyes to look at him.
David Stern sat on the wall of his president’s office, with a large LCD screen, watching the Indiana Pacers’ home game against Chicago Bulls.
"What do you think of this China person?" Stern ask that deputy sitting beside him.
"Regardless of his skin color, it is not surprising that a rookie can perform like this. I think it will be even more horrible when his peak comes," said a tall, thin middle-aged man around Stern. "Plus, the market should definitely hold him firmly behind him."
Stern nodded and said, "Keep betting that Indiana must be on the playoff list this season." After thinking about it, Stern added, "It’s best to make it to the second round."
Li Cheng hit a free throw at the free throw line, but Gordon was annoyed because he got his second foul.
At this time, Gordon seems to be caught in a strange circle. He doesn’t want to attack his best to get back face, but wants to limit Li Cheng on the defensive end
This time, the bulls failed to attack, and the pacers grabbed the backboard in the backcourt to fight back. However, the Chicagoans did not return slowly, and the Indians failed to make a fast break. They slowed down and prepared for positional warfare.
After passing the ball around, Li Cheng’s hand Sung Jae Lee bent down to hold the ball outside the three-point line. He wanted to play the ball, but Gordon’s action surprised him.
Gordon knows that Li Cheng dribbles badly. He wants to stop Li Chengqiu by forcing him to dribble and then seek opportunities to steal.
But Gordon grabbed too much, and the block he left was as big as the sea.
At this time, Gordon, who was already mad, was thinking about stealing Li Cheng, but he never thought about what consequences he would cause after making such a big push.
Looking like the sea, blocking Li Cheng’s breakthrough is even worse. At this time, he can’t be soft. He seized the opportunity and turned around to Gordon and dribbled to the basket.
Gordon turned decisively and pulled Li Cheng when he failed to break the ball. Li Cheng felt that Gordon was pulling him to take a decisive jump and threw the basketball, and then Gordon pulled his strength and fell to the ground.
The referee whistled and awarded the pacers three free throws.
Li Cheng glanced at Gordon with a blank face and walked up to him and said, "Sometimes actors can mix well in the nba."
Gordon was so angry that he almost bit his teeth, but he held back.
Boylan’s heart suddenly cooled at the sight of Gordon’s three fouls in Li Chengshen’s succession. He finally saw Gordon’s firepower on the scene to overtake the score, but he didn’t expect his head to get hot again and sent himself back to the bench.
"Damn it!" Boylan scolded one and then applied for a replacement for Gordon after Li Cheng made the first penalty.
Gordon sat on the bench and covered his head with a towel. When he calmed down, he realized that he had just been impulsive.
The Bulls lost the counterattack rhythm, but O ‘Brien decisively replaced Granger and Tinsley. He wanted to strike while the iron was hot and push the Bulls back.
Li Cheng firmly hit the other two free throws and scored six points through the free throws. Plus that hit shot, he scored again to help the Pacers find their lead. At the same time, he made Gordon three fouls in a row and directly helped the Pacers turn the scene back.
In the second quarter, Li Cheng didn’t get a chance to score again. He missed two shots.
Li Cheng’s continuous foul-making has really affected his feel and rhythm, which is also his inexperience. If Li Cheng had not met Gordon, a guy who is a little single-minded, his single-minded foul-making style would have been beaten to death a long time ago.
However, even if Li Cheng failed to score again, the Pacers still entered the locker room with a 14-point lead. Li Cheng played Gordon as a substitute for O ‘Brien for Granger and Murphy, and the wave directly knocked the Bulls down.