"Gao Jianfeng was injured and shouldn’t be said to be poisoned. Now he can’t make the lighter at all. What he can rely on now is his 3,000 Qinbing, but we have 10,000 troops. Are we still afraid that he can’t make it with just 3,000 people?" Another population is said.

"Gao Jianfeng’s headache is not his fighting skill or his strength, but his military talent. The title of General Yum is not for nothing," someone said …
Gao Chen observed this tent. There are not many people. There are six Gao Chen scouts. After seeing it, I found that these people are all about four orders in strength. The highest one is only 45, and the most famous one is Jiangling. The strength is a little higher, but it is also five orders! This is not a master for Gao Chen, but Gao Chen also knows that they are soldiers, and they rely not on personal strength but on teamwork. Although these people are not very strong, their military status is not low
"Now that you know it, you should take this opportunity to eradicate him." The man who spoke the most once again said that he got it from reconnaissance. His name is Jun Blade Armor.
"I’m not against it, but we should think of a way, and you know there won’t be many opportunities!" A man named Jun Renyi said
"Thousand Apes Mountain is so big, the first thing we should do is not to discuss how it is, but to determine his position first. It’s not that we want to get him now. Just do something for me. I want an hour to know where Gao Jianfeng is." It is obvious that he is the general of this army!
The five men looked at each other and then turned and walked outside. When they heard the news, Gao Chen didn’t know what kind of mood it was. When they came out, Gao Chen also turned and walked to the mountain. At least now Gao Chen knows a few news. First, Gao Jianfeng is poisoned. Second, he is now in this mountain. He is still safe. The enemy is divided into several ways and is looking for him.
What Gao Chen has to do now is to find Gao Jianfeng in front of the enemy and then do it. He plans to go out of the enemy’s range, check the map of Gao Chen and run in one direction!
Chapter 50 Surprise Grace creates chaos
It’s much easier for Gao Chen to find Gao Jianfeng with map navigation. The map shows that the enemy is actually like Warcraft. One unit has a red dot, while Gao Jianfeng’s army has a yellow dot in the forest. He has easily avoided some celestial imperial soldiers. Gao Chen quickly showed the yellow dot on the map, which is close to the advancing position. Gao Chen found many celestial imperial soldiers. These soldiers are not very high in rank, but their numbers are too many, and they are all searching in teams. There are at least 100 people in each team. This is not a big forest. If Gao Chen does not appear, it is only a matter of time before they are found.
With the help of the map system, Gao Chen soon came to the place where the map showed a bunch of yellow spots. This is a very secret hiding place. If there was no map navigation, Gao Chen could not find this place. The soldiers of the bonfire empire were hiding in the dark, and the defense was very tight. Of course, Gao Chen would not just go out and secretly approach the central position. This is where Gao Jianfeng is located. After almost half an hour, Gao Chen finally approached a small tent in the central area. This tent is very small, just like a single tent and the only tent. It is unrealistic for Gao Chen to tie up a big tent at this time. Gao Chen found that his heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot. Is this because the horse is about to see Gao Jianfeng?
From the gap in the tent, Gao Jianfeng sat in an animal skin, and now he looks haggard. A lot of pale expressions make Gao Chen feel distressed. He cast a reconnaissance technique on Gao Jianfeng and got the name: Gao Jianfeng’s rank is 56. Professional soldier (commander in chief) … From the data, Gao Chen found that Gao Jianfeng’s health value keeps dropping. Although the speed of decline is not very obvious, it makes Gao Jianfeng unable to recover his health value. The original health value of Gao Jianfeng’s fifth-order strong man is either reduced to 50% or recovered from serious injury. Soon and it seems that Gao Jianfeng can’t even get angry. This is the reason why Gao Jianfeng didn’t play his skills. After all, it takes gas support to display his skills, and it is even more dangerous to keep falling health.
He took out a towel from his backpack and covered his face, then walked into the tent. Although Gao Chen just appeared, he came with his eyes closed. Gao Jianfeng suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Gao Chen before he appeared. "Who are you?"
"It doesn’t matter who I am to your situation now, but it’s enough that I can help you," Gao Chen said hoarsely.
"Help me, hehe. I’m curious about how you can help me." Gao Jianfeng still stared at Gao Chen. Although he was seriously injured, he was dignified as a commander in chief. He still looked at his expression. There was nothing wrong with Gao Chen, so Gao Jianfeng would attack.
"First of all, I can detoxify you, and then I can help you attract the soldiers of the Imperial Heaven outside to let you return to the beacon city smoothly. I wonder if this will help enough?" Gao Chen still hoarse voice unhurried replied
"Oh, really? Then what are you going to help me with?" Gao Jianfeng asked coldly. Look at his expression and you will know that he didn’t believe Gao Chen at this time.
"You and I want to help you? If it weren’t for seeing that you are Gao Chen’s father, you will live and die and I will do it? " It’s not a lie that Gao Chen said this, but it feels a little strange to say such a thing himself. This is why Gao Chen has long thought about a plan.
"What, you know my son Gao Chen? Who are you?" Gao Jianfeng was surprised to hear Gao Chen’s name, and his expression was very shocking and exciting. He didn’t see any gas fluctuation in front of him, just like an ordinary person who didn’t practice but didn’t practice. Can an ordinary person come here? You know, there are 3,000 Qinbing out there, and each of them has third-order strength. Is he an ordinary person? This is a question that doesn’t need to be answered. It is simply impossible for an ordinary person to appear in this place at this time. Then there is still a result that the strength of people in front of him is unfathomable. It is already strange that a person with such strength knows Gao Chen, and it is even more strange that such a person, as a father, doesn’t know it …
"I’m surprised to see you, but you’ll know who I am. This can solve your poisoning. I’ll lead the soldiers of Tianen Empire and then you’ll take you back to Fangcheng." Gao Chen took out a group of healing drugs at the same time.
"This is this?" Looking at the surprised expression in the eyes of Gao Jianfeng, the healing medicine in front of me, "Is it true that the second time Chen Er gave me the medicine, you gave it to me?"
"predecessors? You can’t call me that "Gao Chen cold way what joke let his father call his predecessors this is going to be struck by lightning.
"Well, it turns out that Gao Chen has given you the healing medicine, but now that you have taken it out, you can charge you a bottle. Remember what I said." See Gao Jianfeng, who wants to be afraid that he will call out his predecessors again and call Gao Chen busy, and then send a ring to fly out, without giving Gao Jianfeng the slightest chance to speak. Gao Jianfeng’s life value is a little worse than full value, and his full value is only less than 100%. A bottle of healing medicine is enough to fill up the department.
And the poisoned health value is full, I believe it can’t affect Gao Jianfeng. This poison has been solved. Of course, that’s because Gao Jianfeng is not very poisoned now. If it is too severe, the poison healing medicine can also supplement the health value but can’t solve the poison.
Looking at the red dot ahead, Gao Chen rushed over to the road, and Gao Chen always wondered what he should do to complete it. If he escorted all the way with Gao Jianfeng, let alone the danger of exposure, it seems that he could not complete this. To deal with Gao Jianfeng, he has dispatched nearly 100 thousand troops, but it is impossible to deal with so many people himself. The only way is to lead the soldiers department of Tianen Empire to lead so many troops. I have to say that this is a crazy plan, but the difficulty is reduced to the lowest point.
There is a group of soldiers behind. First of all, the anger wind assassination swordsmanship brings a light, which penetrates three people’s bodies at the same time. Although the anger wind assassination swordsmanship is strong, it has not yet reached the spike strength of these gifted soldiers, but it is also enough to crush these second-order soldiers into residual blood. Several people have not yet reacted from the sneak attack. Gao Chen’s second attack is still strong. The anger wind assassination swordsmanship finally clears the lives of these three residual blood soldiers. At the same time, Gao Chen seems to hear the unified tone, but at the same time, there are also the soldiers in front of the grace empire who react
At this time, Gao Chen has already rushed into the crowd, with a machete and a machete in his hand, and slashed around a few people, dodging this sword and shadow. All kinds of warrior skills in the gap of the sword and shadow are put to use again and again until some attacks will be killed and stopped. After Gao Chen is finished, these attacks can bring high single-digit health points for his current defense up to 5 points, but he takes away this health point. He has hundreds of packages of healing drugs and thousands of packages of various potions. Even if he wants them to cut the key parts, he will have to cut them.
These second-order soldiers are too weak for Gao Chen, so weak that Gao Chen gave up evasion. A soldier can’t attack Gao Chen’s hand more than three times. This is still the reason why there is no skill. If a skill base like Stormrage Assassination Fencing can fight residual blood at one time,
At present, this hundred-day imperial soldier was stunned by Gao Chen’s style of play. How could such a person cut Gao Chen’s back with a knife? It seems that he didn’t respond to how to push, but he didn’t stop at all because of being attacked. He was not affected at all, just like this. What kind of monster is this? The soldiers of Tianen Imperial gradually became crazy and panicked in the killing of Gao Chen.
Crazy people waved their weapons and shouted "chop you monster" in panic, then rushed to Gao Chen like a moth and died in the middle of the month. Finally, someone fled in desperation and Gao Chen looked at everything coldly.
The bloody feeling of killing people in the pre-game seems very realistic, but Gao Chen now knows that the game is always a game, no matter how real it is, and he is also fake. Now he kills people, feeling that blood is sprayed on his face, feeling that it is hot, and that blood has a peculiar smell. This is not something that Gao Chen can realize in the pre-game and has already affirmed in his heart that this is not a game. This is also the reason why he has never consumed a hundred points of life although he was born nearly a thousand years ago. Soon, one hundred soldiers in this team died, and there is no red dot near the map of Gao Chen’s hand.
I heard that the soldiers who were attracted in the distance looked at a map vaguely and then disappeared!
Chapter 51 Weakness Attack of War Suit
It took only a few minutes from the sudden sneak attack to the disappearance, and in these few minutes, this 100-member team actually died. Gao Chen’s hand has to say that Gao Chen’s attack power is too high for ordinary soldiers. The most important thing is that Gao Chen’s speed is higher than Gao Chen’s. He remembers that the life of Mag is also clear, but the other side fainted rather than died, but these gifted imperial soldiers are really dead. Gao Chen knows this very well. Is it because of this mentality that when facing these soldiers, he had the idea of killing each other, but of course, this time is not suitable for considering this problem!