However, this state did not last long. After half a year, Fu Jingsi suddenly didn’t go home very much. Every day, he stayed with Ji Rou except the nanny and the driver.

He comes back once every few months, but it’s cold every time. In the off-season, Rou doesn’t dare to go and spoil him as before.
The distance between two people is getting farther and farther
In the summer vacation of junior high school, Rou stayed at home alone and watched one afternoon when Fu Jingsi suddenly came back.
She saw him consciously calling him "Fu Shu" but she couldn’t send it out.
They haven’t been alone for a long time. He moved out to live in recent years. Every time Ji comes back, he throws money and leaves without giving her a chance to speak.
At this time, suddenly in front of her, her brain was crying and she didn’t know what to say to him at all.
Ji Rou is almost sixteen years old at this time and is in a rebellious period. She naturally won’t have a good face when she remembers Fu Jingsi’s attitude towards herself before.
Season is soft, after all, still didn’t talk to him. Put it on the tea table and get up and leave.
"Live" Fu Jingsi and Li scolded her.
Season soft stopped and bowed their heads in front of him to play with their fingers or refused to speak.
"Now even people can’t scream?" Fu Jingsi patted her hand and saw her eyes change greatly after her chest bulged two points.
It is reasonable to say that a girl should have been able to dress at this age, but she has no idea of this, and she is still like this.
"Fu Shuhao"
Fu Jingsi’s reprimand made Ji Rou awake a lot. She looked up and said hello to him superciliously.
Section 9
"I want to take you out with a coat." Fu Jingsi glanced at her chest and her voice was hoarse.
"Fu Shu, I’m too hot to wear a coat."
Where is Jirou? What does Fu Jingsi want to do and what coat to wear in summer …
"Let you wear it!" Fu Jingsi grabbed her wrist and let her touch her chest. "You don’t know how to dress a girl? You see what you are now-"
"… I know to wear it." Jirou was wronged by his scolding. She covered her chest and looked at him with red eyes. "But I’m embarrassed to buy it. Everyone else has a mother to buy it. I don’t have a mother."
"Come on, don’t cry." Fu Jingsi was so angry by her tears that he waved and urged her to "get dressed and I’ll take you to buy it."
Season soft didn’t speak, ran to the front of the coat rack, took a coat and put it on, and then went out with Fu Jingsi.
Fu Jingsi went to a women’s clothing store for the first time in her life to buy this time with Jirou.
What’s worse, Jirou doesn’t know how to choose the size at all. He can call the clerk to help her measure.
Jirou came to the fitting with the shop assistant, and she was very embarrassed.
The clerk chatted with her one build what did not build to ease her embarrassment.
"Little girl, who is that man outside you?" The clerk has a face of divination.
"… is my uncle" season soft low head to explain to her.
"Oh, so that’s it." The clerk nodded and smiled and said, "I think he’s your boyfriend. Look at the age difference between you two. Your uncle is kind to you and brought you to buy clothes. It really hurts you."
"… hmm" Jirou casually replied that she didn’t like sharing her life with strangers very much, and she kept calm no matter what the other person said.
After measuring, the clerk took Jirou and took some suitable clothes.
"Sir, do you think a total of six pieces is enough?"
Where does Fu Jingsi know if it is enough? He can turn his head and ask Ji Rou, "Is that enough?"
"That’s enough …" Season soft nodded awkwardly.
Fu Jingsi "hmm" and then went to check out with the clerk.
Five minutes later, he came to Jirou with a shopping bag.
"Fu …"
"Take your own things." Ji Rou was interrupted by Fu Jingsi before he came to speak. He put the shopping bag in her arms and then took her to the other floor of the mall to buy clothes outside.
Fu Jingsi took a fancy to a skirt and let Jirou try it on first.
Jirou secretly glanced at the price tag and refused.
She said to Fu Jingsi, "Clothes are too expensive and I have something to wear now."
Fu Jingsi was angry at that time. He glanced at her outfit and smiled disdainfully. "Is this kind of clothes embarrassing for me?"
"… I wish I didn’t say I knew you." Jirou looked down at him. "I don’t want my classmates to gossip about me. Now my clothes are fine. These are too expensive. I don’t want to wear them."
"Who said you gossiped?" Fu Jingsi squinted at her. "What did you say?"
"No one gossips about me. I’m just scared."
Ji Rou remembered the picture of a senior in high school who was pointed at by everyone for wearing famous brand clothes the other day. She was afraid that this would happen to her.
In recent years, she bought all her own clothes in the wholesale market near the school, which was very cheap. The bases were all white and there were no styles to speak of.
The classmates would laugh at her from time to time, but she didn’t take their words to heart
"Jirou, you should always remember that you are a Fu family. People will watch what you wear when you go out." Fu Jingsi paused. "I don’t want others to say that I can’t bear to spend money on you, okay?"
"Fu Shu, don’t worry," Ji Rou said to him, "I don’t want others to know that I am a Fu family."
Fu Jingsi was horribly angry with Ji Rou.
He went directly to the counter and asked the clerk to wrap the skirt just now and then stuffed it into Jirou’s arms with a shopping bag.
On the way back, Fu Jingsi has been unhappy. Ji Rou doesn’t know what he is angry about. He hasn’t been home for so long. Isn’t it normal for her to be unfamiliar with him? How can she be familiar without living together?
Ji Rouyuan Fu Jingsi will leave when she is sent home, but he has no intention of leaving until late.
Later, Jirou couldn’t help asking him "Fu Shu, aren’t you leaving?"
"Go?" Fu Jingsi asked her, "This is my home. Where do you want me to go?"
"But aren’t you coming back?" Ji Rou murmured in a low voice. "I don’t think you will come back again."
"I’ll come back to live later, so you should be mentally prepared." Fu Jingsi lit a cigarette and spit out smoke and asked her lightly, "Does it still hurt to have a period now?"
Suddenly asked this question, Ji Rou had some difficulties in responding.
Leng for a few seconds later, she remembered that she had the cheek to ask Fu Jingsi to rub her belly … Her face turned red instantly.