That a few men in black is obviously a master with a few people who are still relaxed.

And Jun Yang is even worse. Even with a Shen Qiqi, he doesn’t show any fatigue. The speed and posture are not in phase with Lingchen.
Shen Qiqi adjusted his breathing and tried not to let them find a little strange.
It was not until they came to a huge pothole that several people in black stopped. It was a natural pothole with a funnel shape, and the pothole was surrounded by slopes except for a small piece of flat land they stood on.
And there appeared a female figure in red.
She doesn’t know what to look at with her back to everyone, but judging from her figure, she is a woman with good figure and fierce temperament.
Hearing the noise, she turned around and finally saw her face.
Her mind suddenly came up with a description of Baoyu’s first meeting with Daiyu, in which two bends were like frowning but not frowning, and a pair of eyebrows seemed to be happy but not happy, and her eyes were full of anxiety and illness.
At present, this woman doesn’t have Daiyu’s morbid and delicate temperament, but that pair of slightly wrinkled arch eyebrows and that slightly pale face make her look a little fragile.
If you ignore her eyes,
There is a cruel light in her eyes, and her pale skin is strongly formed by her fierce red dress, which makes her look like a shura from hell, and she looks at those people like a dead man.
w w w 8
Being caught by them is definitely worse than death.
Several people were obviously drugged when they were caught, but they haven’t woken up yet.
The woman in red motioned for a few men in black to wake people up. When she saw a man in black with a small bottle, she walked up to several people and waved their noses one by one. Several people woke up leisurely.
Wait until you see your environment clearly and see a few fierce men in black next to you. Some people hate not to faint again.
A few people are just ordinary people in the town, and they don’t have any spiritual skills, but when they see the woman in red and a few men in black, they know that there will be no good thing to survive, which will make several people desperately want to stay away.
A few people stumbled forward and saw that they were about to leave their sight. The woman in red made a gesture, and the men in black caught them again.
After catching them back, they didn’t move. They threw them to the ground and held their arms aside to watch them panic and flee.
Run away and catch it back.
So repeated several times that a few people really didn’t have the strength to be at the mercy of people, and they looked at the woman in red and the men in black in a cold sweat.
"Who are you to catch us and what do you want?" Questioning by the courageous population 2.
"A few chess pieces are just not qualified to know anything." The woman in red coldly said, "What are you still doing?"
Hearing the order, a few men in black changed their silence just now and smiled and walked to those towns. Chapter 11 Entering the forest 4
When I walked in front of several people, I suddenly saw a pair of sharp fangs in my mouth, and then I leaned to the necks of several people.
It is reasonable to say that ordinary people should be frightened out of their wits when they see such a horrible scene, but it is strange that when the men in black approached them, several faces showed happiness and serenity, smiling and sending themselves necks.
The black dress person’s fangs quickly turned the eye pupil into a blood-red enchanting pole after piercing the human neck.
As the men in black gulped down, several people became shriveled at a speed visible to the naked eye. With the rapid loss of blood and water in the body, several people soon became mummified bodies.
Although Jun Yang covered her eyes, she should have seen Shen Qiqi.
It’s strange to see such a scene, Shen Qiqi, but he doesn’t feel afraid. He keeps playing it in his mind, and when he sees the picture, he rises a secret desire and even unconsciously swallows a mouthful of water.
Being shocked by himself, Shen Qiqi hurriedly looked up and looked at Jun Yang. He kept paying attention to the movement ahead and didn’t notice her.
Shen Qiqi secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Jun Yang and others were about to make moves when they suddenly saw a man in black in front and then hid again.
As soon as the man in black appeared, he drank "Stop it!"
At the sight of the bearer, several people stopped moving and respectfully shouted "see the left protector"
The man who was called the left protector was obviously angry and slapped a recent person. "You are simply fooling around!"
The man was fanned out but did not dare to refute that he left with others, covering his swollen face.
The woman in red is obviously not afraid of him and has been looking at him coldly since the moment he appeared.
Shen Qiqi suddenly felt that people in front of him were familiar with the sound and back.
Looking intently, I suddenly exclaimed "Qin Sheng!"
After shouting, I suddenly realized what I was doing and quickly covered my mouth.
However, it is already late.
Everyone is a master. If you have a disordered breathing, you may be noticed by the other party. What’s worse, it is enough for everyone to hear the alarm.