Self-esteem is not as difficult as you think.

In the face of a woman who once loved to borrow wine, once she puts her self-esteem, she will become particularly difficult
It is said that a fierce woman is afraid of being entangled in lang, and I believe that going like this will pry her heart one day.
"Miss Yu, please welcome my master!"
Qu Guanyang’s expression immediately sank and suddenly rose from the ground. I haven’t heard the news of Unalan Qing for a long time. His expression became particularly serious and he looked at the black man coming over. "Na Lanqing? Isn’t he dead? "
It is because he heard the news of Nalanqing’s death that he kept coming to the door. Otherwise, how could he disturb Nalanqing on his own initiative?
Yu Mengyan turned supercilious look and watched her coming at the black dress person and nodded slightly. "Please wait for a moment …"
"The Lord says it’s very urgent. Please go there at once!"
Yu Mengyan immediately got up. "Let’s go for nothing!"
"Wait for me, I want to go!" Qu Guanyang was very worried. He immediately got up and wanted to talk to the past because he thought it was strange that the man was dead. Why would there be news from him?
Could it be that someone is doing something in secret …
Yu Mengyan stared his one eye and reached a finger. "Your guards are so loose that even this kind of three-legged cat can run in …"
Pointing at Qu Guanyang, the man in black also stared at Qu Guanyang. He could let people in on his own guard … It seems that this person …
Qu Guanyang was stunned by this black dress person, and he hurriedly explained that he was afraid that he would be driven away.
"My sister let me in … what to see …"
Black dress person this just know.
Yu Mengyan followed the men in black from Qu Guanyang and followed him with the past.
Came to a room in the front yard, followed by Guan Yang, fart Dian, fart Dian, and walked in the door. Suddenly he saw a familiar face in front of him, so he moved at the door for a long time.
Because he dare not move …
A familiar face in front of him is so familiar that he will never forget it.
Prime Minister Nalan clears his face!
However, at this time, it is dressed in women’s clothes!
But also very intimate, being held in her arms and gently rubbing against …
"You you … you …"
Qu Guanyang pointed to Nalanqing, and he couldn’t say a complete word with his eyes wide open.
"You you …"
"You … Na …"
Na Lanqing glanced impatiently at the fussy man with a hint of displeasure in his eyes. "It’s noisy!"
Qu Guan Yang Li swallowed a mouthful of saliva, not like seeing a ghost. "You … are not dead?"
"When will I die?" Na Lanqing focused on Yu Mengyan’s body and tilted her head. "Show him!"
Yu Mengyan walked over and put it on Qu Guanyang’s forehead. "I lost my heart and went crazy!"
Na Lanqing "…"
Is this showing off?
"Show it to the man in the bed!"
Yu Mengyan discovered that there was a man lying in the xianfang bed. The person was large and small, and the wounds were not bandaged, and each wound was different in size, old and new, as if it had been abused for a long time.
Only then did I know that I would be wrong. I was interested in Meng Yan’s face with a faint purple. He coughed lightly and then went to the bed and squatted down …
I found a chair to sit on, then I held the man’s wrist and looked at the wound on the man’s wrist. There was no place to feel the pulse.
In the other hand, the other wrist wound is less than Meng Yan’s, and this just stretched out his hand and felt the pulse with unprecedented seriousness in his eyes.
It is a miracle that this man was so badly injured that he found out that he was badly injured after his pulse was taken.
"Che? Yanche? " At this time, there was a very anxious sound outside the door, and a snow-white figure quickly came over to win the snowman’s forehead. When he heard the news, he strode from the outside, out of breath and worried in his eyes.
Directly rushed to win phlogistic hospital bed looking at is pulse Yu Mengyan, he was in a hurry and didn’t know what to do.
"This … what the hell is going on?" Winning the snowman saw that the bed was full of scars, and his eyes showed an unbelievable look. His younger brother was surprisingly skilled in martial arts and inherited the royal blood. There is not much difference between the winning family and the royal blood. The average person can’t be his opponent
Yu Mengyan finished her pulse and then turned around and leaned over gently at Na Lanqing. "The patient has a very serious trauma, but every trauma is not fatal. It seems that someone deliberately tortured him and showed mercy."