Xiao Yin ha ha smiled. "I just want to see what it’s like when people like you are trampled on your feet! Don’t you want to save Gao Song? But kneel down and I’ll let her go. "

MuYunZe fingers slowly clenched into a fist eyes staring at Bai Xiaoran seems to be thinking about her words have some credibility.
"Don’t kneel!"
Has been silent singing suddenly cavity she stared at MuYunZe eyes trembled "don’t you kneel MuYunZe if you kneel, you are a coward, even if I get out alive today, I will look down on you! Don’t kneel! "
Mu Yunze smiled, and his voice suddenly became gentle. "If you are a coward in peace, I will recognize it."
"It’s so emotional. Oh, my God, so many people are waiting to see the wonderful performance of President Mu Da."
Bai Xiaoran smiled and looked disgusting.
MuYunZe staring at singing a leg before one knee slowly made a kneeling, Bai Xiaoran laughed and leaned back against the singing neck hand slowly slack off.
It was at this time that she stepped on the back of her foot and slammed into Bai Xiaoran’s face. When she let go, she quickly ran to Muyunze.
When Bai Xiaoran reacted to catch it, Qin Zhong suddenly jumped up from behind and took off her arm.
"click-"a bone dislocation Bai xiaoran let out a scream and then fell to the ground clutching his arm and howled in pain.
Qin Zhong moved too fast before Bai Xiaoran hired someone to react. He was already in the way of singing and making a standard fighting posture in front of Mu Yunze.
Qin Zhong’s skill, these people have just seen it, even if they are five to one, they are a little nervous.
"Why do you want to give me money?"
Section 469
Bai xiaoran, clutching his dislocated arm, became more ferocious and roared at this group of people.
She is really unpleasant to people. Tao Ge frowned and said nothing.
Huang Mao didn’t have such a good temper. He gave her a cold foot and said, "Who the fuck are you bossing around?"
The kick directly hit Bai Xiao Ran’s face and suddenly nosebleeds flowed.
The appearance is really tragic
This scene is not easy. Five against one, they may win, but they are really afraid of each other’s identity.
Chapter 696 There is a good show waiting for you.
The other party obviously didn’t respond to leng for a second.
On the contrary, Bai Xiaoran’s face changed sharply as soon as he brushed it. "Mu Yunze, shut up!"
MuYunZe smile, even stingy with a look, gave her a faint look and pointed to the box for those who worked for Bai Xiaoran.
"This woman asked me for $5 million, which is equivalent to more than RMB 30 million. She is afraid that it is not enough for you. You may face jail for the rest of your life, and you will get hundreds of thousands. This woman has a lot of money and can live freely abroad. Even if things are exposed today, she can blame you for it. It is you."
"MuYunZe you shut up! Shut up! " Bai xiaoran is on the verge of collapse because muyunze said everything is true. both sides don’t know much about this kind of hiring murder. since they dare to take this job, I’m afraid it’s not so good to send muyunze to provoke a few words casually, which can make their department turbulent.
Sure enough, the third brother’s face suddenly changed and Bai Xiaoran’s hair rose from the ground.
"Bitch, what he said is true! Old people give their lives for money, and that’s all you fucking give! "
Bai Xiaoran’s scalp is numb, his face is still mixed with blood, but his mouth is still arguing. "He said that he just wants to leave us and don’t listen to him."
As soon as her voice fell yellow, she had already hit the box that Mu Yunze had brought and scolded, "It’s really fucking dollars, Tao Ge. Look!"
Sure enough, a box is full of stacks of brand-new dollars, and even the numbers are arranged in sequence, which shows that they have just been taken out of the bank.
They live to this age, who has seen so much money, and it is false to say that they are not moved, but none of them are waiting for Tao Ge to speak.
MuYunZe also see out this group of people make the decision is this man named Tao Ge, these people listen to him.
Mu Yunze said slowly, "I can give you money, but you have to answer me a few questions."
Tao Ge’s eyes narrowed and sank. "What do you want to ask?"
Although he is moved by the money, he is still wary.
MuYunZe glanced at singing face slap seal lip corner pressure pressure voice some gloomy "who hurt her face"
Tao Ge one leng he each other will ask them how many people how to coordinate things, but never thought each other would come to such a sentence.