"Ah ~" Seeing that he promised to come to Jiang Xuanxuan with his mouth wide open, little emotions don’t emanate "It turned out to be Bai Mu. No wonder she is so reasonable every time she approaches the boss. This must be what Sister Yue used to do."

Jiang Xuanxuan is the truth.
Gu Chen didn’t think about it, but when she turned her head, he tried to pick up, "My sister is arrogant, and no woman will put herself down and chase after me. When that bitch appears, my sister sells it hard."
"Hu said that all the women chasing the boss have gone to France! The boss still needs to sell! " Jiang Xuanxuan’s reply was pitched a lot with a little face full of ambition.
Her words Gu Chen took it as praise in her mind without authorization.
Jiang Xuanxuan should mean to praise his charm. Although this is a recognized fact, Gu Chen sounds very pleasant from her mouth.
He was so proud that the corners of his mouth evoked a happy radian and continued, "If my sister had your eyes, she wouldn’t have misjudged what that guy Liu Bucheng said about Jiang Xuanxuan. How lucky you should be to see me earlier."
Said Gu Chen took hold of Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder palm to tighten the strength, and he was also proud because he felt that his own eyes were good, so he easily picked his sister’s almost pure girl.
"But there must be a reason for elder sister Yue to see Liu Bucheng. Women look at men in all aspects. If they are not good, they still like anything." Jiang Xuanxuan pouted and talked to Gu Yue. She also took Gu Chen’s waist and thin waist, and she could be taken by her arm.
The boss’s figure is undressed, fleshy and thin. She is very satisfied!
Gu Chen bowed his head and stared at him like a little hand falling on his waist and being hugged by a girl gave him a strange feeling.
But he didn’t say, continue to put on a relaxed face and pretend not to know.
"Do you know what is the reason why my sister looks at Lubucheng?"
Jiang Xuanxuan shook his head.
"roast duck"
"Poof-"Jiang Xuanxuan smiled unkindly and couldn’t hold back her smile. She could giggle and apologize. "Sorry … I didn’t mean to offend Sister Yue …"
This ridiculous reason made Gu Chen want to smash the roast duck restaurant, but then I thought about it, but it didn’t matter because they were already better.
"Lu Bucheng’s childhood sweetheart likes to eat roast duck. It is said that he met my sister after he saw my sister eat three roast ducks alone and bought her a bill without authorization." Gu Chenyuan disdained these old rotten things.
If I had known that this kind of thing would make his elder sister be hooked up by a man, Gu Chen would have tried to stop her from loving roast duck.
That bloody encounter was hard to prevent, even if Gu Chen wanted to stop it.
Jiang Xuanxuan smiled again. She covered her mouth and snickered. The eyebrows were bent like bows and arrows, and the corners of her mouth could not help but twitch.
Gu Chen took a deep breath and vomited heavily. He frowned and looked down at Jiang Xuanxuan. "Are you laughing at my sister’s stupidity now?"
"No, no ~" Jiang Xuanxuan was busy motioning with his hand to deny that "I think Sister Yue’s requirements are really low, and such a low chat-up way actually caught her up ~"
Gu Chen gave an absolute nod to this point.
Section 166
"Whether I like it or not can be seen at a glance. I can’t understand why my sister has been with Lu Bucheng for so long. She can’t see that the person Liu Bucheng likes is actually someone else?"
"It’s hard to say, boss. After all, Liu Bucheng likes people who have already left and can’t catch rape on elder sister. How to prevent mistress?" Jiang Xuanxuan replied like this.
"No one pays attention to the ambiguous identity of childhood friends." Gu Chen sighed and remembered something that seemed to wake her up quickly. "So I hate Hua Hongan. If this identity is better than me, I will get rid of him before you react."
There is a threat in the words. Jiang Xuanxuan can hear it.
This is the first time to hear him listen to those past Jiang Xuanxuan who listened carefully and understood. Suddenly, he felt that he had experienced so many things personally, and it should be normal for the boss to have these thoughts now.
So Jiang Xuanxuan now knows the real reason why he hates Brother Hua.
"Don’t worry, boss, this kind of thing won’t happen to me, I swear!" Holding three fingers high, Jiang Xuanxuan turned to him with a face of seriousness. "Brother Hua and I have absolutely no feelings of overstepping! Not before, not now, and never before! "
She said firmly, and her eyes were full of determination.
Jiang Xuanxuan is serious. The whole person looks more serious than Gu Chen.
Gu Chen’s dark and deep eyes stared at her for a long time, and generate’s eyes sparkled, and his lip angle rose higher, which showed his good mood
"eh!" The sudden addition of children makes the atmosphere more harmonious. "Mom!"
With an immature "ma" in his mouth, it sounds cute and comfortable.
"Baby comes to give mom a hug." Jiang Xuanxuan made his hand to take the baby. After receiving her arms, she squatted near the tombstone with the baby in her arms. "Baby took you to see your mother today. Look …"
Her fingers are like tombstones, and the corners of her mouth are curved gently. "The baby should grow up healthily and happily every day after listening to his mother."
She coaxed the child, and every sentence said that Gu Chen was particularly cute. Behind her, her eyes were as straight as a torch. Looking at her like this gave him a feeling that happiness was around.
So his sister should have seen it, right?
It’s good to see a woman around him, to see him take care of Kyle, and to see that he is happy and not alone now.
I don’t think I’m … worried about him anymore, are I?
Looking up at the gray haze, Gu Chen couldn’t see the sun, but it didn’t make him feel particularly cold.
Gu Yue should be watching him in the sky, right? Let’s take a look at his choice of women …
After staying in front of the tombstone for a long time, suddenly the child sneezed, and Jiang Xuanxuan decided to go home for fear that the child would catch a cold.
They walked side by side along the cemetery road, surrounded by cold tombstones, but it didn’t affect their mood of clearing up.
Gu Chen held the child in one hand and held it on Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder in the other. Jiang Xuanxuan also held an arm around his waist and leaned his head on his shoulder. The two of them were intimate and snuggled together, whispering private words.
Jiang Xuanxuan pointed her finger at the child’s fleshy face and often laughed. Gu Chen liked her smile and would be dyed by her smile.
The atmosphere along the way is very good.
I don’t know, just when they stepped on the stairs, they suddenly put away their smiles and were replaced by cold and disgusted looks.
There is a staircase in the cemetery where Gu Chen, Jiang Xuanxuan came from the surface and Liu Bucheng went from the surface. The three people’s eyes touched for a moment and the flint churned.
Especially Liu Bucheng, in the first time, his sight was attracted by the child, and the nine-month-old child was covered with fleshy facial features. It was not very obvious that he looked at Gu Chen quite like Gu Yue at the same time.
"Hey, finally dare to show your child?"
He bite is ironic tone Jiang Xuanxuan some fear to hide behind Gu Chen.
Gu Chen single-handedly protected Jiang Xuanxuan from a height, and he was as imposing as Lu Bucheng. "I’d like to ask you what qualifications you have to come here?"
In a word, Liu Bucheng’s chest became angry. He stared at Gu Chen’s pupil eyes and flashed fire. "Why can’t I come here? Yue is my wife, and I am more qualified than anyone to see her. "
"Do you still take her as your wife?" Gu Chen coldly asked, "I won’t believe you when she believes in Leng Qing’s hypocrisy."
"I Leng Qing false righteousness? Gu Chen is your kindness! When a group of us were so good, you broke it! "
"That’s because you didn’t really treat us when you came!" Gu Chen’s anger blocked Lu Bucheng’s words.