He said to Lin Yi, "I sent someone to check that I couldn’t find out the details of this person and even the appearance of this person didn’t know that the other party was elusive."

Lin Yi said, "In that case, Xiao Xiong doesn’t have to check him again. If I guess right, he will come to me."
Xiao Lianqin was puzzled when he heard this and asked, "Brother Lin made this statement?"
Lin Yi told Xiao Lian Qin when the ghost Buddha died.
Xiao Liu Qin listened with a meaningful smile. "If that man really comes to seek revenge from Lin Xiong for the ghost Buddha, it is the stupidest thing he has done in his life."
Xiao Liu Qin’s suspicion is the greatest praise for Lin Yi’s martial arts.
At this time, Lin Yi suddenly heard an excited sound, which was not loud, but Lin Yi heard it.
"Yan Liang, can’t you stay and listen to me for a few words …"
It turns out that Su Qinghou and Liu Yan Liang are also here.
Xiao Liu Qin also heard him sigh and said to Lin Yi, "Now that Liu Yanliang has left, you can go over there. Master wants to see you. I’ll go to school sister now."
Xiao Liu Qin turned to find Su Jiner and Lin Yi went to the sound place.
Lin Yichao walked forward for dozens of feet and saw a black dress person standing upright in front of him without a mask. It was Su Qinghou who came out of Liu Yan Liang and turned back to the moonlight. Since Liu Yanliang returned to Lin Yi, it was inconvenient for Su Qinghou to meet him. He first flashed to a tree.
Liu Yanliang turned back to Su Qing Hou Zhang and stayed outside.
LiuYan cold to Sue light hou said, "I have told you that I won’t forgive you! You don’t have to pester me, but you let me have it! Don’t you be afraid of being laughed at by heaven and man when you go out regardless of Wuhou’s face! "
Liu Yan Liang dared to be so disrespectful to Su Qinghou, which made Lin Yi feel extremely uncomfortable.
Facing Liu Yanliang, Su Qinghou was not angry. He said, "I forgot to say anything when we met. I don’t remember …"
Liu Yanliang gave a mocking smile and said, "The Duke of Su, you are really forgetful. Then I’m afraid you don’t remember your sins before. You really forget."
Su Qinghou was silent for a moment, and then he said, "Yan Liang doesn’t deceive you. I remember some things, but I really don’t remember some things, but I remember you …"
Liu Yan Liang said, "I want you to forget me so as not to bother me for so many years. I’ve been bored by you for so many years, and you’re still minding your own business. When I was in contact with Lu Ximei, you even had to take care of Lu Ximei. You told me that a man in black with extremely high martial arts threatened her to stay away from me or hang her in the temple. I knew that the man in black was you …"
After hiding from the tree, Lin Yi realized that Su Qinghou had threatened Mei Mei in those days.
What is this Liu Yan Liang and Su Qinghou?
Lin Yiping gathered his breath in the hope of solving doubts from their conversation.
Su Qinghou said, "I remember that thing about Yan Liang. I thought about it for you. But Lu Ximei is the goddess of Gone with the Island. She can’t fall in love, and she can’t marry. She must abide by the laws of the temple. If you associate with her, it will hurt you and hurt her. If things get out, you will all be ruined and maybe you will be killed …"
"I don’t want to hear it!" Liu Yanliang interrupted Su Qinghou and said, "Now Lu Ximei doesn’t like me anymore. She has changed her mind and she loves your son-in-law Lin Yi. Are you satisfied with this? Lin Yi ruined my painting, took what I love, and you are still so kind to him! If you want me to forgive you, you can kill Lin Yi … "
Sue light hou dazed a hearing this, he asked "Lv Ximei like Lin Yi? Is this really true? !”
Liu Yan Liang said, "Of course, it’s true. After Lu Ximei misunderstood, I later asked her to make amends. I hope second time around told me herself that she was still angry with me that my roots were hard to compare with Lin Yi …"
Liu Yan Liang angrily said that after hiding the tree, Lin Yi secretly complained in his heart, which is really going to be chaotic.
Su Qinghou regards Su Jiner’s life as average. Su Qinghou’s personality. How can he tolerate Lu Ximei’s kindness to his future son-in-law
Sure enough, Su Qinghou listened to Liu Yan Liang and said, "Lv Ximei knows that Lin Yi and Brocade are good, and she still dares to touch this idea. It’s really reckless. I’ll deal with it."
Liu Yan Liang said, "I’ll tell you not to come to me again if you really want me to forgive you, either kill Lin Yi or bring her back to life … Besides, I can’t forgive you in my life if you pester me again and force me again … I know that you are omnipotent, but I can’t hide from you, but you will always let me go when I die."
Liu Yanliang released such rude words that Su Qinghou suddenly felt that his heart was stabbed by a sword.
Su Qinghou looked at Liu Yan Liang. Finally, he waved his hand at Liu Yan Liang in a gloomy tone. "I can’t do either of these two things. I won’t bother you anymore after you go, and you don’t have to die. I hope you live well. You must take care … If you need my place in the future, just say so."
Although Lin Yi doesn’t know what Su Qing Hou Liu Yan Liang is, Lin Yi knows that Liu Yan Liang’s rude words must have deeply hurt Su Qing Hou Xin.
A generation of martial arts wizards praised Taibai Mountain for beating Lin Tianshu and knocking Hu Ling’s hidden soul into the ground, but Liu Yan Liang looked so helpless in front of him.
It’s really embarrassing.
Liu Yan Liang said, "I don’t need you, and I dare not bother you. I hope you won’t forget to bother me again when you talk today. I will die, but I will keep my word."
Liu Yanliang said, "Turn around, moonlight and white clothes float away."
Su Qinghou faced Liu Yan Liang, but he went to the back. He suddenly stretched out a hand and trembled. He seemed to want to catch something, but in the end, his arm was weak and his body trembled.
Who is this worldview? Maybe he is a natural enemy, but there are always things in life that make it difficult for him to grasp, and there are always regrets that make it difficult for him to make up.
Lin Yi sneaked out from behind the tree and then walked over to Su Qinghou.
Sue light Hou eyes still looking at the LiuYan Liang figure disappear direction.
Lin Yi went to the crowd. He respectfully said to Su Qinghou, "Master, I am very pleased to hear from Brother Xiao that you are well."
Lin Yi recalled the days when Su Qinghou was silly and dribs and drabs came to his mind. He and Su Qinghou and Wang Huigui took care of each other like relatives.