I asked her, "ancestor, where are you taking me? Where are you going to play? Why are you running like this?"

She looked surprised and opened her mouth. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
"Ancestors, you have been pulling me to run, and I want to have a chance to say."
The two of us stopped at the intersection to stop a taxi, but the performance of this intersection was very problematic. Ten minutes later, no taxi came. I lit a cigarette, found a place to sit, looked at her back and said, "Don’t you feel tired after running for so long?"
"I won’t sit until you finish smoking. I don’t want the smell of smoke around me."
After smoking a cigarette, I patted the dust and walked to the side of Yang Xun. At this time, a face showed that the taxi came to us as if on purpose, and Yang Xun said a few words to the driver, saying that I didn’t catch the driver’s nod soon.
We took a bus to the amusement park. Yes, the amusement park is a large amusement park. It seems that this amusement park has not been completed yet, and it is far from the city center, so I don’t know how long it will be built.
She walked straight ahead, beckoning me not to continue with me, and quickly followed her in. I really didn’t expect to come to such a place, a place of childlike innocence. Maybe she has a childlike innocence in her heart. I don’t know how many times she came to the amusement park, but I know that I have never been to the amusement park since I was a child, not once.
Chapter 29 Cigarette Cake
Although this is an unfinished amusement park, it still has an unusual feeling for me, maybe it’s the first time.
The lights in the amusement park are still quite bright. Looking at the red and green lights, I wondered if it was the owner of this amusement park, so as to make some light for this remote suburb so that people who usually come in to play can find the right direction in this amusement park at night.
Yang Xun was playing happily with the equipment inside with that innocent smile. I took out my mobile phone and patted her, just like Kuloko Shen, and I took a scene that I thought was beautiful.
This amusement park is very quiet. There are two people talking to each other. We are not far apart. She keeps asking me to come and play with her. I didn’t refuse to walk slowly to play with her.
We walked to the colorful light Ferris wheel and she asked me, "Go and play."
Looking at the motionless Ferris wheel, I questioned and said, "Are you sure this thing will move?"
Her smile surprised me, but she didn’t say much about "don’t guess or go straight"
She nodded and the two of us went straight in. It wasn’t long before the Ferris wheel moved automatically. I asked her curiously, "How do you know it will move?"
"I won’t tell you"
For her answer, I shook my head. She went to the window and watched the whole amusement park scene. I went to her side and knocked on the window. Suddenly I felt a little touched. Maybe it was the same as I thought. The light from this ferris wheel seemed to be the main light of the whole amusement park, which made this amusement park full of warmth, but there was still an inexplicable silence.
"This is a forgotten place." The light around her face revealed some blushes, which seemed to be caused by drinking too much. She sighed lightly and her expression was a little depressed.
"What do you mean?"
Because this amusement park was built three years ago, all projects have been interrupted since an accident happened three years ago.
"Then how do you know all this?" I asked.
She didn’t answer me. I was calmly watching the scenery outside the window. After the wind blew on her face and gently supported her hair, "Today is my birthday."
"Your birthday" I was a little surprised to look at her.
"Well, every year when I’m alive, I will come here alone for a while."
"What about your family and friends? Don’t they spend time with you?"
She shook her head and looked at me. "Are we friends?"
I said something, and she gave me one back. Well, I feel that she has an indescribable loneliness, which seems to be not much different from my loneliness. "Don’t you usually rest and communicate with others?"
"It’s not that they don’t communicate and play, but that I want to do better in training, and I can only do what others don’t."
For her 100% effort, I seem to see Yu Fei’s familiar shadow. I took out a cigarette and lit it. This time she didn’t let me put it. I smoked and said, "You are very similar to my ex-girlfriend. She also likes dancing, but now she has gone to America."
She teased me, "That is, you go to the girls’ dormitory every day and sing to her that mice love rice girls. She should be beautiful."
I nodded and nodded, then looked at her and asked, "What about you?"
"Do you like someone?" I asked a sentence.
"None" I pressed again.
"Yes, but he’s gone."
She was silent again, as if silence was one of her answers, and I didn’t ask her again. After all, everyone has their own secrets that they don’t want to tell.
"What is your birthday today?"
After sitting on the Ferris wheel for a while, we slowly stopped and went back to the original position. The two of us came from the Ferris wheel. I looked at my watch and thought thoughtfully for a while. Yang Xun didn’t go directly by my side.
Half a day later, she pushed me and said, "Go home."
It’s 11 o’clock when we got back to the city, so we wandered around the downtown road, except for the neon lights on the street. I took her to a 24-hour convenience store, where she went in and bought a pack of cigarettes and a small cake.
"Since birthday is about cake," I waved the cake in front of her.
She pointed to my little cake and laughed. "Your cake is so big." The more she looked at it, the more she wanted to laugh.
I also scratched my head a little bit "the cake is not in my heart"
She smiled for a while before stabilizing a little and said, "There are no candles there."
I interrupted her, "Who said there was no candle, but it was a little too big?"
I took out four cigarettes I just bought and put them on the cake. I said, "This candle is a little too big. I know you don’t like cigarettes, but I really can’t find a candle more suitable than cigarettes."
She nodded silently and seemed to acquiesce in my thoughts. I lit these four candles and motioned for her to blow out. She closed her hands and closed her eyes and made a wish first. From her expression, I can feel that her wish should be beautiful. Maybe her wish will make her laugh again with some unrealistic fantasies. But who has never imagined that this world will have her own expectations and who has not had that brilliant smile in the fantasy world?
She put her face close to the cake, blew on the cigarette candle, and the four candles went out when she blew gently. I helped her take out the candles and just bought a small spoon for her and said, "Happy birthday, eat. The little girl is one year older."
"Thank you." She simply said these two words, and she was very happy. She took my hand and ate the cake. She ate slowly, even if it was such a small cake, she slowly tasted it, fearing that if she ate too much, it would be gone.
After eating the cake, I took out the paper and wiped the cream on her mouth. At the moment, she is really like a little girl with innocence, a twelve-year-old girl who is very simple. This midnight, I spent such a simple birthday with such a girl.
Unfinished playground is different, cigarette cake and this lovely and simple girl.