"Ouch!" The boss wife screamed and then screamed and jumped up.

Looking back, it was a beautiful woman who also grabbed her ear and a little baby stepped on her foot hard.
"Hum, you are a vicious old woman." The gentry kicked her calf when they couldn’t step on her.
The wife of shop-owner broke free from the trees and jumped up. "Who are you from? Incredibly dare to beat the old niang against you "
Said the stroke sleeve to greet her.
A strong hand grabbed her wrist and almost didn’t crush her arm. She looked up and saw a delicate cufflink, then a tall man was perfect and cold, and more importantly, his temperament made her throat unable to make a sound.
She was shocked.
The trees walked over and lifted the green bud from the ground. The green bud didn’t know whether to thank her or not, but if she thanked them, she wouldn’t have a good life after the passers-by left.
So she nodded and broke away from her hand.
"Sister, why don’t you resist what she did to you?" The gentry came up to her and asked.
Green shoots looked at him with innocent eyes and bitter smile. Of course she wanted to resist, but after resisting, she would send her back to her hometown and be beaten by her father or forced to marry by the village chief.
She would rather be beaten and scolded.
The gentry took out a pile of money from her wallet and stuffed it into her hand. "These give the proprietress money and medicine."
Green Bud was taken aback when she saw the red paper. She refused "no, no". Although she was short of money, she never asked others to give money for nothing.
She looked up and saw that the refusal hand of the forest stopped shaking her lips. "Are you mywood?"
The forest is stunned. "Do you know me?" She thinks she is a strange face. She is sure that she has never seen her. She is those clear eyes that can reflect the pupil of heaven and earth, but she has a strange familiarity. It is a feeling that hits her heart and seems to have collapsed.
Inexplicable suffocation and inexplicable heartache
Pour the money in your hand. "You will encourage them to be arrogant. Where is helping people?"
Trees looked at him "that how to do? Can you have a long-term solution? "
Give it to me, you don’t have to worry about it.
Green shoots stared at the tilt, and then looked at the trees and tears flowed like burst banks.
But the corners of the mouth are raised, and the tears that are desperately trying to laugh are even more fierce.
Who do you think she is? I’m a little excited.
Dad is a minion.
Look at this expression. It means knowing two people and crying with joy
But it’s strange how he could know her.
Maybe you mistook one for another.
Pull up the trees "Let’s go"
The trees looked at her motionless and said, "We know each other before, right?"
She nodded desperately. "Well, third brother Mumu, I am Chloe."
Trees alpha males even tilt ruthlessly frowned Kerr how is it possible? She died long ago. He watched her swallow her breath and cremate her as she asked.
How can this strange face be Chloe? And those good eyes. Her eyes have been given to the trees. Are you trying to extort money by spying on their whereabouts? In this way, he has seen more.
"Chloe is already dead" threw a word coldly and dragged the trees and gentry away.
Luya looked at the three people’s leaving back. She wanted to chase them and convince them that she was really Chloe, but she didn’t die, but she was resurrected in another body. But what is so strange is that she believed it for half a year before she confirmed it. How can she convince them with just one sentence?
But this kind of thing is simply a fable. It’s strange that people don’t regard her as crazy and arrest her, but she wants to go back to her original home and see her good partner.
After all these years, she knew that she gave her cornea, right? She’s always on her mind, isn’t she? She also wrote that public service advertisement, didn’t she? No one knows the story of the two except her. She said that one day, if there was an opportunity, she would write the story of the two and make it into a shadow, but it became an advertisement instead.
Her eyes have healed, and she’s married, third brother? There is another child. It seems that they are very happy. She has never seen such close feelings, such gentle tone and so fond eyes in her third brother’s face.
That’s great. That’s great. She saw the most important thing in her life. Both of them are very good and happy, and she is very satisfied.
But why is it so sad? Is it because this short side reminds her more? This time, the parting is permanent, right? Will she never come home after that?
She once dreamed that one day she could go back, cure her grandmother’s illness and take good care of her for the original green shoots. She saved enough roads and went home to see if she is not here now.
If even the third brother and Mumu don’t recognize her or don’t believe her, who in this world will believe her nonsense?
Everyone will. She asked about her family affairs and pretended to be.
She squatted on the ground and cried, crying and crying.
The wife of shop-owner and boss look puzzling, especially the wife of shop-owner kicked her before sneering in her heart. "Hey, I didn’t read it wrong. Did you just want to talk to somebody else?" Oh, hey, my God, you’re a toad trying to eat swan meat. Look at the clothes and style. You’re looking at your whole body. Day by day, you don’t find anyone to recognize. I’m ashamed to panic for you. You’re not ashamed to cry. "The more the boss thinks about it, the more crucial it is. That thick money is enough for their profit for half a year. Will she pick it up? What did you pretend to be lofty? You didn’t pick it up, and it was finally taken away.
The proprietress kicked her body, but she felt as if she continued to cry.
"Does Mommy’s sister really know you?"
Tilt sneer at a way: "I used to pretend to be a comrade-in-arms of the master and cheated to eat and drink too much, but now I am the first one to pretend to be a dead man."
The tree looked up and asked, "Will Chloe?"
Section 274
"I wouldn’t have watched her die and cremated her myself."
"But" but how did she feel that those eyes were so engraved in her heart that she couldn’t shake them? Why did she feel that the tears stung her heart so much?
But if she dies, she will definitely be gone. How can a dustman still be alive?
"Well, don’t think about it. Someone must have found out about our identity and deliberately wanted to cheat some money. It is also possible that I had previously returned her pity and wanted to send someone to take care of her. Now it seems that there is no need."
"Well," replied the tree, a little absent-minded
"Mommy has delicious spring cakes. Let’s go and eat them." The gentry will soon forget what happened before, and they will be delicious if they rush to the front to smell them.