Na Lanqing sent a team to take Mrs. Yufang directly from Lin ‘an Wangfu. When she took it out, she didn’t disturb anyone, but she was sad.

I want to take it as a hostage. Princess Lin ‘an knows that she has disappeared, and finally she can let it go … and plan a …
Yu Suliang and Li Long Ze have been prepared to send people to the Ministry of War, Shangfu, and Yu Sulin cried and laughed when she got this imperial edict. Finally, she clasped this imperial edict with her hands and knelt on the ground, raising a big laugh but tears like rain. "My daughter thanked Long En!"
Young love was deeply strangled, and the reality made her realize that the world was cold.
The man he loves may not love himself, but he will. Another woman is very cruel to herself … Marry him and you get the world. Only now does he know that she has lost too much by marrying him.
The pain is enough and the dream is awake … It’s time to face the reality.
When Long Che got and left, he didn’t say that Yusu Dye was not what she liked. When she married her, she was also bullied by her mother … Now he is relieved by the imperial edict.
"Husband, this is really positions give you dye elder sister and away? Why do you want to do this? " Thyme Cher looked at the imperial edict, and she couldn’t bear to see that this world is superior to women. Even if there is a paper of reconciliation, it is also a honor for the woman …
Will people gossip?
"Cher, you don’t care about this matter … it is good for you to know that my lover is you, even if I am called heart breaker lover by others! To protect you, I am willing to bear all the blame … "Long Che hugged Thyme Cher and his eyes flashed a trace of loss.
No matter how cruel it is for a woman to give up or leave, he is still white
Although white, he!
He loves Cher, cares about Cher and wants to protect Cher at all costs!
The method is that Cher, the mother princess, made a choice. He obeyed the mother princess’s order and married Nalan Mozheng Princess Yusu Dyed the side princess … If Cher never married the mother princess, the finger would be pointed at her … which would bring him disaster.
He also regrets ruining another woman’s life.
Even if he is hated or reviled … His lover will not change!
"Husband, you are a very gentle person … you shouldn’t have let me do such cruel things … as if my happiness is stepping on another woman’s body … let me feel that I am the source of all misfortune …"
"I forbid you to think so, Cher. We have children and you have me … I can’t take you to live a life of ordinary people and I can’t give you monogamy of ordinary people … but I promise you that I will always love you and love our children …"
Thyme climbed into Long Che’s arms with a hint of happiness in her eyes.
When she woke up, she didn’t remember everything. Over the years, she accumulated little by little. She had hoped to live with her husband and watch the children grow up safely …
All this is enough.
Embrace each other two people don’t know a figure outside quietly watching eyes faint cold unwilling jealousy mixed …
Na Lanmo looked at the two people embracing each other in the corner. Her fists clenched her nails and pierced her palm … It has been more than three years since she was married to Che Wangfu, but people know that she has never had sex with Long Che … Long Ze’s love in her heart has always been the snow lady in her backyard …
Lost eyes across a obliterate Italy LanMo light back his line of sight turned away from …
In the palace, Na Lanqing and Long Ze are dealing with business. She stretched out her hand and supported her forehead. She quietly glanced at the official document on the table. She glanced at it faintly. "Who is that body double … King Lin’ an?"
"Just found out that the news is Meirenqu!"
"Nobody married?" Na Lanqing crossed a figure in her mind. If she remembers correctly, that nobody married should be the former one, right?
Everyone is a wonderful name, the Mei family.
"How did he become body double, king of Lin ‘an?" Na Lanqing let go of the memorial in some surprise and looked at it with great interest. Long Ze asked, "What has kept him?"
Chapter 957 Dead old man NaLanLing birthday (4)
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Chapter 957 Dead old man NaLanLing birthday (4)
"You should ask NaLanLing about this matter. He has been in charge of the court for half a year. What should you ask him? Instead of getting rid of this body double, he is an eyesore in the capital!"
Long Zeqi’s sweet eyes flashed a faint soft look in his eyes, and Na Lanqing’s eyes overflowed when he looked at each other.
"Someone just said that today is Nalanling’s birthday. What are you going to send?"
"Is that dead old man’s birthday today?" NaLanQing stretched out his hand and touched the bar. He really didn’t know that today was NaLanLing’s birthday. She was not prepared at all.
Root has never heard of it.
Of course, she didn’t care …
Long Ze put his arm around her waist and stroked her back gently as if to appease and persuade "aren’t you going to go?"
Na Lanqing’s expression is still very cold, as if she had no interest in this matter, and she yawned lazily. "To tell the truth, I really don’t want to go to that Nalanfu, which has become a base for dancing … God knows what kind of attack I will get when I go back?"
Nalanqing’s words are not wrong. Now Nalanfu is really a group of demons dancing, and Lanling in Ghana doesn’t care about these things.
She really didn’t want to go back there for a while.
"You should go back and have a good chat with NaLanLing. At the very least, he has been looking after things in the DPRK for us for half a year. No matter you, he has a grudge. Blood is thicker than water. Don’t be too hard on him …"
"I’m hard on him?" NaLanQing gently smiled a comment.
"Well, you can’t change from Nalanfu to this. Anyway, Nalanling, your father is a rare talent in the DPRK …"
"All right, all right, I see. Can’t I go?" Na Lanqing has some headaches and rubbed his hands to surrender and give up.
Is really a housewife lost to him.