"Mrs. San Shao has orders!" Hongyan’s graceful posture is less, and it seems that she knows more etiquette than Fangzhou.

Even Fang Zhou hooked her lips and smiled. "Who is taking dinner in the big kitchen tonight?"
The girl’s heart "hitched" glanced at Chunxing and Peach, and she was a little nervous at once, but at the same time she was faintly expecting and excited.
Hongyan looked at Hongxi and laughed. "It’s Hongxi’s sister."
Ranging from Fang Zhou’s redness and happiness, I quickly raised my hand and gently fanned my mouth to make amends. "Handmaiden damn it! They’re all handmaiden. No! The handmaiden of these two older sisters is forgotten as soon as she can’t remember it! The handmaiden won’t dare to do it again. Please ask Mrs. Sanshao to spare the handmaiden this time! "
Even Fang Zhou’s sneer in his heart proved to be a slave! Play it by ear!
Now you can say such a thing!
But if she thinks she has to spare her a lot for saying such things, then she has the wrong idea!
"Forgot?" Even Fang Zhou "scoffed" and smiled lightly. "Did you forget or deliberately? The vicious daughter-in-law next door often doesn’t feed her mother-in-law, and everyone says she forgot! "
Hongxi’s face froze and she bowed her head. "Handmaiden, handmaiden, I really forgot … Please forgive Mrs. Sanshao!"
Her slender body shrank and shook Tik Tok slightly, as if she had been greatly wronged with timidity.
Hong Yan and others quietly exchanged glances, and unconsciously accompanied smiling faces to intercede for Hong Xi.
"Mrs. San Shao’s sister Hongxi is the most honest on weekdays. She will never dare to cheat Mrs. San Shao!"
"Yes, it’s not impossible that two younger sisters, Chunxing and Peach, will miss it when they come to count today!"
"Three little lady, you are noble, virtuous and virtuous, and you must care about the same girl! Not broken your name! "
"I’m sure I won’t dare to go back, Mrs. Sanshao. Please spare her this time!"
Even Fang Zhou kept silent and sneered with their chatter.
The maids finally realized that the sound was not right, and they gradually became lower and lower. They went straight back to quiet and secretly looked at Lianfangzhou.
"You are sisters!" Even fangzhou this just unhurried opening eyes light winds out somewhat fierce cold way "but the lady is the most justifying a fault! If you have anything, just come at me, but not at people around me! "
"Handmaiden dare not! Handmaiden is really careless negligence … "HongXi mouth a flat injustice low sobbed.
Even Fang Zhou is too lazy to talk to her. "Neglect? Negligence is also your fault! I can’t have you here, so pack up and get out of here! Horse, immediately! "
All the maids were stuck in unison. Hongxi forgot the injustice and sobbed in astonishment. Suddenly, they looked up and stared at Lian Fangzhou with disbelief.
Did she hear right? She told her to get out of here at once?
"Why? Didn’t you hear clearly? " Even Fang Zhou sneered, "I told you to pack up and get out of here at once! You don’t want to do it yourself. Do you want me to ask someone to help you? "
All the maids were heartbroken, but no one dared to talk again for fear of being angry with Lianzhou.
After these three young ladies came, they seemed to have a good temper, and they were not asked to go in and wait on them. I didn’t expect them to get so angry …
Hongxi was ashamed and annoyed, but she did not move with her head down and her feet down.
Although I came to this hospital and listened to the words of Mrs. Er Shao, my mind was active, but I didn’t have to stay in this hospital.
But even if you want to go, you have to walk in an open way. Mrs. San Shao scolded you for packing up and leaving. Which Lord will take her in? Okay, I’m going out to do rough work!
This is a matter of future and destiny. How can Hongxi be so easy to obey?
Lian Fangzhou sneered at Hongyan and said, "Go and throw her things out for me!"
Hong Yan Zheng couldn’t help shouting bad luck!
Hongxi, like her, was personally selected by the second lady and put in the third young master’s yard. I haven’t even seen the third young master’s face yet! You have to catch someone now?
If she listened to Lian Fangzhou, it would be tantamount to refuting the second lady’s face. Can the second lady spare her?
However, this situation is contrary to Fang Zhou, and she also feels scalp pins and needles!
"Three little lady" Hong Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva hard busy smile apologetically "it’s getting late now, so let’s talk about it earlier! It’s not bad anyway-"
"You don’t want to?" Lian Fangzhou coldly cut off her words.
Hong Yan’s heart was sluggish, and the maids just breathed a sigh of relief and immediately hung up again. Her nervous hands were all cold sweat.
"Handmaiden-handmaiden …"
Red Yan Ru Ru’s brain is spinning fast, and it’s just right to say this. Even Fangzhou has no patience to wait for her to finish. She grunted coldly, "You don’t want to forget it! Since I am deeply in love with her sister, I, the caller, can’t move you, then fuck off with her! "
Even Fang Zhou said that she was rushing to their place of residence and no one called.
"Three little lady!" Spring apricot, peach hurriedly follow
Hong Yan and Hong Xi are also surprised and hurriedly followed.
These maids all live in a big room with a bunk.