"Three consecutive league titles is a great achievement, which is no less than winning the Champions League in my mind. After all, the league is the foundation …"

The local media in Valencia have shifted their focus to the national league.
They have won three league titles in a row, trying to distract the fans from the great depression of AC Milan’s elimination from the Champions League again.
But there are always different sounds.
Sohler returned to Valencia from Milan on the same day and was interviewed by reporters. He comforted the team and thought it was too bad that the team was eliminated by the same team for two years in a row.
He said a sentence in the interview and was interviewed after the game. His Super Sports was used as the title.
He said, "Maybe it’s time to make a change."
The title of Super Sports is "It’s time to change"
It goes without saying that anyone with normal IQ knows what they are talking about.
What’s more, Super Sports also wrote a review article to explain their views.
What should be changed?
Although the winning team can lead the team to win two league titles, it seems that there is still hope to win three league titles now, but in Valencia, our eyes should not be so superficial. We value the national league. After winning the league titles in succession, the champions say that Valencia is already a first-class team in Spain. We should look to the Champions League, where the really strong teams should fight.
A team that can’t make a breakthrough in the Champions League can’t win the multi-national championship.
Changsheng coached Valencia for three years in a row and stopped at the European competition. For the first time, the UEFA Cup was eliminated by Inter Milan, and for the next two years, the Champions League was eliminated by AC Milan.
This tells us a problem-Changsheng is not good at playing the key battle in Europe.
His team did well in the group stage because of the low pressure and the similar nature of the league.
Once the knockout is over, things will be different.
Especially when they face strong teams.
Although the UEFA Cup are all knockout rounds, the teams that always win because their opponents are not strong can go further in the knockout rounds, but once they meet the strong teams, their performance will be unstable.
In his first season in Valencia, Valencia met its first opponent in the UEFA Cup, Chenu Morris, a Ukrainian super league team. In Valencia, they thought that the former Valencia fans had never heard of this name.
Next came Warsaw Leguia, a Polish team that was equally unknown.
In the third round, they met Celtic, which is a strong team. The top teams in the Scottish Premier League often perform well in Europe.
At home, Valencia beat their opponents with a 2-0 win at home, but when they went away, they were beaten by the Celtics with a 2-0 total score. They were able to play overtime and penalty shootouts, and finally they were lucky enough to eliminate their opponents by penalty kicks.
If it weren’t for luck, they were afraid that they would have been eliminated here long ago, and the roots would not have reached the UEFA Cup.
In the end, they were eliminated by Miranzo International.
The same is true in the Champions League. This season, the Champions League is always won by two group matches. In this competition system, it is like a duck to water when it comes to the knockout stage. The first knockout stage of the Champions League was eliminated by AC Milan.
Everything seemed normal at the beginning of this season, and Stuttgart was eliminated smoothly in the knockout stage, which made people have high hopes for the winning team. What was the result? They were eliminated by AC Milan again …
This fully shows that Chang Sheng, the head coach, is very good at leading the team to play the national league and the cup. He is really talented, but he is still too young after all, and the Champions League is still too difficult for him.
If Valencia must make a choice now-whether to choose the national league or hope to break through in the Champions League?
It’s a good choice to win the championship in the country with peace of mind. He has worked in the team for three years and is familiar with the team inside and outside.
However, if Valencia still has ambitions for the Champions League, it should make a choice. According to Super Sports, Changsheng is not a head coach who can lead Valencia to make a historic breakthrough in the Champions League. If he wants to specialize in the Champions League, Valencia should seek another job. Although Changsheng has been very successful in Valencia, his level is limited to this. Valencia has fallen into a flat bottleneck in his hands, and he has to change coaches to break through the bottleneck.
Super Sports thanked Changsheng Valencia for its contribution, but at the same time expressed Valencia’s bright future. At this time, it is the most correct choice to say goodbye decisively and Changsheng.
After this commentary came out, it immediately caused debates in various media in Valencia.
There are pros and cons.
The levante Journal belongs to the side of approval. They think that the analysis of Super Sports is reasonable and well-founded, and the emotional factors are carefully and rationally analyzed-indeed.
A coach has been in Valencia for three years, which is the longest among Valencia coaches in recent years. Perhaps it is too long, which makes him and the team lose their freshness and have aesthetic fatigue.
For example, frequent injuries in the season have a lot to do with winning high-intensity training.
Since we can win two league titles and two King’s Cups in a row with our sense of freshness, why can’t we make a breakthrough in the Champions League with our sense of freshness with another manager? When former Cooper led the team, Valencia reached the Champions League final for two years in a row, just one step away from the Champions League.
Is this a good grade?
Sure, it’s a historic breakthrough!
But what happened?
Valencia’s top management decisively changed coaches and sent Cooper away, ushered in a constant victory and ushered in a glorious new era in Valencia.
Now it belongs to the period of constant victory, and it is over.
It’s time to start a new period …
The representative who oppose this view is that provincial newspaper.
First of all, they don’t think Valencia has been eliminated. The quarter-final of the Champions League is a two-round system of home and away. Now we have only played the first leg away from home. How can we swear that we have been eliminated?
Secondly, they think that even if Valencia is unfortunately eliminated, it can’t erase the credit of winning. After he coached Valencia, the team’s progress can be seen by the naked eye. Everyone knows that Valencia is leading with winning every year.
This season’s wave of injuries can be said to be bad luck, but not to deny the level of constant victory.
Therefore, if you change the winning streak, it will definitely be Valencia’s loss, which is the stupidest decision of Sohler’s life!
There are different opinions about whether to change the head coach, and the media and fans are all discussing it enthusiastically.
But Chang Sheng didn’t mind this.
He took Vicente to the hospital as soon as the plane landed.
In a professional hospital, he wanted to see what was wrong with Vicente.
The test results came out the next day, and Vicente had a 6 cm wound in the muscle tissue of his left thigh!
"We found a wound in his muscle tissue, which should have been three or four centimeters long ago according to our speculation … He overworked in the game and eventually caused his muscle to tear … It should not be so serious if it could be found early … Unfortunately …"
If it had been found early, it wouldn’t have been so serious. unfortunately …
What a pity!
Mom, what a pity!
If we can find out early, not only Vicente won’t hurt so badly, but he won’t lose the game!