Next to Zhu Youjian, I was full of envy and looked at two people who didn’t know what they were thinking.

For a moment, he suddenly laughed: "Brother Emperor, we have been here for several hours. I’m afraid General Li has just entered Beijing and hasn’t eaten yet?"
Apocalypse little emperor is not a clap forehead "you see my memory can let lee hungry to accompany us to talk? Blame me me. "
Zhu Youjian said with a smile: "The emperor’s brother’s whale meat was eaten by General Li. At this time, he won’t let him teach us. By the way, we can also taste General Li’s craft."
The little emperor of the Apocalypse also reacted with great joy. "Exactly, General Li is going to trouble you again."
Li Yuanqing smiled quickly: "I am willing to work."
Apocalypse little emperor exultation quickly let people get guy?
Li Yuanqing said with a smile: "The emperor can prepare some beef, mutton, vegetables, fish and shrimp to eat more delicious."
Apocalypse little emperor naturally promised to do it quickly.
At this time, it was almost 1 pm, and there was a lot of silence in the palace.
But who dares to stop the emperor from eating?
The order was quickly sent to Shangshan supervisor, and there was always a chef on duty at night, so there was no need to worry about no fresh ingredients.
But Li Yuanqing noticed that Ann’s father-in-law didn’t seem to be here to wait on the emperor. He stuffed the little eunuch with silver, but he stood by with low eyebrows and orders.
What kind of rhythm is this?
According to the truth, Father-in-law Ann should be a big eunuch. Don’t …
Li Yuanqing soon came to his senses and became his brother to report to father-in-law Wei first.
But at this time, Li Yuanqing has already managed to get away and go to see father-in-law Wei. He is busy putting this idea aside. What he has to do now is to satisfy the emperor and satisfy the future emperor.
The chef moved quickly, and soon all kinds of ingredients were brought here, and a separate barbecue grill was prepared
At this time, barbecuing in the room naturally doesn’t have much taste. Li Yuanqing smiled and suggested going to the yard to roast.
Apocalypse little emperor naturally smiled and answered Zhu Youjian is also very excited.
Soon things were placed in the yard and a big tree, Li Yuanqing, quickly got busy.
In fact, barbecue is not complicated, mainly because of the heat. Most people taste the same except the top masters.
The main thing to eat is an atmosphere.
At this time, the white snow and the north wind roared against the warm charcoal fire and watched Li Yuanqing barbecue. The Apocalypse Emperor and Zhu Youjian were also brought to the vast battlefield in Liao.
After a while, a few thin pieces of meat were cooked.
The main reason is that the chef’s knife method is too high, and Li Yuanqing is not too strong
Li Yuanqing tasted it first, and it was not bad. He gave it to one side with a smile. The little emperor of the apocalypse and Zhu Youjian "Huang Xin Wang Dian is ripe and you have a taste."
Watching Li Yuanqing try to cut meat with a knife is very skillful and chic. The little emperor apocalypse and Zhu Youjian are very envious.
When the two brothers get to know each other, they carefully put the meat in their mouths and taste it. Their eyes are not bright.
It’s not that the barbecue in Li Yuanqing is really more delicious than the chef’s. It’s mainly that the environment and three people are hungry at this time. Why isn’t the barbecue belly delicious after a warm night?
"Lee really means superb this meat is more delicious than" The little emperor of the apocalypse looked at Li Yuanqing cheerfully and quickly wiped out a large piece of meat.
The same is true of Zhu Youjian next to him. After eating, he looked at Li Yuanqing eagerly.
Li Yuanqing said with a smile while barbecuing, "It’s best for Huangxin Wangdian to eat this meat with wine, but it’s not bad for us to mix some hot water now."
Of course, Bai Li Yuanqing, the little emperor of the Apocalypse, was afraid that he was too young to be a drinker and couldn’t help laughing: "General Li’s words are not so delicious. How can there be no wine for barbecue?" But I neglected someone to get the wine quickly. "
Several little eunuchs hurried away from the palace, but there was no shortage of wine.
Soon the wine was brought and the atmosphere was different.
Zhu Youjian, the young emperor of the Apocalypse, is his brother, so he is not allowed to drink. With a smile, Li Yuanqing drinks while eating meat.
But how can Zhu Youjian control himself at his age? Drink even if you are noisy.
The little Emperor Nai of the Apocalypse glanced around and had to send all the maids and eunuchs, leaving three people to eat meat and drink together.
It’s a pity that Zhu Youjian can’t drink enough. He’s a little too excited tonight. Without two glasses of wine, he’s already lost his way.
The main reason is that the palace is full of fine wine, and the degree of alcohol is not low. It is really difficult for him as an eleven or twelve-year-old child.
The little emperor of the apocalypse busy recruited two eunuchs to help him to rest in the temple and smiled and said to Li Yuanqing, "General Li has not been so happy for many years."
Li Yuanqing one leng, from the bottom of my heart, also has some love for this sad young emperor.
"Emperor, if you don’t hate my humble position all the time, I’d like to have a barbecue with you when I’m old."
The little emperor of the apocalypse couldn’t help laughing. "General Li said yes, so I’ll wait until the Liao Dynasty subsides and the people become peaceful. You want me to barbecue at this time of year."
Li Yuanqing quickly knelt down and smiled: "This is a humble honor."
When two people get to know each other, they all laugh.
The little emperor of the apocalypse has been a little drunk, but he is extremely excited. "General Li, let’s drink again."
The little emperor of the apocalypse touched a cup with Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing smiled "BeiZhi dry respect first" and said with a back neck to drink a cup of wine first.
Two people already have the tacit understanding, they all laughed.
At this time, the little eunuch came outside and called "Mrs. Feng Sheng is here."
Chapter 233 Emperor career line …
Ask for a red ticket and subscribe to a boat. Thank you.
Mrs bong San?
Li Yuanqing is not one leng.
Aren’t all emperors’ concubines so-and-so concubines?