Ling Si’s eyes at night flitted through a trace of pain and didn’t talk much. She held out her little finger and hooked her thumb with a heavy seal.

What does he care so much about her doing this?
After all these years, he can’t put his hatred for his father and his hatred for Sunny on a child. Is this different from his father?
"Is the temple breakfast ready by boat or …"
Behind him, a black guard respectfully told him that not only a group of guards had been overqualified.
"Come on, I’ve been staying today to get to the lonely city early." Ling Si said at night and took Tang Meng.
Three meals will be set on the shore and catch fire. I have just nursed back to health, but I have to take good care of it. There is still a good show to be held in the lonely city!
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The river is getting shallower and shallower, and the Woods are sparse. You can already see the lonely city outside the forest.
This is Long Mai’s left side, Lin Ruo Snow and Jade Evil. After leaving Long Mai, Root didn’t find Lingsi Nightman, but met Tianqi Emperor Imperial Guard.
The whole river was dominated by the imperial army of Emperor Tian Frame, but it was a good job to walk in the dense forest for several days before getting here.
"Have a rest." Jade evil took Lin Rexue carefully for fear of any mistakes.
"You don’t always be so nervous that it doesn’t matter." Lin Rexue is pregnant, but there is still no estimate. She sat down in the shade of a big stone.
"It’s strange that even the Ningluo people have disappeared all the way. Are they going to leave after Lingsi crossed the mountain at night?" Jade evil muses and feels weird, but can’t guess what all parties are doing now.
"Silly, the Imperial Guard of Tianji Emperor has arrived in Ningluo, of course, not to say that Tianji Emperor has been planning the dialogue with Didi Bing Ningluo, but he is hiding well and doesn’t startle him at all!" Lin Rexue said that he had mastered so much information and followed the guess.
And jade evil is more suspicious than her. I always feel that it is not so easy and frowning.
"Oh, don’t always think about such complicated things. That’s it. Tang Meng didn’t say that Emperor Tian Frame had already lost faith in Ling Si Night. If you borrowed Ling Si Night to seize the throne, Emperor Tian Frame would definitely retaliate against him for stationing so many soldiers in Wan Da Mountain. It is estimated that there are also many grasslands. If you borrow Di Hu’s troops again, it will be a great threat to Bai Di!" Lin Rexue explained that he was worried about jade evil and planned to return to Dihu. This manual seal is both a blessing and a curse!
"You’ve thoroughly analyzed it, hehe. As a result, there are not enough troops stationed around the imperial city. Far water can’t put out the near fire. No wonder Ningluo will retreat!" Jade evil finally wants to see Lin Ruo Snow. This bystander knows better than he does that he has too many concerns, but he thinks things are complicated.
"Think it over. It’s all their business. I just want to know where you are going to throw me and how to deal with this thing." Lin Rexue said and took out the conferring seal.
Jade evil hesitated for a moment or spoke "send you to the western world"
As soon as this word came out, Lin Ruoxue pursed her lips and said, "Well, the fifteenth day of the month is coming. Aren’t you sending me to die?"
"What are you talking about? This is!" Jade evil frown is very unhappy.
"Isn’t it? Ningluo is ready to send troops to coagulate the red beads on the 15th of the month. Even if Tang Ying finds these two things alone sooner or later, it will break the bottom of the western boundary and the whole western boundary will become Wang Yang! " Lin Rexue but understand very clearly.
"Where to wait for Tang Meng, she will go back to the western world with her. In case of war, China will be the battlefield and Di Hu will be the battlefield." Jade heresy said.
Lin Rexue bowed her head and didn’t speak. She knew that even the jade evil successfully took the throne of Dihu and mastered the soldiers. In this war, Dihu’s position was like staying out of the way.
Both of them are reluctant to give up, but it is also because if they know the western boundary, if they really break this day, they will stand on their feet even if it is Bai Di!
After a long silence, Lin Ruo Snow looked up and said, "It is good to accompany me to the end of the grassland."
At the beginning of the month! She knows how big a storm is hiding in peace now. It’s not the time for sex.
"I’ll take you to the western world and settle down," jade heresy said.
"I don’t want sex, and you don’t want sex!" Lin Rexue said seriously that it is also up and added, "You follow me, but it is a danger. If you die, you will find you. There are still many ways. I have said it since I was a child. If I can’t find my father, I will find Master Tang Meng’s sword when I get to the west."
Jade evil look at this Lin Re snow so looking at gently scooped up the forehead for her hair didn’t speak.
"You should give me a message, so I can’t deliver it to you along with the western border!" Lin Rexue nasty said.
Jade evil smiled with deep outline and handsome facial features. The smile was brilliant, but there was a trace of love and nai said, "It’s the first time I found you so sensible."
Lin Re snow one leng immediately also laughed, she knew he agreed.
"You will know that I am better after I am ok!"
She is not modest at all. Many people will think that she is a simple and somewhat pampered young lady. In fact, she is not. She has a high degree of vigilance, a strong ability to live in the wild, and a deep and deep attempt at poison.
Like Tang Meng, her identity can never be made public
Tang Meng had Tang Ying since she was a child. She had been hiding with Mammy since she was a child. Later, when Mammy went, she wandered.
Jade evil obviously don’t believe her eyes staring at her with a smile.
"I’ll tell you where I’ve been before when you come back for me. I’ve also been to Dihu Palace secretly, haha." Lin Rexue said with a smile …
"When have you been? How dare you!" Jade evil is obviously surprised.
"Let’s go, let’s go, let’s not talk about it and tell you slowly." Lin Rexue is still pulling him away so carelessly.
"Slow down and watch your feet vines." Jade Evil Nai woke up with a big hand and held her tightly.
Two people are still walking with the most toxic substances in the forest along the river.
Only in this way can we not get lost and be found or escape.
Soon you will see a small wooden bridge in front of the river. It is the only way for the lonely city to reach all the major mountains. After crossing this small wooden bridge, there are shoals on both sides of the river, which is considered to be the lonely city.
Then jade evil and Lin Rexue were surprised. They just stood in the grass and looked straight at the shoal scene ahead.
There are guards in front of the camps in the shallows.
There is no doubt that the whole gu city or the entrance of this ten thousand major mountains is guarded by the imperial guards of the Emperor Tianframe.