"I know," she smiled.

Zhou Shiyu met Fu Shen’s daughter and thought about it. Maybe he, the father, didn’t have the means to tell her so exactly.
She turned around and hugged Zhou Shiyu. "In fact, I am very grateful to him. It is because he is so strict that I told myself all the way to be the best because there is still the best that I will be recognized. There is a saying that he is right. He gives me everything, including this personality."
"I said that I was surprised that he would let us stay for dinner today, and I was ahead of my brother." Fu Jingyun laughed.
Zhou Shiyu leans against her "you are the best"
"I went back to talk to my parents that night and then I was ready to kiss," Zhou Shiyu told her.
"Is it difficult for you to hire three media and six people?" Fu Jingyun laughed. "You are seven years younger than me. How can this old-fashioned thinking catch up with my dad?"
Zhou Shiyu’s eyes twinkled with glasses. "Isn’t that just to please him?"
"Then marry him!" Fu Jingyun laughed out.
Zhou Shiyu picked her up around the waist. "Who to marry?"
"Dr. Zhou let me play a joke on me." Fu Jingyun covered her belly and laughed.
"If you don’t answer, you won’t let go."
"Marry …" Fu Jingyun’s finger touched his Adam’s apple. "You!"
Zhou Shiyu’s face turned red, so he would still be "sister".
Anyway, anyone can marry, if only the other party.
When Fu Jingyun went to take a bath, Zhou Shiyu sent a message to Fu Jingxiao, announcing his staged victory. Finally, Versailles added "Come on".
"I don’t need it" is the taste that Fu Jingxiao can’t eat grapes.
"Dr. Xu needs" Zhou Shiyu also felt that he and Fu Jingyun could recognize each other before, but only when he really got to the stage of marriage did he feel that the satisfaction of being recognized by her father came from the bottom of his heart.
After a few seconds’ pause, Fu Jingxiao asked, "What’s your good strategy?"
"Are you prepared?" Zhou Shiyu saw a red mark on his arm. In fact, the clothes and fabrics are thinner in summer. If it were winter, he probably didn’t touch it.
If Fu Shen didn’t deliberately drain water, how could it be like this?
But he is not easy to debunk. After all, he is the majesty of his father-in-law
"He hit you, then I don’t need it. I won’t let my wife get a little hurt." Fu Jingxiao was directly persuaded to quit.
He suspected that Zhou Shiyu was not coming to help him but to harm him.
Send Xu Jin inkstone back to his father. This is not a sheep in the jaws. He is used to being beaten, but his wife can’t.
"Ah Xiao …" Xu Jinyan came out of the bedroom and called her Fu Jingxiao to hang up in a hurry and throw her mobile phone at the table. "What’s the matter?"
"I’m thirsty"
"Go to the room and wait. I’ll bring it for you."
"so thoughtful"
"Should" Fu Jingxiao has gone to pour water.
Xu Jin inkstone saw a little nervous in his face.
It should be an illusion.
Xu Jinyan heard the bell when she drank the water, and then she shouted, "Ah Xiao, my mobile phone is charging to get it for me."
Fu Jingxiao saw the name displayed on the mobile phone and then handed it to her.
"It’s Lao Wei" Xu Jinyan read a newspaper and then connected.
Fu Jingxiao sat down on the bed, and his hand had crossed her waist. Fingertips tapped her waist and disturbed her conversation thoughts.
"When?" I was surprised and delighted to hear Xu Jin’s inkstone face blossom.
"Ok, I will definitely come!" Xu Jin inkstone replied to him, then hit Fu Jingxiao with his hand and gave him a cross look, adding "my fiance and I are two people"
Fu Jingxiao must start work.
"fiance", he savored the name carefully, and they got the license, but they didn’t have a wedding, saying that the fiance was no better.
It is satisfactory to call him that.
At the end of the call, Xu Jinyan replied "Congratulations" and it ended.
Xu Jinyan looked back at Fu Jingxiao. "Fu Jingxiao, I will be angry if you do this again."
He took back his hand and pretended not to do anything, watching the mobile news calmly.