Car-scrapping finish malicious words, the duke threw a cold hum in the direction of Lingtian and turned around and left.

You can give it, but you can’t lose it.
He’s not scared, he’s not in good shape to fight now.
When he is full of food and drink, he will go to Xinghai Pavilion for justice!
Ling day seize that looked at the duke proudly tall and straight back corners of the mouth straight smoke.
If you recognize cowardice, you can recognize cowardice and be so righteous
I don’t know how hard the bones are
He is ready to beat the duke to death. I didn’t expect the other party to bow their heads so simply.
Completely beyond his expectation.
But it doesn’t matter if you have it.
Ling day to focus back on it.
It looks old, and it looks like some kind of animal skin, but now it is as hard as stone.
Fortunately, it’s intact inside
Lingtian casually turns over.
After all, it’s a key, and he doesn’t have much hope for it.
But I didn’t expect the face to really have words.
And the handwriting is no stranger!
Chapter 99 He dare not have me at his side.
When I was in the border town, Ling Tian got a handwritten note and learned a name from the face-Qin Hao.
The owner of the handwritten note is not Qin Hao, but a good friend of his.
Judging from the surface, this person will come here because he was "pitted" by Qin Hao
But following this clue, Ling Tian found out that Qin Hao might know how to get away from here.
But the clues are really limited
So far, I haven’t found any
It is speculated that the ruins may be related to Qin Hao, and sometimes he has the idea to go in and have a look.
At that time, the handwritten note was not the original but was copied by someone.
But now this handwriting is very similar to that handwriting.
There is a long time difference between the two. Obviously, the person who copied the handwritten note deliberately imitated the original handwriting.
That is to say, the person who left the note and the person who left it should be the same person.
Is the friend who was "cheated" by Qin Hao!
He saw the familiar name in the first line.
"Qin Hao sees words like a face."
"I’ve been to many places and asked many people over the years."
"But they don’t know how to get out of here. Maybe there’s a real access here."
"I have given up."
"And I’m sick. Very sick."
"I don’t know how long I can live"
"You said to let me come first and come to me soon. Now it seems that I probably can’t wait for you."
The words are not too many to read in a few eyes.
Ling Tian continued to turn back, but the back was white.
It seems that this is the other party who knows that life is not long and specially left a message for Qin Hao.
Perhaps it is also a legacy.
But it seems that Qin Hao should not have seen this.
Otherwise, it is impossible to stay here.
So it’s not Qin Hao who is deployed here, but his unknown friend?
What about that relic?
Should that person leave it, too?
Former Lingtian Ruins and Qin Haoyou
But if Qin Hao’s friends leave that high probability, there will be no way out of here.
It doesn’t make much sense to go or not.
He was thinking about Jiang Lan and Gong Lao Gou came in.