Qu less corners of the mouth to draw the money awake a few minutes.

When he came out, he took hundreds of thousands of roads and spent tens of thousands of money. You can’t keep it in the capital, can you?
This money is too cheap to spend, and it is like running water.
"How much is this?"
Xiao er is even more enthusiastic. "It’s fairly cheap to buy a sophomore, a sophomore, and a small four thousand here. It’s just been taken out and it’s estimated that it’s out of stock these days, which is particularly popular."
Things are scarce and expensive, and there is a limit every month. What is the hunger marketing method?
He doesn’t understand it, but just do it.
Ji Yue sat on one side of the chair and a faint smile overflowed from the corners of her mouth.
QuRong a listen to this immediately nasty "eldest brother buy, I want you to have a small"
It’s not that I can’t afford her family, but I still have some money.
Qu Shao smiled bitterly. I don’t know how expensive the rice is if I don’t take charge
"want a small piece"
Chapter 1179 Can brain pumping be cured?
Just one piece? Qu Rong is very entangled. How can it be enough?
Can’t sisters together!
But I didn’t expect Qu Shaoshao to hand it to Mu Jiyue with a beautifully packaged box. "Miss Mu will send it to you."
Ji Yue picked her eyebrows and was a little surprised. "Send me?"
Qu Shaoshao’s face is flattering. "It’s a thank-you gift. Thank you for taking care of these days."
If it weren’t for the princess’s hand, he couldn’t imagine his fate, and the composer would have no future
It is the princess’s blessing to be safe today.
Ji Yue took out a gold watch from her purse and held it in her slender white palm. "I have it."
Hands are as small as a gold watch, and they are very delicate.
Qu Shaoshao froze. "Huh?"
If you are not mistaken, this gold watch is 70% new. Sometimes.
It seems that the royal family is the most extravagant owner.
He didn’t just smile, "Then I’ll buy you something you like."
Ji Yue’s mouth is slightly raised. These things are not new to her. They have long been left over from her play.
"Don’t bother to send me money. I don’t mind."
She was a joke and no one would take it seriously.
She spends money like water. If she likes something, her eyes won’t blink. buy buy buys it to show her local pride.
A disdainful sound is "vulgar"
A pair of servants and servants both looked contemptuous at the door.
The Lord is a very young woman with jewels on her face for fear that others will not know that her family has money.
She leaned back and held her head high.
Ji Yue has seen this kind of female coolness and sneered, "If you are not vulgar, what are you still coming in to see?"? These are all bought by vulgar people. "
The man rebuked "should it be a crime to be so rude to the nobles?"
Ji Yue’s eyes are clear and her poison can be seen at a glance. This woman will never come from a noble family and she will not dress like this.
At most, it’s the daughter of an old rich man in the countryside. How dare she call herself a noble person?
It’s hilarious. Everyone has it these days.
Qu Rong looked very happy. "Wow, it turned out to be a mental illness. Does her family care?"
The princess didn’t even call herself a noble. What qualifications do others have?
Ji Yue casually said, "Maybe the whole family is crazy."
Neither of them cared about the future. The young woman blushed and shouted, "Somebody will kill these goblins."
A few who jumped in from the outside and were kicked out by a sweeping leg in the autumn before they started work.
"Booming" assume that the seven-fold tilt is terrible.
Ye Keer, a young woman, was shocked and screamed, "Kill someone! Help!"
As she screamed, a group of your honour appeared. "Who dares to commit a crime here? All arrested. "
If you cooperate like this, you won’t believe anyone without prior arrangement.
Ji month picked his eyebrows line of sight in that a few your honour body spinning "come so fast in the outside? It’s not easy. "
QuRong leng "what? They have ulterior motives? When did the government become private? "
Not only are they not afraid, but their cynicism is extremely sharp.
Their reaction surprised your honour and they froze inexplicably guilty. "Nonsense, we are your honour …"
Ji Yue has always been a doer. "Cut the crap and fight. Go out and hit someone’s shop."
Since you dare to plot against her, don’t blame her for being impolite.
Your honour was blown out by people carrying collars before they could react. Even the servants and servants were no exception.
Outside the store, a group of people threw seven meat dishes, and their faces were not good.