The staff gave them a form to fill out first, and then asked them to have a physical examination.

Waiting for the medical examination file, Luoyang teased Jiang Rufei. "Who are you fighting with?"
How does this injury look like?
Jiang Rufei was silent for a long time. "Just now, Lie called and said that Jiang Zhao and Mu were born late."
Luo Yang suddenly realized, "Did you have a fight with Jiang Zhao?"
Jiang Rufei didn’t say anything. Anyway, he looks pale.
A group of workers who returned to the Civil Affairs Bureau after physical examination asked them to take wedding photos next door.
When they got there, they found several couples waiting in front.
I found a place to sit in Luoyang and took out my cell phone and fiddled with it.
A couple took a wedding photo and the couple walked past Luoyang and Jiang Rufei. Luoyang suddenly took the bag and pulled Jiang Rufei out.
Jiang Rufei followed until Luoyang stopped and looked back at him.
Luo Yang, scratching his head with a blank face, tried to calm his mood. "I suddenly feel that we should forget it."
Jiang Rufei glared at her. "You don’t dislike me because of my face injury, do you?"
Luo Yang laughed, "I am sick and dislike you!"
Jiang Rufei couldn’t understand Luo Yang’s breath. "I think you were born late with Mu!"
I won’t leave this marriage.
Jiang Rufei pulled a face.
Luoyang explained, "You just can’t let her go."
Jiang Rufei turned his body to Luoyang. "This is not the same thing as letting go."
Luoyang is worried to death. "Then you can understand that I will never leave this marriage."
Jiang Rufei turned to look at Luoyang and smiled, "What are you worried that I will divorce you halfway?"
That’s an embarrassment. Luoyang didn’t mean that, but the words were forced to the mouth. She laughed. "Who doesn’t plan for the future?" Don’t happen. I’ll have feelings for you for a long time. You suddenly give me a bolt from the blue. Who the fuck am I going to talk to? "
Luoyang just wants to hit him and make him change his mind early.
Although she needs help in this matter.
"Then you don’t have to take your marriage to cooperate with me. I can do it myself."
Section 234
Jiang Rufei almost understood what Luoyang meant. He shrugged his shoulders and relaxed a lot. When he didn’t come over, he was gloomy. "I’m a broken body. You know, I won’t divorce you if you’re not afraid of grass widow at any time."
Luoyang is not the kind of mother-in-law who is dragging her feet. The parties have said so. "Then I will give you another chance. If you miss it, you can’t blame me in the future."
Jiang Rufei nodded.
Luoyang is particularly serious with a face of seriousness. "Do you really want to spend your life with me, Mr. Jiang Rufei? Regret and never give up "
Jiang Rufei laughed to death, which is quite in line with "I do"
Show in suppress a smile.
Luoyang also felt ashamed that she had been robbed of this universal master of ceremonies. "Ahem, this is what you said, don’t regret it."
The two went in line to take wedding photos.
The little beauty who took the photo came out with a certificate in her eyes, and Luo Yang still smiled.
The girl’s little eyes seemed to say,’ This woman in the trough is really good at beating men like this to force them to get married’ and there is still a little worship.
The steel seal is stamped. It’s legal!
This marriage certificate will arrive at noon.
"What’s the matter? Just get married and have dinner together?"
Jiang Rufei teased
Luoyang pulled his neck and bag to his shoulder. "Who’s afraid who’s going aa!"
Jiang Rufei didn’t promise Luoyang to do this procedure of notarization of premarital property.
Say something unpleasant. If it really comes to that, dim sum can solve the problem.
Luo Yang said that if he got married, he would be as lazy as Jiang Rufei, and he would have to spend money in vain.
I had a happy wedding lunch and sent Luoyang to the company road. Jiang Rufei remembered, "By the way, my mother asked me to ask you what kind of wedding mode you like, Chinese or western, or try Chinese at noon and western at night."
Luoyang turned his head and gave Chejiang Rufei a’ ha ha’. "Do you still want to have a wedding? The diaphragm should be on its own! "
The situation of the two is not to show their love. Why do you have to find yourself guilty? It’s exhausting to have a wedding on this day.
Jiang Rufei nodded. "That’s what I thought. I’ll tell you when I travel and get married."
Luoyang agrees with "good"
Busy until the afternoon shift, Luoyang came out of the company and was ready to leave and go back to his nest.
Just take the ladder to the underground parking lot and run away in Luoyang.