The queen hesitated for a long time and said, "Don’t worry, I will let the poor son be safe in Wei Shi Qing … I really want to meet with what kind of person he is."

The big lady was satisfied with the queen’s nagging for an afternoon and left.
Wei Shiqing seems to be in a particularly good mood today. Sitting on the swing in the courtyard is as worried as when I was a child. If my mother is still there? How nice! She wants to destroy all the people who hurt her in the first place.
Queen’s invitation
Wei Xiang pity the big lady is moving too much to let Wei Shiqing hit them like this. The most lovely thing is that the fourth aunt Liu Qingshui and the fifth aunt Sima Zhiyu have never moved. They just want the big lady Wei Shiqing to fight for the life and death.
How can it be that simple that Wei Shiqing will let them go without moving her? I’ve heard that Aunt Wu has had good news for two months, so let her have a taste of that bowl of abortifacient.
Bilian walked beside Wei Shiqing and said, "Miss, the first lady just came back with a smile on her face. How can she be happy when this happened to her daughter?"
Wei Shiqing chuckled, "Of course she’s happy so that she can see her lively daughter again."
Bilian was puzzled and asked, "Miss … handmaiden doesn’t understand how you can tolerate others’ betrayal when the big lady is taken away by Taitai!"
"What is the first lady of the Queen?" Wei Shiqing’s words came to light.
Bilian followed Wei Shiqing for some days and became more alert. "So that’s it?" Madam, Miss Da will know that persecuting Miss You will throw anything at you. "
Wei Shiqing was indifferent for a long time and said, "They won’t be proud for too long."
How could it be that Wei Xiang pity could not hide the fact that the emperor personally married him but made such a thing? However, since Wei Ruhai put Wei Xiang pity above everything else and handed it over to Taitai for disposal, this matter will come to an end.
After two days, Wei Xiangli was safely sent back, but her spirit didn’t seem to be normal. The beautiful face was already scarred, and the ointment was definitely gone. Not only was her face scabbed, but she was still oozing. It was disgusting.
If Wei Xiang Lian is still alive, the big lady will feel that there is still a little comfort in her heart. At the end of the day, it is their mother and daughter who deserve it.
After a few days of calm, the queen suddenly invited the big lady and the daughters of Xiangfu to the palace. go to the opera Wei Shiqing knew that the big lady had already cried in front of the queen. It seems that the queen is ready to intervene in their affairs, besides the queen, there is a teacher’s house! Wei Shi Qing has a lot of enemies
On this day, the first lady came to the palace with Wei Xianer and others, Wei Xiang pity, because it was inconvenient to meet people outside easily before.
Wei Shiqing is no stranger to this palace. On the left side of the corridor is the Queen of the Husband and Wife Palace. This person Wei Shiqing met at a palace banquet. Although her face is mild, Wei Shiqing knows that she is a country’s mother, and she should also behave like her mother in front of the emperors.
The queen has already prepared the stage for the big lady and others to go to the backyard with them. go to the opera saluted and visited the queen, and they all returned to their places to sit in their own places.
The eldest lady and queen are cousins and naturally sit close, and these daughters sit in their own order. Wei Shiqing is the youngest, but after all, she is a royal seal, so she sits beside the doctor and is Wei Xianer.
The queen of The West Chamber rewrote the play because she didn’t like Cui Yingying’s Wang Sheng being together. It was about Cui Yingying’s Wang Sheng being the top young marriage, but Cui Yingying was born in a beautiful family. Her mother didn’t want to marry her to a poor matchmaker. She always wanted to fix Cui Yingying’s Wang Sheng. One day, Cui Yingying met the emperor and the emperor liked her. Cui Yingying also liked the emperor’s romantic talent. Cui Yingying later married the emperor’s princess, and Wang Sheng’s matchmaker finally got together. This drama change was also happy.
Tear up famous paintings
Wei Shiqing glanced at the queen’s expression when she was watching the play. She looked very seriously and was very involved in the play. This scene has been changed so that the rest of the people have no mood to watch more. There is a queen enjoying it alone and Wei Shiqing’s mouth evokes a smile. Is the queen a queen? Even if she doesn’t like the scene, she should change it to her own.
The first lady looked at the people in front of the stage with a handkerchief, but she was in a trance. The queen suddenly looked back at Wei Shiqing and asked, "Poet, what do you think of the West Chamber?"
"Empress has a unique position" Wei Shiqing politely replied.
The queen sighed, "many people have been invited to see this play, but they can’t see what a good couple it is." It happened that it was changed to this way. Although they didn’t say it in their hearts, the palace could see whether poets thought the same way? "
"Empress misunderstood that this novel" The West Chamber "was changed to Cui Yingying, the prime minister of the dynasty, whose daughter was beautiful and had both ability and political integrity, and Wang was just a poor student. He couldn’t afford a better life for Cui Yingying, and Cui Yingying Emperor really loved each other, so it was only natural that Cui Yingying should marry the royal family." Wei Shiqing respectfully expressed her thoughts and the queen said for a long time after listening, "You are the only one who said this."
After The Romance of the West Chamber was sung, another song "Preface to the Lanting Pavilion" came. Wei Shiqing looked at these operas as uninteresting, and the queen would not invite them to the palace for no reason. These operas in go to the opera were just foreplay for a bigger drama.
After a while, a maid-in-waiting took a long box made of rosewood and handed it to the Empress and said softly, "Empress, this is a famous painting for Empress."
The queen’s face was full of joy. "That’s very thoughtful. Call and see."
Together, the two ladies-in-waiting will show an ink-and-wash landscape painting: Gaoting mountain peak, green lake, several white cranes humming in the sky, and an old man is bridged by a boat in the lake.
This is the famous Du Liang of the former dynasty. This is the last painting he painted before his death. The old man watching the scenery on the bridge is himself. This is also the most proud of his life. This painting is rare and valuable.
Knowing that Wei Shiqing was quite accomplished in painting, the queen handed the words to her and then asked, "What do you think of the painting given to the palace by a talented poet?"
Wei Shiqing took a look at the painting with a natural and unrestrained style, but it was indeed Du Liang’s ease in his later years. "This painting is really a good one. It is really filial to be too dedicated to please the empress."
Before Wei Shiqing finished reading it, the Empress reached out to pick up the painting and listened to it. A landscape painting was torn into two halves. The Empress looked at the remaining half of the painting and immediately responded, "Oh, Shiqing, you are in trouble!"
Wei Qingqing saw that Wei Shiqing tore up the queen’s beloved picture scroll and quickly fell into the well. "Seven sisters, you are so careless. You broke such a rare treasure. Can you afford it?"
Wei Yunuo healed the scar and forgot the pain. Seeing that Wei Shiqing offended the queen, she also chimed in that "Empress Qi Mei was careless and didn’t mean it."
The queen also angered, "Wei Shiqing, you are so bold."
It’s just a fake
When the first lady saw the queen, she would be angry and immediately pretend to be a loving mother. "Empress Shi Qing is still a child Shi Qing. Please apologize to the empress quickly."
"Apologize. Is this painting too hard to find and priceless? Can it be solved by an apology?" The queen is looking for trouble with Wei Shiqing.
Wei Shi Qing and others scolded and said, "Empress is just a fake …"
The big lady hurriedly shouted at him, "How can Shi Qing shirk his responsibility for doing something wrong? You broke the queen’s gift, and you don’t know who taught you to be like this. "
Wei Qingqing also said, "Yes! Seventh sister, do you treat your mother like this? It’s a disgrace to my father. "
Wei Xianer wants to speak for her. Wei Shiqing’s eyes signal her not to make a move. She knows that the Queen is here to find fault today.
"People will drag Wei Shi Qing to hit ten boards and break the palace things, but they are still sophistry. It’s really because your mother didn’t teach you well that the palace will teach you a lesson," said the queen angrily.
Two ladies-in-waiting were about to take Wei Shiqing, but she suddenly said, "This painting of Empress is indeed a fake. If you don’t believe me, look at this seal."
The maid-in-waiting picked up the floor painting and handed it to the queen Wei Shiqing. She sneered and said, "What if the cinnabar seal of Du Liang’s life has not been completely dried?" Wei Shiqing said that he touched a painting seal and it turned out that there was a red cinnabar mark stuck in his hand.
At this moment, the big lady and others don’t know what to say. If it’s really Du Liang’s authentic queen, how can she tear it up?
Wei Shiqing went on to say, "If the Empress likes me, she will send someone to my adoptive father to send Du Liang’s original work to the Empress. My adoptive father is a merchant in the cloud country who usually likes to collect famous paintings and antiques. It’s really a coincidence that the original painting is in my adoptive father’s house."
The queen looked embarrassed and then asked, "So you didn’t say anything just now?"
"This painting is a gift to the Empress, no matter whether it is authentic or fake, it is too filial to the Empress!" Wei Shi Qing’s face was never calm without a trace of panic
The queen is not good at this time to say anything more. "It’s just that. Now that it’s a fake, throw it away! Go back and tell too that he knows something. "The queen commanded the ladies-in-waiting behind him.
The first lady never thought that Wei Shiqing had seen the original painting, and even the fake painting was hard to find, so she couldn’t help but feel angry.
The queen was in no mood at this time. "If the palace is tired today, it will all be scattered!"
The first lady led them out of the Queen’s Husband and Wife Palace when a little maid-in-waiting came to say, "See the talented poet and the Prime Minister’s wife."
The first lady couldn’t help asking, "Yes?"
"Empress Lanfei, please invite talented poets to go to her palace for a chat." The ladies-in-waiting in pink clothes respectfully replied with their heads down.
The big lady didn’t let the queen punish Wei Shiqing today. It’s already full of anger in her heart. Seeing Lanfei coming to invite Wei Shiqing to her palace again, she is really not white. What is the means for this little bitch to make Lanfei sit up and take notice of her? Lanfei is not a Xiao Long citizen, but she has always been arrogant. She can’t think about it.
Lan Fei Xiao Xu
The first lady is still smiling. "It’s sunny … it’s rare for Empress Lanfei to favor you. Go faster!"
Wei Shiqing replied faintly, "It’s the mothers and sisters. Go back first!"
Then Wei Shiqing, the lady-in-waiting in pink, walked to the other side of the corridor and came to Lanfei Xianglan Palace. A faint scent came to her face. Lanfei came from the western regions and was good at making spices. Plus, she was born with such a beautiful, enchanting and gentle and caring woman. How can she not be loved by the emperor?
"See Empress Lanfei" Wei Shiqing stepped into Lanfei Palace and bowed his knees.
Princess Lanfei personally helped her up and said, "Is it better to show the palace quickly?" Lanfei’s face is cut like Wei Shi Qing, who can’t tell the truth from the truth.